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  1. So just to be clear, we are cutting everyone from their rosters and giving them their full 8 points for keepers. It does give them the opportunity to make trades backed with additional points. I think I can live with it.


    That's exactly correct. It's exactly the same as if they had announced that they wanted no keepers.

  2. There should be some penalty for non-compliance, they get 4 points banked, plus any carryover from the previous season :poke:

    As one of the late people that cut in under the radar, I would have accepted that penalty.


    But since this is last minute decision making, whatever you go with is fine, but maybe we should definitely make a fixed rule, with penalties for future seasons.


    Maybe Cut day.  No extensions without pre-approval from league manager, unapproved delays, penalties apply.

    Final cut day.  No extensions, period, penalties apply.


    We discuss penalties, etc this season, during off season.


    I agree, this is something that we should discuss. It's never gone down this way before (which I'm a little surprised and VERY thankful for.)

  3. Ok. Time has come and gone with no response. I guess we just go with it as is. First post in the thread is now official. I'll cut their bank points from these keepers in half.


    Strike that. If you want to, you can do that by choice anyway, so why shouldn't they just bank their points as if they didn't want any keepers??

  4. I sent messages from ESPN to the unreported players last night telling them that they had 4 hours left. I guess I can send a courtesy extension until noon today, but everyone was told that it was a HARD deadline from the start. Otherwise it's not fair to those of us that are trying to plan and strategize prior to draft day.

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