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  1. I find that brushes draw up paint that far anyway. Maybe I'm just using poor quality paints/brushes...
  2. Durak - were you ever in the Citadel Journal? Me in my profile...
  3. Aah...You can spend over half of your points on Command??? I guess this is a 'heroic' style game, then?
  4. Sojourner

    Tank Legions??

    Mmm, tanks... *Must not bring Imperial Guard into CAV* *oops*
  5. Include more filth. Lots of dust, mud and mould.
  6. I only like it when it's used for really exaggerated pieces. If you're looking for a dazzlingly-polished finish in a big-bravado setting, NMM looks awesome (thinking of a Tau battlesuit I saw once). On the more understated basic models, don't like it. It just doesn't work unless it's very obvious.
  7. Apparently this stuff is good diluted with water as a paint thinner, too...
  8. Apparently, Future Floor Wax, or Johnson's Klear floor wax mixed with water are both good as Citadel thinners. Experiment with the ratio. And I would have *thought* distilled water would be a better medium, as it contains very few ions. Bottled water is the opposite, it's sold for its ion content, so probably wouldn't be the best stuff to use.
  9. So I have a set of paintbrushes with a hard lacquer-type stuff on the tips to keep them from getting messed up in the pack. What is this? How should I remove it? And are there any other things I should do to prepare my brushes before painting with them?
  10. Sojourner

    CAV Fluff question

    What about a wanted terrorist whom each of the various factions wish to question, currently held in custody by a mercenary band planning to auction him off to the highest bidder?
  11. Horses for courses. If you want to customise your section, blisters are your choice. If you're a beginner and you want a pre-built section with good unit choices, without faffing around choosing different blisters, boxed sets would be very useful. I'd buy them, basically. That's what I'm basing this on.
  12. Also bearing in mind that saliva, being that consistency due to its protein components, will degrade over time...
  13. Aah...didn't even know that set existed Anyway, the 'boxed set' system seems to work well enough for the Microshaft of the wargaming world...you all know who I'm talking about...
  14. Most people who know what they're doing, perhaps. I don't; so I would find it quite useful. For beginners in general, there's a lot of anxiety about buying something that'll end up being useless; if the promotion for such a product is based around it being 'accessible' and 'versatile' then it might encourage newcomers into the game with a single easy purchase. Plus it makes a good gift.
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