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  1. Ben turns to address Rai. "Well, my lady, it appears to be you and I...oh and the big oaf. When should I be prepared to leave on this excursion?"
  2. A plain looking black clothed young man quietly approaches the group. "Excuse me? Perhaps I might offer my assistance?" he asks hesitantly. "For a price, of course. A paltry sum for such fine warriors as yourselves I'm sure, but hey, a man has to eat you know." With a smooth flick of his wrist, suddenly three coin purses appear in his right hand. "I'm not quite sure which belongs to whom, but I assure you, I return them to you no lighter than they were before they came into my possession!! Benjamin Drake is my name." he says with a flourish of his cloak. "My friends call me Bootknife Ben." With that he performs a backward handspring into the crowd and promptly disappears;reappearing 10 feet to your left in the same meek and unassuming manner in which he first approached the newly forming party. "How's 10 gold pieces a week sound to you??"
  3. Got an email from discount hobby over the weekend. They received my payment, but somehow lost my order information. They are sending my order rush this morning. I'll let you know when I get it. Sorry about the delay. Stefan
  4. As previously mentioned, my rogue is nothing to write home about and he knows it. He has been ingnored by his family and others his entire life, which is what led him to his profession as well as to his obsession with being physically fit. My sorcerer on the other hand, is indeed a handsome fellow, but is usually too absorbed in his studies to be distracted by the fairer sex. Of course, things could always be changed by the right member of the fairer sex, you never know.
  5. LOL! She's female all the way...and what's the problem with her age? What, are you saying she's too young? Apparantly, someone is looking for dating material for his character. By today's standards, yes 16 is to young. But, and I know that this is a fantasy world not medieval times, in medieval times the average age of a bride was much younger than it is today. 16 is probably plenty old for any of our groups male characters to consider courting. Not that I'm necessarily pushing for an interparty romance, but hey, at least her age shouldn't inhibit what may happen naturally.
  6. Dexterity is 18. Those are his two best attributes. Think of him more like a solidly built defensive back or the smaller quick type running back (Barry Sanders) in football just a little shorter therefore a little lighter. Barry Sanders is 5'8" 200lbs, a lot of the smaller d-backs are 5'8" to 6'0" and range from 175 to 210.
  7. I don't know. His strength is 16 so I thought that he's probably a little more buff than the average rogue. My brother is 5'6" and about that weight and he is a pretty small guy in my opinion. Of course, I'm 6'2" 240 lbs so my opinion is a bit skewed.
  8. Very nice. I especially like the crust that you put on the part that flows into the fiery pit. Excellent work.
  9. Here are the brief backgrounds I have written for my characters. Benjamin Drake (Bootknife Ben)/ Crusader 1st Level Mercenary Rogue Physical: Male age-17 ht-5'6" wt-160 lbs eyes-Dark Brown hair-Black race-Caucasian Background:Born the middle child of an affluent family and a very plain looking child, Ben turned to petty thievery as an adolescent for the attention and for something to do. As he got older, he became more and more proficient as a thief. One day, at the age of fifteen, Ben was caught robbing from a very wealthy merchant. The backs of both hands were branded and he was imprisoned for 6 months. His family naturally disowned him and upon his release from prison, he decided that the best thing to do would be to get as far away from home as possible. Because of his upbringing in such a wealthy and affluent family, Ben has a very solid education both in books and in the finer arts of weaponry and fighting. He has decided to become a mercenary for hire and thought that he could combine his weapon skills and thievery skills to make himself a valuable asset for a needy company. Because of the brands, he always wears a pair of supple fingerless black leather gloves. (Ben earned the nickname "Bootknife" because of the dagger that he always carries concealed in his boot. It useable as a normal dagger, but is also rigged up to have the blade shoot out and retract from the heel of his boot by moving his ankle.) Appearance-wise, he’s nothing to write home about. Ben’s the type that you may see in the crowd, but have forgotten about 2 seconds later. _____________________________________________________________________ Asim Ini-Herit / Dunemaster 3rd Level Sorcerer Physical: Male age-23 ht-5' 10" wt-130 lbs eyes-Golden hair-Black race-Arabic Background: Asim was born during a total eclipse of the sun and was marked by the elders to become a great sorcerer. As soon as he came of age, he was apprenticed to a sorcerer and spent all of his life learning the magic arts. He has been a true sorcerer for 3 years now and has had several adventures that have led him to be selected for this honorable mission. Very attractive, but usually with his nose stuck in a book; his one true friend is his hawk, Gahiji. Asim always strives to do what is right, according to the law and relishes in punishing the evil and impure. His holier than thou attitude has not served him well in all instances.
  10. I think that this is the thread that Frosch is talking about: The Semi-Official Reaper FAQ
  11. Well, at the moment I only have Black and White. I guess I'll go with white. Or I could mix them together and get grey. Just kidding, kinda hard to do out of the spray can.
  12. Still haven't received mine yet. It better come soon. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! Anyway, when I finally do get him, what color are we priming him in? I'm assuming white, but you all know what happens when one assumes.
  13. I can definitely relate to the playing at work thing. That's where I am right now. Anyway thanks for the link, I'll check it out when I get some time. And I stand by the Godess comment.
  14. Ana, you are a goddess of those links. Would you happen to know where I can get access to the rules for the Star Wars D20 RPG? Need it for the other game that's starting. Thanks, Stefan
  15. I agree Bill. Some conversion is definitely in order. Otherwise they are great sculpts.
  16. Do you want a separate file for each character or both in one file? Thanks, Stefan
  17. I'd definitely appreciate it Kevin. I haven't done any NMM myself and any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW Still didn't get it in the mail. Hopefully early next week.
  18. Not yet, it's on the way though. Hopefully today or tomorrow. Don't worry about me though, if you all want to get started, I can follow along.
  19. Well, I've never played Star Wars and don't really want to go out and buy rulebooks or anything. But if you're willing to teach me and guide me through the process, I'd be happy to learn.
  20. Thanks, Kevin. That site works really well.
  21. HEY, you stole my questions!!!
  22. Is there a good place online to buy empty dropper bottles cheap?
  23. I think that both of the groups have the same "objective", but I'm not sure if it's a competition. We each have one character in each group (one character is 1st level and the other character is 3rd level) and each group is a mix of 1st and 3rd level characters. At least that's the way that I understood it. Stefan
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