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  1. His spirits raised by having a fellow compatriot in his plans to scour the evil of Nulb from the world, Tiron has taken quite a liking to the new addition on the way back to town.


    "Funny," he replies, "I've spent so much time avoiding the authorities in this place, that I really have no idea where the jail is located."

  2. "I survived the Scourging of Nulb only by hiding," Tiron continues grimly. "Even though I was only a slave, I knew that the forces of good may not hesitate to kill me. When I emerged from the rubble, I was glad to see that terrible place in ruin and left it and my memories behind me as I left. There are rumors however of a new evil as the cleric mentioned and I am more than willing to join him if his will is to 'burn away the taint.' That place is but a taint on this entire world." He spits on the ground as if to clear a foul taste from his mouth.

  3. "Nulb is the vile cesspool where my mother was held prisoner and gave birth to me," the half-elf says vehemently. "Other unspeakable things happened to me there and it is only through the sheerest of happenstance that I managed to escape that place of evil with my life. I have vowed to do whatever I can to rid the world of the filth and stench of that place."

  4. "Merrillee, it does my heart good to see that you are feeling better," Oberron says as the old dwarf storms out. "I trust the others to look after you now though. I must see what can be done for Kircan!"


    He tries to leave the room and follow in the direction of the dwarf priest.

  5. As the bandits are put to work, the half-elf who had been quietlt observing to this point speaks up, "Perhaps this vermin is from that black place known as Nulb. Maybe we should find out what they know before we turn them in."

  6. Oberron does not hesitate to accept the terms. "Whatever will help my friends, I will gladly abide. Let me inform the others of your terms so that they are not taken unaware." He turns and rides back to his growing party of companions and explains the situation as described to him.

  7. Tiron reluctantly agrees with the others and remains fairly silent on the way back to Hommlet. His personal vendetta against the horrors of Nulb would have to wait.


    When the party sees the events unfolding ahead of them, he tries to find some cover from which to flank the attacking bandits.

  8. "My name is Oberron Redcrosse. My companions and I are trying to find a healer for our friends who are ill," the knight responds to the query. "Does this town have a healer skilled in the arts who might be able to assist them?"

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