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  1. Keeping an eye on Merrilee's condition as they travel, the young knight grows steadily more concerned. "I hope that the decision to warn others of this evil was The Knight's will," he things "Either way, we must make haste or this little one may not survive." He sets his jaw in grim determination and pushes forward.

  2. What say ye, Sir?


    The young man-at-arms ponders the question for a few moments. "As time is of the absolute essence," he replies, "I say that we have to take the chance of the shorter trek. If we're lucky, and The Knight is with us, we can make it to our destination unscathed."

  3. "I don't want to frighten you, Small One," Oberron says gravely, "but there is something going on here that I don't think that I have the power to cure. Once we get this warning to the elves, I suggest that you accompany me directly to see my superiors. They know The Knight's blessings much more thoroughly than I do. I will ask him to look over you until we have a chance to get there though."

  4. "I'm concerned that this is not healing," Oberron says softly. "I could feel The Knight's powers flow through me into you. Maybe these creatures have done more than simply injure you. Let me ask the the almighty for more guidance." He continues to rest his hand on Merrillee's shoulder near the wound and goes back to his prayers.

  5. "I may be able to ease your discomfort if the Holy Knight deems us worthy," Oberron replies. He places a hand upon the halfling's shoulder and closes his eyes raising his voice prayer to his god. "Oh, great Knight please deem this one worthy of your healing touch,


    And deadly wounds could heale and reare againe

    The senselesse corse appointed for the grave.

    Into that same he fell: which did from death him save."

  6. "Aye, I guess that I can write well enough," Oberron responds. "I've got some chalk and some relatively clean cloth in my pack if you think that would do the trick."


    He begins to rummage through his pack and quickly produces the mentioned chalk and a bedroll from which he begins to decide how to cut a piece out of the fabric with his dagger without ruining the whole thing.

  7. "Do not fret yourself about burdening me. I have been assigned the task of seeing that you get back to your elders safe and sound," the young knight responds in a heartfelt manner. "Until we are able to return you to your proper home, I will do my best to protect you as my duty demands."

    The knight then takes a knee in frot of Merrillee, bowing his head as if in prayer and intones "As with the Redcrosse Knight


    'he kept both watch and ward, he kept awake and guarded her'


    so shall I keep vigilant as long as we travel together!"

  8. "I will gladly take you up on your offer if such a thing is possible, good sir," Oberron responds. "My superiors are at High Hall. I'm sure that once they here of our mission, they will hasten to gather a force of their own to aide in ridding this darkness."

  9. "This does indeed change things," the young knight says thoughtfully. "If these people are indeed in such danger, it is our duty to at least try to get the warning to them. Once the message has been delivered, we can worry about getting more help from my superiors and letting the elders know that you're alright."

  10. "I am unsure about much of this area, small one. It may be better to relay all of this information to Sister Ygrissa, my superior, who is waiting for me at High Hall where we can get some proper reinforcement," Oberron responds. "On the other hand, we might be better served to decipher this message that you have received and find out exactly what is going on before reporting back so that any reinforcements can be better prepared when they arrive. Let us sup and I will pray on this and maybe an answer will be revealed to me." 


    With that the large man dismounts his steed and begins to unpack some of his food stores to share with the others. 

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