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  1. "This problem is worse than I had feared," Oberron responds after a period of silent reflection. "Is there a community nearby where we might find someone to get word back to the elders and my superiors? I feel that immediate investigation is in order, but we may be in serious need of backup as well."

  2. "These are grim tidings indeed and you may be right," the young knight responds grimly. "If we could somehow get word to the elders and my superior at High Hall, it might be better for us to stay out here and investigate while we wait for reinforcements to arrive."

  3. "I'm relieved to have found you!" Oberron tells the gnome. "Have you found some sort of trouble that has kept you away from home so long? I would be honored to escort you back to safety. I'm sure that the elders will be happy to see you back in one piece."

  4. "Yes, unfortunately, your brother in faith has not fared well in this quest," the half-elf who had been carrying the body says grimly. "He was a good man, for the short time that I knew him and he will be missed. I am Tironian Isiliyatinu. You can shorten that to Tiron. This man gave me a chance that many others have not and if you are a brother of his, then I will gladly serve alongside you as I did him."

  5. "Then I indeed have not been led astray," Oberron replies. 


    'For there is nothing lost,

    that may be found, if sought.'


    "I am relieved that I have managed to find you. Elder Grizulf feared the worst when you continued to be absent from supper night after night."

  6. "The one that I seek is called Merrillee," Oberron responds. "Apparently, this young one has been away much longer than expected and Elder Grizulf has been unable to contact her. I have been charged with locating her and verifying her well-being as there have been many unexplained disappearances in the area and he has become quite concerned."

  7. "Well met indeed," Oberron responds to the greeting. 


    "I the heavens chearefull face did view,

    o welcome thou"


    "and well met. I am Oberron, Paladine Initiate of the Order of the Blade of Church of The Knight. I am searching for a lost gnomish youngling and have been led this way. Perhaps you know of whom I speak?"


    Feeling the pull of the ambit towards the encampment, Oberron cautiously rests his hand upon his sword pommel as he urges his horse towards the distant figures. As he gets closer he takes his hand from his sword and waives his arm at the camp while giving a brief hail of "Ho there, fellow travelers," before resting his hand upon his hilt once more.

  9. Although cold and soaked to the bone, Oberron chooses to see the wonder of the new day provided by God. He gathers any stray belongings and kneels briefly to pray and give thanks for weathering the storm and being gifted with the beauty of this glorious morn. Thinking that the wood smoke smell could be coming from a campsite or home perhaps containing the lost gnomish youngling that he has been charged with locating, he attempts to discern which direction the smoke is coming from and if it is indeed from the same general direction in which the ambit has been leading him.

  10. "Thank you, Sister, I will do my best." Oberron responds solemnly. He checks his weapons, makes sure that he has the Ambit secured after verifying the exact direction that it's indicating, and mounts his horse. "Safe travels and Godspeed, Sister. I will see you as soon as I can at High Hall." With that he nudges his mount forward and continues the search for the lost gnome on his own filled with both anxiety and excitement after the ceremony and being assigned his first solo quest.

  11. "Thank you, Sister," Oberron says solemnly. "I am deeply honored and will not let the Church down with my commitment to fulfilling my duties."


    He begins to make order of his meager belongings in preparation for heading out for the day; his mind still in a state of awe at what has just transpired. "Do you think that we'll be able to locate the missing youngling today?" he asks.

  12. A bit surprised by the impromptu ceremony that he is a suddenly a part of, Oberron pauses a moment before replying, "Yes, Sister, my honour is my life. Protecting the weak and driving away the darkness are my calling."

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