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  1. "There are a couple of doors with vermin behind them that we chose not to dispose of at the time," Tiron suggests. "Maybe there is something in those rooms to find once the threats are properly disposed of."
  2. SO, I have no idea anymore what needs to be explored and what doesn't. Do you have updated maps of the two levels that indicate where unopened/unexplored sections of this place are still left?
  3. The Kender is actually a female halfling (and yes I believe Grenadier although I can't seem to find the set that it came from anywhere.) The original had a walking stick of sorts that I converted into a hoopak using a bit of broken skeleton that I had laying around, the original dagger had snapped off so I replaced it with a blade-like piece of scrap, and the topknot was another piece of skeleton bone. The campaign is set around the same time as Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I'm basing the start of the adventure in Haven as it's being occupied by the Dragon Armies and going to throw in some events and characters from the novels as I go along. I'm leaving things a bit open ended and rolling with what the party wants to do without too much guidance or forcing things in unless I feel it's absolutely necessary. Hopefully, they'll decide to go to Solace as I'd like to have them there for the burning of Solace. I'd also like to capture them there and have them play a side-roll in the defeat of Verminaard at Pax Tharkas and then on their way to Solamnia to warn the knights of the Dragon Army's invasion plans.
  4. Oh, and just for fun, I created this as a fun preview for my players to see their characters. In a previous adventure, our heroes storm Castle Grayskull!
  5. No, your eyes do not deceive you. I have actually painted up some minis and posted them. Comments and critiques welcome!
  6. Seeing that his small friend is falling asleep, the young knight, Oberron, keeps an eye on her although he has not really felt any real threats since arriving in this strange place.
  7. Seconded, Haldir. It's good to see all of the traffic down here.
  8. Shrugging off the lack of success and chucking at the antics of the parties newest member, Tiron joins in the careful approach of the door.
  9. Joining Wigmund and Jaden, Tiron prepares himself for a fight, "What do you have in mind?" he asks.
  10. After settling the growling in his stomach, Oberron turns his attention to his new friends, "It is certainly a relief to see you returning to health, Merrillee," he says. "Honestly, your improvement is the only thing calming my nerves in regards to the treatment that Kircan is receiving and the fact that we appear to be trapped here for the time being. Why cure you if these dwarfish folk mean us harm." "Since we have the time at the moment, maybe we should decide how we are going to continue our journey to these Knights of the Aspen and warn them of the danger that we have discovered."
  11. Seeing that the minotaur has taken the lead, and rightfully so, Oberron decides to hang back and assess the situation.
  12. "Let's finish cleaning this mess up," Tiron says, his voice thick with menace, as he dismounts and draws his sword.
  13. The young knight takes up a piece of fruit. "I guess we may as well nourish ourselves if we're going to be forced to remain here," he says as he bites into the juicy pear.
  14. Feeling that this group was his best bet of getting some sort of revenge on the evil of Nulb, Tiron throws in his share of the bill from his recent stores and agrees that returning to the moathouse the best course of action.
  15. When I thought about it, I went in and adjusted the roster of the Ghost Team. (I actually don't have to be an owner to do that.) Problem is, one of the weeks that I did that, I LOST to said team!
  16. Heisler is correct. Roster settings have two options: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime or Lock at First Game of Week. I am not opposed to roster limits, but I for one enjoy playing keep away. If I can make your team worse by benching a player that I don't need, I don't see the harm in that, but maybe that's just my opinion. I remember a season in one of my other leagues where I drafted Rod Smith ahead of the Denver fan in our group and benched him every week just to taunt him. That being said, maybe trimming the roster a tad would be for the best, I don't know about cutting it in half though.
  17. Yes, Randy! You should hide your head in SHAME! Just for that I hope that Drew does score over 30 and refuses to pass to Jimmy!
  18. Aw, you're too good to me. I'll be glad when this craphole of a season is over!!
  19. Tiron almost hesitantly joins the rest of the group at the table; he'd never really been part of a group before and didn't know if he'd be welcome to stay.
  20. Unaccustomed as he is to taking advantage of the hospitality that the town has to offer, Tiron none-the-less follows his new companions to the inn.
  21. I have a huge issue with the absentee owner situation as well. But didn't know until draft day that we were going to have that situation. I should have gotten on things sooner, so that's my bad.
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