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  1. Derek is a painting GOD! He doesn't normally do commissions, but I think Mengu begged him enough. This mini was my valentine's day present yesterday from my hubby! I couldn't wait to share it, so I only have the one shot for now. We'll probably take some more photos and post them here too. Check out the beautiful green armor and the freehand on the inside of her coat...she's BEAUTIFUL! I had to share... debby p.s. did I remember to thank you Mengu? thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...oh, and Derek too for painting such a masterpiece for me, thank you...
  2. I'd say the green one here is supposed to compare in size to Cinder, Storm Wing, DeathSleeth and Ebonwrath, the smaller box dragons (except not on his hind legs)...not Viridius, Martha, Gauth, T'rak etc... Sandy's task, I believe, was to make each of the chromatic dragons in the small box size. debby
  3. Totally OT now...Is that a Flemish Giant Scott? he's a big bunny debby
  4. They did, but it's only at La Quinta. Not sure if they plan to make any deals with Super 8. Not that you want to stay there and have your minis melt again debby
  5. Wow! The big 5-0h! Hope it's a good one debby
  6. We use the Stanley Professional Deep Organizer (be careful cause the shallow one won't hold dropper bottles up right). Got ours from Home Depot for $15. It's deep enough for dropper bottles and the little yellow containers each hold 12 dropper bottles or 4 sets of MSP triads (that's 120 total). You can remove and reconfigure the inside to your liking just by taking out a case or two and the lid holds the remaining containers in place. We have 2 of them now...one of our cases we have removed 2 of the inserts and transport brushes, tools, glue in that space. Easy to pack up and take off your table and put in a closet. We have the pantier at home too, but we usually travel twice a month with our paints, so having the case is nice. We can pick off the painter what we want and leave the rest. When we want to put the paintier away (because Mengu has his paint table set up in our living room), we have a cheap little circular end table (the kind you get at Joanne's or bed, bath and beyond for $8) with a table cloth that it hides under nicely. happy organizing! debby *thanks Billr for finding the stanley deep organizer first...
  7. Uh oh! I missed Scott's B-day! hope it was great! debby
  8. Thanks everybody I had a wonderful day and Mengu treated me very well!!! Very nice steak dinner and cheesecake! my favorites. I did get some minis (they weren't Reaper's though...shhh, don't tell ) thanks again for all the warm wishes! debby
  9. she's adorable! Congratulations! You need to add her picture to the pinned "Reaper Baby" thread here. debby
  10. Happy Birthday all! Hope you're having a wonderful day! debby
  11. And there was much rejoicing in Ohio!!!! debby glad to hear you're making it down again Noel! debby
  12. according to the message board calendar, there are about 12 registered users with Birthday's that weekend...not that I recognize all 12 of those users, but it's an easy way to check dates debby
  13. Anne, How many in all will be up for auction? debby
  14. Are you going down Jeff? AWESOME!!! Mengu and I are flying on Thursday afternoon direct flight to Dallas and we'll be renting a car (arriving around 9pm)...if you need a ride from the airport... debby
  15. sorry I have no advice for you EB but Kevin - that's a beautiful piece there (even if it is GW;)) debby:)
  16. wish you could come to teach at ReaperCon...I'd sign up for a freehand or NMM class from you in a heartbeat! debby*gushing fan girl* best Monique EVER by the way!
  17. ditto what Ary says... what's up Robert, I checked your website and didn't see this change in your recent news updates... debby*curious people want to know*
  18. this is good news...Mengu and I were discussing last night how disappointing it was that the reigning "Reaper employee" champion painter from the contest last year wouldn't be there to defend her title. Got our plane tickets last night too! so no moving dates! debby
  19. sounding more and more like a small box dragon instead of a blister... debby
  20. I think she's pretty cool looking, again, because she's unusual... So is that frankincense she's carrying in her little incense ball - like Balthasar gifted? Or is is myrrh? debby and AlexiZ's paint job on this model is so beautiful...she does such wonderful freehand!
  21. woo hoo - finally (glad you didn't tease) OH Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Bryan!!! and Sandra (the wing thing is too cool), and Werner! can't wait to see the one Anne paints! and will it be out before Christmas? details on release date please!!! debby
  22. I LOVE the new header!!! Reaper painted goodness superimposed on the Talin art - AWESOME! Seeing a version of them on the goodies page as wallpaper would be great *hint, hint*...You even got the new holiday Sophie painted by Anne in there! I wanna see bigger pictures! the watermarks on the news page are a nice touch too! debby
  23. It's going to billr! Yeah, I get to see it in person (if bill brings it to paint night next week) debby
  24. Easy there my dear actually SOME part of the rider would be nice...doesn't have to be the chest... debby *thanks for the tease Bryan!*
  25. I love the stuff too (it's usually what I order), and this version tastes just as good (if not better)! You must try out the recipe!!! Wish I could see you when you're in town this weekend - don't get lost on the way to Guardtower! debby
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