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  1. Qwyk is right:


    NOTE: Waivers won't reset in your league during the playoffs if they are set to inverse order of standings. The playoff teams have already been determined in your league so the standings won't change. Once a team claims a player from waivers they will move to the end of the list.

  2. "Then I will assist you as best I can," the elf replies solemnly. "Nothing appears to have followed us from where we came."


    He walks over to the body begins to arrange the corpse to make it easier to transport.


    OOC If he can find a blanket or cloak that is large enough he will wrap the body as best he can trying to leave loops or handholds for carrying.

  3. "That should make the task of locating her a bit easier, although still time consuming." Oberron responds thoughtfully.


    Looking towards the sky, he stands up and begins securing items and tidying up the camp. "Looks like we may be up for a patch of rough weather, Sister," he says by way of explanation for abruptly halting the conversation. "I've fortified your shelter and secured the animals and anything that might possibly wash away, is there anything that I may have missed or anything else that you might require for the evening, Sister?"

  4. "These are grim tidings indeed, Sister." Oberron replies, "High Hall should be consulted right away. If you approve, I can check on this missing youngling while you report to High Hall. I can catch up with you there in only a few days."

  5. Oberron goes about his nightly duties of making camp, giving special attention in attempting to give extra security and protection to Sister Ygrissa's shelter in hopes of keeping out some of the coming storm. When all of his duties are finished, he sits by the newly built fire and begins to prepare a humble meal for the two weary travelers. Glancing again at the threatening sky he mumbles:


    "Ay me, how many perils doe enfold

    The righteous man, to make him daily fall!"


    As the smells of dinner waft through the camp, Sister Ygrissa eventually joins her Squire. Oberron serves her meal to her and says, "Not to intrude upon personal matters, Sister, but something seems to be bothering you of late. Is there some trouble for which my assistance would be of aide?"

  6. Good to be here gals and guys! Here's a bit on my character and a pic:


    Oberron Redcrosse

    Oberron's father, a retired paladin turned priest, claimed that he was one of the "lost" that suddenly appeared one day in this world. His story was that one day he was simply in this other place. He spent countless hours regaling his son with the accounts of his deeds from the other world where he originally came from where he was known as the Redcrosse Knight and served the Faerie Queene. Oberron was never sure if his father was really the hero of these tales, or if the tales themselves had come to this world from somewhere else and his father had just convinced himself that he was indeed the hero of the tales. Either way, Oberron loved his father dearly and committed himself to the service of The Knight at a very young age. His father trained him in the martial arts, and it became apparent to Oberron that even if his father wasn't really this Redcrosse Knight, he must have been a very formidable and honorable warrior in his youth at the very least. When the time came, Oberron bid his parents goodbye and set out into the world to write his own story and to help those in need by spreading the word of The Knight and ridding the world of evil. 



    Oops, added a different image!

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