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  1. Works for me. I just tend to respond when new stuff has been posted. Beyond that, I can go at any pace that the group wants. As far as the grenade thing, I wasn't picking one you persay, I was mainly laghing at our situation and the brashness of our group, myself included.
  2. Also, just an observation, but at this rate, we may be playing the shortest online RPG in history.
  3. That's why I made the qualifying statement and did not want to chuck it myself, however, I thought that I'd let someone else make that decision.
  4. Drexel offers his last grenade to Tedra, "I'm not too comfortable with using another one myself at the moment, but if you think that it'll help, without taking this platform down with it, be my guest. Hopefully we can get these things up and running pretty quickly."
  5. "Let's see what kind of shape these lifters are in," Drexel says as limps over to the nearest one. "I'm not sure how quickly I can get one running with only one arm working right, but maybe they're not that bad."
  6. Drexel manages to swing his other hand to the railing and slowly pulls himself onto the platform where he colapses. After resting for a couple of minutes, he gingerly gets to his feet and sheepishly looks to the others. "Hehe, I guess the frag grenade wasn't such a good idea." Drawing his hold-out blaster, he continues, "Well, I guess we better find someplace to hide out until this heat dies down, or find a ship and get the heck out of here. I think my shoulder's almost dislocated, how's everyone else?"
  7. Drexel laughs nervously and holds tight, trying his best to look down. "Just make sure to hold on until we get to that next platform, then we'll see about the smooching."
  8. I think that your doing awesome. I like the twist you added into my rash act of charging the enemy. Keep up the good work. Stefan
  9. Ben lies back after dinner to enjoy the coolness of the evening. It is going to be a clear starry night, and the small clearing leaves a nice opening to the gorgeous night sky. "My la... I mean Rai, George. We should probably make some plans for our journey tomorrow. If we are going to get to Port Gangrel anytime soon, we are going to have to make quite a push to get through most of this forest tomorrow. Also, we need to set watches for the night. I don't require much sleep, so I'll take first and last watch. The rest of the night the rest of you should devide amongst yourselves." "Respecting your requests, my... Rai, I don't think that you should take a night watch as we will be riding over the rougher forest terrain for the entire day tomorrow and you need to be as rested as possible when we arrive at our destination. But, you're in charge here, so I'll not argue if you disagree."
  10. Shaking his head to clear it, Drexel suddenly realizes that he is about to die. Turning quickly, he runs for it, diving for Vanejin's outstretched hand.
  11. Oh yeah, and Drexel has a pretty low wisdom score anyway, so I thought that it might be something that he might do.
  12. I don't want to kill any innocent civies and thought intimidation might work. I mean, they ARE just Storm Troopers, they're not paid well enough to have to deal with a psycho like Drexel. PS Oh, and you can call me Stefan if you want to.
  13. After getting camp set up and making sure that Rai is comfortable,(or as comfortable as possible for an inexperienced rider who has been on a horse all day can be,) Ben wanders around the perimeter of the camp making sure that everything is safe and checking for herbs. He manages to find one or two of the varieties on his list as well as some beautiful ripe blackberries that should go will with supper.
  14. BTW, thanks for the artwork Vince. It really adds to the storyline to have a visual.
  15. "Everybody swing across and then try to cover me!!" Drexel yells to the others. Then, screaming at the top of his lungs, he charges the Storm Troopers firing his heavy blaster into their midst. As soon as he is in range, he pulls out one of his frag grenades and preps it for detonation without activating it. "Back off, or we all die" he yells to the Storm Troopers. (And by the look in his eye, they can tell that he's just crazy enough to do it)
  16. Thanks LT. I like your pic of Tedra. Wow. Looks like there may be some romance over here too. KIDDING!!!
  17. Quick pic of Drexel (or at least close to how I picture him)
  18. Vince, can you give us a lay of the land so to speak? Is there anything around that we can use for cover or anything that we can use to cause a diversion? Thanks, Stefan
  19. I think that 's just a difference in writing styles. Most of us are writing in the style of events that are taking place right now with our characters. Your style is more like your telling a story that already happened. Neither way is right or wrong, it just shows the contrasting ways that people look at things. I think it adds a nice element to our story to have it told in so many wonderfully various styles.
  20. "Sounds good to me, brave Gulliam. Lead on." Ben guides Teaspoon behind Gulliam's mount and follows as they leave the path and plunge into the forest. "Hold tight, my lady, and look out for low hanging branches. Keep a close watch, George. You never know where trouble will spring from in close quarters such as these." As they enter the forest, Ben wonders how good of an idea it was to leave the well travelled road. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I only hope that we've made the right choice
  21. Drexel, straining to catch his breath, fires off two quick shots at the pursuing Storm Troopers. "Anybody know how to get to the nearest landing pad? Maybe there's a ship there that I can hot wire and get us the heck out of here!!!" He fires another shot and stumbles while turning back around, but continues running.
  22. I'm not so sure that would be such a good idea.
  23. I know, DUDE, I was just playin'. Defending my honor so to speak by passing the buck back to your party. Yikes, Kaba better watch it.
  24. Well, she was only born on May 5th. So, yea she's kind of small. The one in the game is probable 5 or 6 years old, and plenty strong to carry the two of us.
  25. Actually we are looking into purchasing a filly and one of the ones that we looked at yesterday was named Teaspoon. She was the cutest little spunky thing. So I kind of got attached to her. Here's a picture if you care. Oh and I made up the thing about the blaze, I have no idea why they named her Teaspoon.
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