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  1. and here all I've been wondering is if this "kit" person was the same as "KitPierce" guess so! debby
  2. And in case you didn't catch it from what people here were saying or from the class descriptions. If you have examples of your current work, instructors usually like to see them so they can tell what level you're on and give you more helpful advice and specific pointers by looking at what you can already do. So bring some of your recently completed minis with you too (preferably Reaper's but most current work, I would think, is more important than manufacturer in this case) debby
  3. WOW! Whiz congratulations! I really like the difference you emphasized between Sauron's chainmail and plate...Very limited color palate and still stunning! The RING stands out nicely and the lighting effect on the rocks from the lava is perfect - so subtle! did I mention WOW! just WOW! debby
  4. What a cutie! He's adorable... debby *HEY Jester, watch out there's a boxer in here - keep your hand away from the screen, ReaperCon's coming and you need to be able to teach!*
  5. Beautiful work Eric as usual... are you going to be teaching classes at GenCon again this year? debby
  6. I think the problem with the tattoo for me is it looks more like body paint than a design tatooed into her skin. Maybe a very, very light flesh wash over the top of it to make it not stand out so much, make it more like her own skin... I really like the rest of this one... and maybe your bases for ReaperCon won't scream "Hey, flynn did this". I've always liked your pumice style bases, but they are definitely your "signature"... debby *who's REALLY jealous of Gus and Angela right about now*
  7. You made her look beautiful Kelcore! Nice neutrals. debby
  8. Qwyk here hit the nail on the head!! If you have the opportunity...carpe diem! or carpe brushes, minis and paints and go! Don't let it pass you by... debby
  9. Yeah, I'm kinda wishing he had sculpted the hair on top of/into the wings so that maybe just a little touch up would do the trick. Make sense? I know what I mean at least... She'd probably be easier to prep as a fawnish/demony thingy without her wings instead of a succubus...jmo... Talin's had a concept drawing of her (or versions of her) for a VERY long time (from my understanding) Love them other than the wing thing! debby * who's hoping Kevin the master mold maker can do something with the succubus wings*
  10. it's actually already in the news section but it does make more sense to have it pinned in here.... debby
  11. Wren, do you like Kaya's red hair? It looks much more vibrant IRL...I know Mengu used MSPs for her and I'm sure he'd be willing to share the recipe, if he remembers what it was... debby
  12. Not to mention what Derek Schubert can do with those warjacks! Did you see the one he painted that won at GenCon last year? Amazing stuff! and Mengu these don't technically belong to you anymore, so you couldn't sell them if you wanted to. They're mine, ALL MINE! Okay, well they're going to Guardtower tonight to be displayed in the case until HORDES in unleashed in April...but after that...MINE I tell you! debby
  13. 'cause that would be a WOMAN right? Watch it there dear! debby
  14. I think you just did DD. SK HEY! I had a "BUT" in there and I did make a comment about the mini. Who mentioned "traditional drow flesh" in the first place - huh? I was just trying to help out a fellow forummite. debby *doh* who just did it again... Really nice job on this one VL!! *enough with the smilies already!*
  15. the other part of my Valentine's day present from Mengu...aren't they pretty? They're even nicer in person (even though he rushed them "for the store")... debby *sigh* I'm such a lucky girl!!
  16. Not to steal your topic VL, but mousekiller, Anne did a few wonderful drow skin studies and posted them in the Painted Gallery a few months ago. She even included paint recipes... nice job on this one VL debby:)
  17. LOVE the shield flynn! Everything else looks great too (as usual) debby
  18. Oh, give the boy a break Qwyk! Michael you did a beautiful job on her - she's got a wonderful skin tone and color scheme. Why isn't there a little write up under her photo in the gallery? debby
  19. I could be wrong, but I think it's more like 30 to 45 minutes from/to DFW... debby
  20. Got this done yet Qwyk??? huh? debby:)
  21. Good Luck Jester!!! You can do it! Oh, and happy yesterday birthday debby
  22. wow! I need to keep up on things! I didn't know you were gonna be there flynn! yeah! Mengu got our classes, which I'm sure he'll be posting momentarily...or not debby
  23. yeah "a lot" or at least that's what he used to say when we first started dating..."I like you...a lot". Yes, he's very sweet and yes I'm extraordianarily lucky (must be my 4 leaf clover collection)... debby *who still can't stop smiling about her gift*
  24. Don't worry, she won't be...she goes next to my Kyra painted by Lili and Margara painted by Eric Louchard (my last 2 valentines). Although I know Mengu would love it if I played Warlord with him and he plays crusaders, but she's MINE (and Mengu wouldn't dream of playing with her either)... debby
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