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  1. Ben and Gulliam quietly go about gathering the party's few belongings and packing them onto the horses. The horses are then tied together in a line and the small party then moves out in the general direction that George and Roger went in to investigate. Ben, chewing silently on a piece of jerky, keeps his eye warily roving on the deep forest all around and his ear listening sharply for any sign of danger trusting in Gulliam to lead the way. I hope that we're making the right decision here. I don't want to walk us all right into an ambush. D@mn, why did those two have to go and separate themselves from the group like that.
  2. Ben looks around cautiously. "No, Rai, I don't think that we should just wait here for George's return. However, I am being paid to make sure that nothing happens to you on our journey, so rushing into a fray does not sound prudent either. Gulliam, let us begin striking camp...quietly. Keep an eye out for anything threatening though, we don't need harm to come to our lady fair just because our backs are turned while loading gear upon a horse. Once we are packed, we should probably walk the horses out of here and quietly and swiftly resume our journey. Eat some trail jerkey and some more of these blackberries as we may have to run for it and not have time to eat again for quite some time. It appears that whatever is making the noises that we heard is heading in the same direction as we are, so it should be no problem for George and our archer friend to find our trail and catch up to us. Also, if he gets into trouble, we should be able to hear the sounds of a skirmish and find them quicker in order to offer our aid. What do you think, my lady?" Ben begins gather things as he awaits Rai's answer.
  3. Merely a flesh wound. (or two or three)
  4. Apparantly a foreign concept to your group. Of course, not nearly as entertaining.
  5. Sounds good. It should be interesting.
  6. Preparing himself for the worst , Ben loads a bolt into his crossbow and envenomates ten of his throwing darts with deadly Aconite. He then motions to Gulliam to prepare for the worst and the two of them gather in tight to protect Rai.
  7. I'm glad you woke us up. Because of Steven's post, I felt that Ben was too exhausted to wake up on his own and needed either something drastic (and noisy) to happen or to be awakened by someone in the party. I was just biding my time waiting for something.
  8. Thanks Frosch. So we've got a six hour difference between Leech and myself. Good to know.
  9. Since you mentioned it Leech. I know that you're in England, so I've been trying to wait for your input before I post too much stuff, but what IS the time difference between us. I am in Kansas, it's 1:12 PM right now. Thanks, Stefan
  10. Ben concentrates on listening to the sounds in darkness. He whispers to George and Rai "It seems to be coming from other side of the stream, about ten yards from the far bank. From what I can tell, it sounds like a couple of large beings running, I also hear what sounds like children cying, maybe two or three."
  11. Thanks for the input everybody. It sounds like it should work for me. I'll let you all know how it works out, it may be a while before I actually get one. I'll definitely be getting a tripod also. Stefan
  12. Here's a quick definition: a form of wall construction consisting of interwoven twigs plastered with a mixture of clay, lime, water, and sometimes dung and chopped straw Hope that helps. Edit: Sorry didn't see that Lord Basaan already defined it.
  13. Thanks for asking that Smokin'. I was kind of wondering who was in charge myself.
  14. Ben awakens with a start. Stupid @ss, how did you let yourself fall so deeply asleep?!?! He silently draws his short sword and creeps nearer to Rai "What's going on? What's wrong?"
  15. Drexel takes a look at the engine and inspects the wires connecting the battery to the servo pulser.
  16. Here's a link to the product specs from Kodak's site: Kodak Easyshare DX6490
  17. The Kodak that I am looking at has a 10x optical zoom and a 3x digital zoom. I'm assuming that's pretty good. Stefan
  18. How's the software? Is it fairly easy to get the hang of using?
  19. Has anybody used one of these? I am looking into getting one and this camera seems to have the features I want for a fairly decent price. I was wondering how it does for photographing mini's, as well as general photos. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stefan
  20. Sounds good. I wish they were calling me too. But, I'm already at work.
  21. Good. I had a busy weekend and didn't get a chance to prime or put him together, I have done some minimal flash removal though. So, I was feeling a little guilty. Any tips on assemby? Are there any (or all) pieces that you all are waiting to assemble until the painting is mostly done? Also, I've never done any basing and have no special basing materials, suggestions would be appreciated? Base now or at completion? Too many questions?
  22. I figured, that since we're starting in the middle of things and all, our characters probably already know each other. So, since that is the case, maybe we should post a short biography about our characters so that we can all get to know a little bit about each other. Drexel Vega - Human Soldier Drexel is the son of a merchant from the planet of Alderaan. Not much interested in the family business, he joined the Alderaanian Royal Guard and began his training as a pilot. During a flight training session, his unit was intercepted by an Imperial Squadron who claimed that the area that they were training in was a no fly zone.Drexel and his training officer, Captain Delroy Reeikan, were both arrested on false charges of drug traffiking. During the arrest, there was a struggle during which an errant laser blast burned off the majority of Drexel's left cheek. The two were put on trial. Drexel was convicted for being an accomplice to the imaginary drug trafficking. Captain Reeikan (also a close personal friend and mentor of Drexel's), refusing to cooperate with the false charges of the Empire, was convicted on the original charges as well as for insubordination and a trumped up charge of being a traitor to the Empire. He was then executed. Drexel has now vowed to avenge his friends death and is seeking out the Rebellion in order to do whatever possible to put an end to the Empire. The destruction of his home world of Alderaan and all that he held dear has only added fuel to the fire and he wants nothing more than to see its demise.
  23. I can't speak for everyone else, but I would enjoy seeing in progress pics.
  24. Plus, she'd look good with a ruby boot.
  25. "Great idea, Dante," Drexel grunts approvingly. "Someone give him some cover fire. I guess we'll save this, Tedra." He pockets his grenade and begins searching the repair platform for another fusion cutter or some other similar tool. "If you have the repairs under control Tekko, I think I'll see about getting started cutting the other side before our comany arrives."
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