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  1. Sorry that I missed this. Take care man, hope things get better.
  2. Update: Last officially open spot is filled. We may have another spot open but will update either way when I know for sure next week.
  3. Well, we're currently up to 9 (or 8) right now. Frank is going to talk to some friends in his other former league and I have an offer out to one of my friends, so we should be ok.
  4. FYI, Wizard Lee has joined our little group and we have one of our former owners returning so that leaves 1 or possibly 2 slots still open depending on what Looter decides to do.
  5. Hey, everybody! Long time no post. The Reaper League of Fantasy Football is looking for some new blood. We have 3 open slots and maybe 1 more in our 10-team ESPN League. If anyone is interested, post a reply and we'll take the first 3 (or 4) that want in. We play in a Keeper League format so you'll be inheriting a team from which you will keep 4 players. We have a limit of being able to keep a player 3 times (so they are on your team for up to 4 years) that I track. Available teams are first come, first served so the first to respond will get to choose from all available and on down the line. The Draft is a worst to first snake draft based on last years final standings. Anyone that wants more info can message me through here or email me (Stefan Yates) at [email protected]. Also, FYI, this league has been running since 2005 and we'd hate to see it go away. Need some new Reaper peeps.
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know that I AM going to try to keep up with trophies this year. I awarded the Powerhouse and Girly Man trophies this week. No real upsets, since Chris held on to win by a point and I didn't feel that there were any chumps this week besides the New England Patriots and I couldn't award it to them since they aren't a team in our league.
  7. I should autodraft every time. I tend to get a much better team!
  8. Remember, you have until Friday at 11am Eastern Time (24 hrs prior to draft time) to lock down your keepers. Each team MUST have 4 keepers selected. Only 5 of our 10 teams have selected their keepers thus far.
  9. Does anybody on here know Christopher Pherber? He's still AWOL.
  10. All but one present and accounted for. Just need to hear from Chris!
  11. I added the first four rounds from last year's draft to the first post here. I will start a spreadsheet to track how many years a team has kept a player.
  12. As training camp officially started yesterday, just wanted to update on the state of the league: Frank and Michael are both in! That leaves us just needing to hear from Justin, Travis, Jeff and Chris. I know that a lot of guys don't frequent the boards anymore so if they are someone that you know through other means, please check with them to see if they are in or not. I'll try again via ESPN.
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