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  1. It very well could be a Manticore then. Looking at this picture, it looks like the hull is identical, but they redid the missile turret(s).
  2. I might be getting back into CAV after years of being away. I was digging through my old metal stuff to see what I had and it took a while to ID some stuff. Apparently some models never made it to the new plastics? Anyway, any chance someone could ID this vehicle? I'm 99% sure it's CAV, just not sure about the model.
  3. My personal fav is the Crystal Caste Battlehive. They are just a little smaller than the old Army Transport cases, but rather than being soft they're constructed of a hard plastic. Something about solid construction seems comforting. Anyway, I can keep about 1000 pts of Tau in the smaller one, and I got the Battlehive II for Christmas, which is a little more than twice the size of the original Battlehive. And just like Army Transport, you can buy individual foam trays to customize your boxes. I've heard some funny stories about trying to get these "transports" through airport security. ESPECIALLY post-9/11. Telling the person behind the counter that you use them for "wargames" doesn't help either...
  4. The table in the picture is just the table I used to as a work surface. I've got a big enough table to hold two sections easily, just not sure about a third. I love the wingnut idea. I totally screwed up the peg and socket idea, but that might actually work. I'll look into it.
  5. Well, I guess it's not much of a WIP, but I figured I'd post it here for those who would like to build their own gaming table. For the design I wanted something very portable and lightweight. My house is pretty small and cramped, so this was a must. Materials 2' x 4' sections of 1/4" plywood or similar substitute 3/4" x 3/4" OR 1" x 1" lengths of wood (pine or another softer wood would be best) 3/4" nails or screws I got all my material from Home Depot. I don't remember what the 2' by 4' material I bought is called, but it's similar to masonry board. I used 3/4" x 3/4" lengths, sold in 8' sections. I ended up buying 9 of them. When I got home I cut the lengths into the following pieces. (6) 47 1/4" sections (6) 23 1/4" sections (3) 46 1/2" sections I laid the pieces on the 2' x 4' pieces like this: I used glue on each piece and held everything together with clamps while I pre-drilled holes and ran 3/4" screws every 6" or so. By the time I got done, the whole thing was pretty sturdy. Lessons learned: 1. Go with soft wood. The 3/4" x 3/4" lengths I bought were a mix of various hardwoods. Some weren't bad, but other pieces were like drilling through concrete. 2. Screws are better than nails. The only nails I could find that were 3/4" long were #18 and were too skinny. They just kept pulling out of the board. I ended up getting #4 3/4" wood screws and they worked much better. 3. Keep it simple. I tried a fancy peg-type "tab A into slot B" thing, but I totally messed it up. Unless you're a skilled carpenter, I'd forgo that option. I decided not to finish the surface, but a go-getter could easily base the whole thing really nice. I'm going to stick with my good ol' chunk of felt. The table in the picture is one of the small "Sam's Club" tables (about 18" x 36") and seems to hold two sections pretty well. Obviously you'd need a bigger table for all three. Game on!
  6. Anyone know if there are gnome druids @ Magnificent Egos? I know they have a decent lineup of "Uncommon Characters". It's worth a look.
  7. FFXII has totally eaten up my painting time. I was actually making headway on my GW Dwarf army when I started playing, and now my warriors just sit there glaring at me. My favorite was FF9, and I know I'm in the minority there. Seven was great too, but I liked the more lighthearted nature of 9. Never beat it though. I got all the way to the end, where you have to fight Kuja's big nasty monster, and just couldn't beat it. And I hate when you have to fight hours and hours of random battles to go up a level and try again. So I lost interest. Hopefully that won't happen to XII.
  8. I'm sorry, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the skeletons with the gold skull caps was YARMULKE! Must've been Hebrew in their life. Oy! Great paint jobs tho. I especially liked Valandil and the Duke.
  9. GHQ makes Microarmor, which is a good 15mm WWII game. And they have a large number of miniatures. You can check them out @ http://www.ghqmodels.com/store/military-models-rules.html
  10. I was just going to grump about this myself, but you beat me to it. Oh well, at least they're making a new one.
  11. A "rude movie-goer" moment that seems funny now in retrospect... My friends and I had gone to see the much-anticipated release of the Spiderman movie. During the movie there was a family seated towards the front, whose children were all armed with glo-sticks. Apparently they mistook the theater for a rave. Towards the end, during the epic battle vs. the Green Goblin, the kids got bored and started running up and down the aisle, screaming SPIDERMAN!!, and taking turns kicking each other. Later, I was forced to wait as the whole family strolled down the center of the parking lot. I contemplated whether I'd be doing anyone a favor if I "accidentally" slammed on the gas...but decided against it. I don't understand why people even bother taking kids to movies. Kid-movie or not, most don't have the patience. Better to just rent a movie and let then wander off when they get bored. I've got a "womb-goblin" of my own, and I haven't been to a movie with him yet. Best to leave him at home and watch a movie I want to see, rather than the latest steaming pile Nickelodeon or Disney grunts out.
  12. During Batman Begins, a group of 5-6 people wandered into the theater. They moved seats three times before the movie even began, and countless times during the first 30 or so minutes. To make things worse, they would NOT shut up. They talked constantly, and soured the whole atmosphere for all of us. Finally someone in the row behind me got fed up and shouted "Would you all just shut the f*** up?". The matron of the group got up and started shouting at him, and her family members rushed her out of the theater, to thunderous applause by the rest of us. The worse part was the fact that she felt they were blameless, and that the guy who called them out was being the loud one. Some peoples kids....
  13. I read the article and laughed. Then I saw who posted it and laughed harder. Alex was a friend of mine when I still lived in Alaska. He's 6'4", big bouncer-type. I could totally see him doing something like this. Made me appreciate it a little more.
  14. I'm painting my GW dwarf army (I know, blaspheme), and I want to paint their cloaks, surcoats and whatnot in autumn colors. I'm thinking dark greens, reds and yellows. I was looking through the triads on the online store and i like the look of the terracotta reds and ochre golds. What would all you painting gurus suggest for my triads?
  15. I say Ranger. I had a level 6 bow-spec ranger that kicked a lot of butt. With a +1 longbow, rapid shot and favored enemy, she was dealing a lot of damage each round, often more than the fighter in the group was. Rangers are also diverse enough to play around with a little. Don't want a combat-heavy ranger? Then make a tracker or hunter.
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