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  1. Go for it. I think that we'll call it on Murphy's Law. John didn't do anything with his team last season after September 18. If your friend wants in, send me his email and I'll send an invite.
  2. You know I thought about that as I was going to sleep last night. So, I'll check with Rupert to make sure that Bish is in. If so, that just leave's John as the only unresponsive one which would put us at 11.
  3. As it stands right now, I hadn't heard from Brian, John (Murphy's Law) or Kris (Colorado Stouts). I also didn't hear directly from Bish, but Rupert was pretty sure that he was in and was going to talk to him. SO, since Randy has given the OK for Brian, we do have the two slots empty. Do we want to move forward with 10? Or am I missing someone due to unfamiliarity with who's who on the board and in the league?
  4. I sent it from the ESPN site, so it should have gone to whatever account you use through there. (And I already assumed that you were in, Randy!)
  5. Sorry guys. I've heard back from most but not all. I'll put up some info tonight so we can decide what we want to do.
  6. I'm definitely interested. I've been so busy with class this month, that I totally forgot about Fantasy Ball. I guess if we're gonna do it, we better find out who's in or out in both leagues.
  7. As usual, sad to see it end. Let me know when you're ready for another go.
  8. That's cool. It was fun while it lasted. Take care!
  9. "That sounds like a good plan to me," Oberron replies. "I do not feel that waiting around here is doing anyone any good."
  10. Being nearest to the door, but weaponless, Oberron prepares to grapple with the first thing that enters the room.
  11. Tiron struggles to regain his balance after avoiding the savagely snapping teeth and his return stroke suffers as a result! Attack Roll d20: 4
  12. Oberron makes his way to the edge of the door hoping to catch whomever enters off-guard.
  13. Tiron shakes off the failure of his last attack, hoping that the cleric isn't too injured from the errant blow, and presses a new attack against the nearest rat. Attack d20: 18 Damage d6: 6
  14. stuff, now I can roll. Attack d20-3=19-3=16 Damage d6=5
  15. Not too happy about being bitten, Tiron attacks the rats with renewed vigor. Maybe a little too much vigor though... Attack d20: 1 Damage d6: 3
  16. Tiron takes another swipe at the nearest rat, hoping to keep the rest at bay as much as possible.
  17. Tiron recovers from his stupor and attacks the nearest rat with a thrust of his trusty blade. Attack Roll D20: 13 Damage D6:6
  18. As the dragger of the chest, Tiron feels some responsibility for it's contents. "Then it is yours, friend Jaden," the half-elf says. "Hopefully it will serve you well." He gets up off of the floor and joins Isha in investigating the stairs.
  19. The exhausted half-elf rolls his head to the side to better see what Wigmund discovers.
  20. Oberron starts at the sound of armed troops. "Ready yourselves," he says quietly to rouse the others. "I think trouble may be on the way."
  21. Collapsing on the ground next to the heavy chest, Tiron decides to let someone else have the honors of opening it.
  22. Afraid that the roof could collapse on him at any moment, Tiron attempts to drag the chest with him and get out as quickly as possible.
  23. Being wary of the roofs possible collapse, Tiron will check the chest to see if it's locked.
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