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  1. or maybe Texas froze over? Any word from Angela, Gus? Do you have a new roof over your heads? Is she on her way back to CO? debby
  2. not when you buy out of the bits bins by the ounce. You can take off all the extra sprue or other bits of unwanted metal and pay for only what you need... Where is it Qwyk? You going to finish it before Qwykling comes? Or maybe you had it this weekend at RCon and I missed it? debby
  3. I'm pretty sure it will be the size of the other medium boxed dragons (i.e. Deathsleath, Cinder, Storm Wing, Ebonwrath, Blight Fang). That's what it looked like anyway. You can interchange different heads that way. debby
  4. considering they've only been there about 6 weeks I doubt that will work Do I hear 7 apartments in 5 years now for the Landt family? debby
  5. Despite how much Flynn complains about his paint drying in Colorado, I think he would melt after a month in Texas Congrats again Angela! How's it feel to be riding your wife's coattails for once Gus? debby
  6. Woo hoo!!! The Landts are going to be Dentonites!!! Congrats again Angela!!! debby
  7. I lied - here's one more Werner is threatening to beat up ReaperRon if he makes him do another speed sculpting competition... Doesn't Ron look concerned? Actually, it's Werner showing Ron the pose of the dwarf/gnome barbarian chick he was working on (Ron's looking at the artwork). The artwork was from one of the ReaperCon participants whose name escapes me at the moment. She's gonna be a cool little fig... debby
  8. back at ya last group (for now)... Here's the silly, but oh so entertaining, speed sculpting contest. The sculptors were SUCH good sports about this one...(from the left) Jason Weibe, Gene Van Horne, Werner Klocke, Bob Ridolfi...ReaperRon and Lady Storm are handing out sculpting "tools" in the back there... Here's Angela Landt getting advice from Sue Wachowski (paintminion) about her minis. That's ReaperBryan's desk in the background, but sadly no picture of ReaperBryan Here's Mengu getting advice from Lili Troy (keshley) about his entry Shopping for bits...(from the right) Enchantra, Reaper Jay (jaylie), Jay's friend and volunteer Carol, and Steven Page Here's flynn and Amy (amypaintsminis) Gus Landt worshipping his painting idol Derek Schubert (dks) Bye y'all see ya next year! (from left...Angela and Gus Landt, flynn, ichabod crane, Enchantra (hiding in back) and 2 guys I didn't get to introduce myself to - please help me identify them)...MasterTickles and Humansquish (thanks guys) debby
  9. Orchid, I'm really not trying to hijack your thread, it's just I know the moderators will combine if I start my own with photos... here are a few more... ReaperCon Sophie Logo Art that went in the auction on Sunday Entchantra at her painting station working hard on her first CAV model John B (goldeneagle) in his new t-shirt from Patrick and Vicky Judging of the Master's category of the painting contest (from the left that's Mysticeyes?, Angela Landt, flynn, Gus Landt, John B). They're scrutinizing the pieces very carefully... Werner Klocke gave a few impromptu lessons at his sculpting station on Klockenbooty, Klockenbootsies, and hands. That's skya in front and Jester kneeling at the side of the Master! Here's Sandra Garrity hard at work on the next dragon (no, she's not confused, it's going to have five heads - available SOON tm ) and Kevin Williams hard at work on the next Razig crew member please somebody tell me if my photos are too big...I'm not used to posting things... debby
  10. Here's one of the coveted Dragon Class participants. Starting from Left that's flynn, flit, haldir, Karen?, Eastman, kellyn, and Gus Landt. A fun time was had by all (I think ) and Here's one of Mengu and his crusaders getting beat up by Spike's reven! Spike was quite the opponent for Mengu. She's so fast, she's blurry (And not that you can see the design, but they're both wearing the super cool new Warlord t-shirts you can get with SWAG - they're a purty purple with Finari on the back and the Reaper logo on front) debby
  11. GenCon registration is open! (and having it's usual first day problems) Come one, come all and make sure you sign up for a Reaper Speed Painting Session!! Numbers are WKS00116 - WKS00123...come have fun and get a cool Reaper mini. We're using Master Series Paints this year! debby
  12. You know I'll be there I still haven't been able to check out and it's been almost 3 hours now...this is rediculous! debby
  13. My hubby Mengu did those...I'll make sure he sees this thread. He probably won't have time until after midnight to respond... debby edit *here's some info from the thread he posted here* Green starts out with Pale green, shaded with Leaf green and Pine green. Then I highlighted with VMC Dark Yellow (couldn't find an equivalent in RMS, but someone wiser in color lore may be able to give you an equivalent). Gold NMM is Green Ochre, shaded with Uniform brown, Uniform Brown + Blackened Brown, and pur Blackened Brown. Highlight starts with Green ochre + Palamino gold (2/1 or 3/1), and continues by adding linen white to that mix. You have to darkline, or else the green and gold will be difficult to pick apart from each other. I used Walnut brown for the darklining.
  14. Cool! Speed painting will be cross listed! that'll be nice. You're such a good leader Sue debby
  15. Yeah, you and me both. Unfortunately he's been a little distracted (okay - a lot) by some miniatures hailing from the Seattle area for the past month or so. Some companies just have really bad timing for releasing major games Makes the boys go all ga ga for metal and playing instead of painting. I hope he finishes it... debby *who doesn't have a leg to stand on in the completed/started projects department*
  16. *Oo, oo, pick me, pick me!* He's HUGE (at least that's what the description says) Seriously though..It's pretty creepy big. Bigger than any real spider I've ever seen. Makes my skin crawl...I think the legs are pretty flexible so you could bend them up like they are in that photo. Maybe small CD (3 inch circle)? I'd say a 25 mm fig would come up the the second joint on that second leg on the right (In other words, would look him in the face or maybe look up to its face a bit). Maybe ReaperBryan could post the photo with Miriam in it if he gets a chance. debby *who really doesn't care for spiders and may be remembering it bigger than actual size*
  17. They may taste bad, but the MSP metallics are the best out there for mini painting (I'm told by my hubby) because they have the smallest metal flake size (which makes them go on smooth) and they are non-toxic (safe for brush lickers). I know Anne is striving for the entire line to remain non-toxic, not an easy feat especially with primers (which is probably why you haven't seen a black brush on yet...). debby *who will be pointing others who want to know about the quality of Master Series to Anne's dissertation above...very well said Anne"
  18. First ReaperRon said and Tannhauser replied... The emphasis is mine, as I can't help but wonder if there may be a model based on that art available at Reapercon... To which Talin responded... Does that answer your question haldir? debby
  19. speaking of RMS Triads on the way and Privateer models...Cryx players will flip over the new Spring Green triad (I heard them described as "distilled souls") perfect for necrotyte glowy stuff!!! debby *big fan of firefly in a jar colors*
  20. Hey Anne, Will there be a gold, silver and bronze version of her for each of the 8 (or 9) categories? If so, the odds of winning one just went up... or one per category? or is she reserved for just best in show? Inquiring minds would like to know... debby *who also wondered why people weren't all over this when she was posted yesterday - the biggest green ever* *and to answer my own question, re-read the news and says first, second or third in the announcement, mea culpa*
  21. Hi Sue! Nice job on these! My favorite colors! Purple and Green...PIPACID! Looks really nice with the red armor...nice hair color choice on Kaya too... debby
  22. Me? Paint? you know me better than that...I just critique others debby
  23. Okay, now how'd I miss that one? I followed all the rest...okay, this is my brain on no sleep...that's right she wanted to sell Jen's LAST!!! debby *crawling back to her dark little hole*
  24. Okay, Jen's is over... congrats Eastman! Where's yours Anne? You're not too busy to post it are you? debby
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