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  1. Underpaint the flesh areas with an olive green ( your choice of several in the RMS line), then apply the tanned flesh triad per usual. It was good enough for Rembrandt, its good enough for me.
  2. Hill Giant Brown, Bloodstone... and THE #1 must have - Gunmetal.
  3. That's what I've been using the brown rose for. A VERY minute amount added to the base skintone. Will test out the Rose Shadow in the near future and let you know.
  4. Andrea paints are bottled by Vallejo. 'Nuff said.
  5. How close are any of these going to be to VMC Brown Rose?
  6. Try adding them to each other, rather than trying to use each as a separate entity. For example; the distance between Palomino and Amber is a bit much for my painting style. Adding a small drop of Palomino to the Amber gives me something with less SHV difference, and by making more "smaller" color steps, I achieve a better result.
  7. Modify the existing Tanned Flesh Triad or Golden Flesh Triad with about a 15% blue biased gray. Would work well for undead and other bloodless creatures.
  8. Ok, I'll make it official, since I'm sure you can't find that piece of paper we wrote it down on. Equivalents for VMC Ochre Brown, Yellow Ochre, Green Ochre. At least 2, possibly 3 triads of true neutral gray gradients; 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 90% at a minimum. Equivalents to VMC Smoke, Woodgrain
  9. Current job: Mini painter and convention rep for various mini manufacturers. Dream Job: See above.
  10. Hey IMMPS! Stop on by Little Wars and say hello. I'll be the old geezer in the Croc booth.
  11. Base with Vallejo Oily Steel. Wash with Vallejo Smoke and/or Vallejo Woodgrain. Highlight with Vallejo Silver.
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