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  1. Anybody interested in my character sheet, here's the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhEU5t5C6cAbnpCRnNma0RxNW8/view?usp=sharing


    Background: Eligos was born in the lands surrounding Egorian. His father, Bertram Caim, was a farmer and his mother, Sarene, a former wizard’s apprentice. It is not known whether dabbling in magic in her youth caused her son to be born different, or if it was the demonic forces rampant in Cheliax due to the rampant diabolism of the region, but whatever the cause, Eligos is unquestionable one of the bizarre few that are known as Tieflings. His appearance was always that of a normal child except for his reddish sun-burned looking skin and his blazing red-rimmed amber eyes. Since his father was a farmer and the family lived in a rural region of the Egorian countryside, it was fairly easy to keep Eligos hidden from the prying eyes of the Hellknight of Thay who whould have surely taken him for triaing in one of their orders which surely would have killed the frail child.


    Eligos spent his childhood helping his father in the fields and waterways surrounding their farmstead and learning everything that his mother had to teach him. Being very learned in books and languages, Sarene taught Eligos to speak, read and write many foreign tongues and to have a great appreciation for books and maps. His mapping skills are fairly advanced and he is also extremely interested in being an amateur chronicler.


    As Eligos got older, it became harder and harder to keep him hidden from prying eyes. When he lost his baby teeth, they were replaced by sharp, pointed adult teeth and as puberty set on, small nubby horns began to protrude from his forehead, one directly above each eye. Even these strange features wouldn’t have been too difficult to keep under cover, but with puberty also came Eligos’ innate spell-casting abilities.


    At age 14, while joining his mother on one of their rare visits to town for supplies, a young boy noticed Eligos’ strange appearance and began to make fun of him. Unable to control his emotions as well as he normally would have, Eligos lashed out with his mind and threw the other child 15 feet through the air and deposited him into a large pickle barrel. Sarene quickly ushered her son out of town and back home, but the damage had already been done.


    Early the next day, the rumors began flying that the Hellknights were sending investigators to look into the incident. Knowing the Hellknights’ interest in â€recruiting†those with potential (especially those with natural spell casting abilities), Sarene and Bertram knew that something had to be done immediately. Using what little money they had saved up, they bought passage for Sarene and their son to the distant city of Corentyn, hoping that the two could blend into the coastal trade city.


    After several weekss of travel the two finally arrived in Corentyn. Eligos had celebrated his 15th birthday on the journey and his mother had used the time to train him carefully on how to control and hone his powers.  Once in Corentyn, the two settled quickly into a small boarding house in the High Quarter amidst the residences of fishermen, sailors and the like where Sarene figured that Eligos could hide himself amongst the working class and find work.  


    Sarene stayed with her son for another year, taking a job with a local seller of magical items. Her wizard skills came in very handy to the merchant in appraising items and spotting fakes. Eligos found work as a cleaner at a local nightclub, The Brazen Pearl. In a very short time, his skills and appearance led him to being offered one of the entertainer rolls at the nightclub, using minor feats of magic and his devilish appearance to awe the patronage. Seeing that her son was able to fend for himself in this exotic city without being subjected to the predjudices of their rural former life and that the Hellknights seemed to regard him as a mere performer, rather than someone with actual power. Sarene allowed her son to convince her to return home to her husband and the farm.


    The following six years consisted mainly of performing and surviving on the streets of Corentyn. During that time, a few frightening run-ins with Hellknight agents have convinced him to be ready to run at all times but they seem to show little interest and he has worked on perfecting the skills necessary to escape the notice of the Hellknights. Stories of his magical prowess hadn’t passed beneath everyone’s attention however as a band of dwarves conscripts him along with a motley crew of other â€talented†individuals to retrieve an item believed to have been lost to their clan forever. Not normally one to participate in these sorts of affairs, the intrigue and the cash proved to be too much of a temptation and he chose to participate. Many gruelling but prosperous adventures later, Eligos had proven himself to be talented and valuable in battle to the point that the attention was once again too much and whispers of Hellknight interest once again swirled through the Quarter.


    Eligos decided that it was once again time to flee to a place of greater anonimity and made the trek (on his own this time) to the remote coastal village of Blackcove. Having built up a fairly hefty reserve of funds during his adventures, Eligos finds it much easier to acquire a residence and lay low among the local populace, rarely venturing out into the village proper for more than staple supplies and has therefore built up a reputation as a mysterious loner whom nobody knows very much about. It is a lonely existance and he misses the excitement of his last years in Corentyn, but being able to live out of the shadow of the Hellknights makes the sacrifice worth it.

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  2. So, I think that I've worked through all of the magical gear (except potions) at this point. Still need regular, everyday equipment, but should get to that today.


    Here's what I've come up with so far. I kind of geared things around the fact that Eligos spent several years as an entertainer so several of the items seemed like they would fit that:


    Ring of Chameleon Power
    Ring of Jumping
    Brooch of Shielding
    Minor Cloak of Displacement
    Eyes of the Eagle
    +1 Chain Shirt
    +1 Spear
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