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  1. "I named her Teaspoon," Ben replies, "because the blaze on her forehead is the exact size and shape of a teaspoon. She is a reliable mare and has been with me since she was a foal." "I'm sorry about frightening you there, my lady. I just got carried away when I saw some of the herbs from my list so readily available. I agree, getting lost in the woods will do us no good in speeding up our trip. Hopefully one of those archers knows the way. Otherwise we'll lose at least a day and a half following the river. Oh well, it may give me a chance to find some more of the items on my list." Ben looks to their companions hoping that one of them will offer services as a guide.
  2. Holy cow, I go to work for one evening and look what happens. Ben is being paid his regular fee to make sure that no harm comes to Rai. He just happens to have some manners around women unlike the dudes in your group. And who knows, maybe he likes Rai, just a little bit.
  3. "Well, my lady," Ben replies, "I feel that haste would be somewhat prudent for this initial part of the journey. Once the artifacts are in our hands and we have ascertained their worth, we may decide on a more leisurely route for our return trip. So, my vote is to cut through the wilderness, that is, if one of our party happens to be a capable guide. I'm afraid my woodslore is not as sharp as some of my other skills." Ben reigns his horse to a halt. "Sit still, my lady, I won't be but a moment." With that, still grasping the reigns, he slides off of the horse and stoops to the ground at the side of the road. "Well, how fortunate for me, Skullcap and Plantian Stem growing so close together here alongside the road, the old woman will be thrilled." He gathers the necessary amounts and secures them in a leather pouch on his belt. Getting back onto the horse, he looks back to Rai, who appears to be a little shaken up by being left alone on the horse. "Sorry about that, my lady, but you needn't worry," he reassures her patting the horse gently. "Teaspoon here won't hurt you."
  4. Update: I finally got my mini in yesterday's mail. I'll get him all prepped and ready to go over the weekend. YAY!!!
  5. Whoa, that was so far above my head that I don't even feel the need to duck. Matter of fact, I think its leaving a vapor trail.
  6. Thanks, Leech. I figured that it was something like that. I was just trying to give Steven some help with a possible plot twist to help explain your abscence. Good to have you along for the journey. Stefan
  7. With a quick glance up to the heaven's and a tight lipped smile, Ben quickly shakes George's hand. "Bootknife Ben's my name. Good to finally meet you. We were beginning to wonder whether you'd been eaten by some foul creature on your way here or something else just as nasty. Now, I believe that we've tarried long enough. I'm sure that our lovely young wizard is anxious to get started in order to get a chance to study the artifacts that we are after." With that, Ben turns to Rai, "Well, my lady, it appears that our companion has brought along his horse. Apparantly he feels that riding is the best option. Should we stop by the stables, collect my steed and get this journey under way?"
  8. I'm sure that your character could be added into the storyline pretty easily that early on.
  9. Darkrelease, Do you have everything from me that you need? If not let me know and I'll get to work!!
  10. Ben, anxious to get started on this venture, is starting to get concerned about George's tardiness. "Rai, I am wondering what happened to our knight in training. I don't think that it's very common for one who is striving to attain knighthood to be this late for something as important as the mission on which we have been sent. Perhaps he has run afoul of some sort of troube. Maybe we should start searching for him or at least alert the city guards as to his absence." Typical, looks like I have to play babysitter to the one who is supposed to keep me from causing trouble. That's just the way it is with these holier than thou knight types. Probably got himself into a tussle trying to protect some fair maidens honor. Guess we better find him and get this thing under way.
  11. Hence the reason that you are being sent out to deal with the Reven and we are not.
  12. Once the game gets underway, a new thread will be started in "The Playing" for gameplay. This thread will be kept around for OOC (Out Of Charcter) information and general game related chat. I don't know if there's space for one more though, that would be Darkrelease's call.
  13. "I would be most honored to ride with you, my lady," Ben replies, the shock at this being suggested to him by such a lovely lady clearly registering on his face. "I don't know how quickly Lord Halbarad expects us to complete our quest, but I would think that going by horse should expedite our journey immensly. Also, you would be much better rested when we arrive and therefore in a much better state of mind to study the artifacts which we are being send to recover. Speaking of errands, I have been given a small task of recovering what herbs I can for the local herbalists in exchange for some of her wares. I hope that this doesn't cause to much of a delay in our mission, but I felt that the offer was too good to refuse."
  14. Ok, that makes more sense. I guess she's no more of a wuss than my Nefsokar Sorcerer after all.
  15. Taking a moment to consider the options, Ben replies "Well, either is fine with me. I usually prefer walking, but I do keep a horse and a pack pony boarded at an out of the way stable outside of the city walls. In case I need to leave quickly of course, heh heh. But as you have been given charge of our small group, I will gladly follow your lead. Where the heck IS George anyway?"
  16. "Take care of yourself as well Kaba," Ben replies. "Don't let that mouth of yours cause an unnatural crack to form in that bald head of yours."
  17. I agree, this game is great so far. I want to thank everyone for their efforts in starting this off very creatively. Let's keep the ball rolling, I would like to keep this game going for a LONG LONG time.
  18. From his vantage point, Ben observes the exchanges between the others as they begin gathering in the courtyard by the front gates. The women seem to be cool calm and collected. I see that this monk fellow is quite the jack@ss although he looks to be useful in a fight. The paladin looks to be a powerful ally, although possibly a bit pompous. Goes with the territory I guess. As for this elf fellow, whew. Oh well, time to make my prescence known, Rai seems to be getting a bit axious. With that an apple suddenly appears seemingly out of thin air a few inches next to Kai's face. "An apple for my lady?" Ben says as he steps out of the shadows of the vendors cart next to her. "I see you are ready to depart, as am I. Now where is our lumbering companion to be I wonder?"
  19. Always on the lookout for a good deal, Ben takes a quick glance at the list. Seeing several items that he recognizes immediately (along with a number of items that he is a bit unsure of) he tells the herbalist that he will make his best effort to recover what he can on the list in exchange for her services. "However, madame, I am on a mission of utmost importance to Taltos and time is of the essence. I will be returning soon." Ben then makes his way to the gates. With so few preparations to make, he makes the gate well before any of the other members of his party. He also does not see any of the other volunteers present. Taking advatage of his early arrival, Ben uses the opportunity to conceal himself among a small group of vendors carts in order to observe the arrival of the others and to see how things play out.
  20. LT, Sounds like a good idea to me. That Lady Tam is SO smart!!!
  21. This is a pretty old link, but it does seem to have a lot of information on some of the individual regions of the game world including some maps. Gaming world info
  22. "Well, I always travel light; you never know when a quick exit is going to be necessary," Ben says with a wry smile. "An hour should be more than sufficient for me. Is there anything that I can do for you to help us on our journey?"
  23. Oh. See I guess I didn't know that either. I guess I'm just an idiot. Anyway, is there an online source for some info on this world, or do I have to purchase some books somehow?
  24. From your legal statement. Steven, Is there anywhere online where those of us that are unfamiliar with the world can get a little background info on the world itself. It might help us with some of our roleplaying to know a little about the world we're in. I for one didn't know what Reven were until Frosch said something. I guess I could have looked at the different groups of figs in the Reaper Warlord store and figured it out, but some more background to flesh things out would be great. Thanks, Stefan Actually, I should address this post to Ana, as she is the godess of providing links to this stuff.
  25. I'm "Bootknife" Benjamin Drake.
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