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  1. Noted and undone. I guess I just drop rosters from the unreported and bank their points.
  2. Well, since I went to bed early last night, we'll let you slide by on a technicality. And I'll go ahead and mark Rodgers as a keeper for Brian since it's been mentioned more than once.
  3. If you're having probs, I'm sure that you and I can make something else work.
  4. Since Qwyk has posted recently and Haldir is working with Brian, I've messaged the other two through the league board.
  5. Still need keepers from Brian, Bish, Qwyk, and Pole. You have 4 hrs and 10 minutes!!
  6. Well, half of the league has reported. Not too shabby so far.
  7. "Easy, friend," Oberron says soothingly laying a hand on the huge man's arm. "Let me talk with these new-comers and see whether their intentions be fair or foul." Oft fire is without smoke, And perill without show: therefore your stroke, Sir Knight, with-hold, till further triall made. "Sit tight friends," the young knight finishes, mounting his horse. "I shall return shortly with tidings." With that, he rides towards the approaching group in, hopefully, a nonthreatening manner.
  8. Good luck with the move. I hope all goes well!
  9. Perfect, Leech. I've updated the first post.
  10. Let's say that we TRY to have keepers in tonight, but Thursday is the HARD deadline. I'll update the first post in this thread to track everybody's reported keepers. I'll also send a message through ESPN to prompt those who don't follow the board and update everyone on what's reported after they're all in.
  11. "I'll be fine," the elf says grimly and takes a seat on the ground to catch his breath. "Tend to Sam and yourself."
  12. Oberron shakes his head in frustration, not with The Knight, but with his inability to find the right prayers. As hi looks up to his large friend to apologize, he sees the guards approaching in the distance. "I'm sorry, my friend, but I cannot seem to find the words to assist Kircan or the little one. However, it looks like we may be delayed on our journey a healer," he says. "Company's coming!"
  13. Tiron winces at the sudden pain, but returns the favor and strikes back. to hit: 10 Damage: 4
  14. Oops, missed that one along the way. I'll do a quick edit.
  15. "I would be happy to try to help your brother, my friend," the knight says solemnly. "However, I have not been able to help my companion and I'm not sure that I will be able to do much for Kircan either." He hurries over to the sick man and puts a hand upon his fevered brow. Praying vehemently to The Knight for help in curing the illness ravaging the man's body. OOC Attempting to Cure Disease
  16. Caught off-guard by the sudden change in demeanor of his assailant, Tiron tries to adjust his attack to the nearest bandit. To Hit: 3 (how feeble) Damage: 2
  17. As the traveler's get closer and Eberron begins to make out the true size of the minotaur, he starts to wonder if this was the best idea. When the traveler begins to speak, Eberron's jaw drops in amazement. "Eldan, my old friend! By the Knight, it IS you!" He approaches the tall figure and envelopes him in a hug.
  18. Tiron quickly fastens the last buckle and draws his sword. He assesses the situation and attacks the leader of the band hoping to draw the bandit's attention away from Chara. To hit: 16 Damage: 1 (WHOOPEE!!)
  19. Well, you're gonna be beat all season anyway, so...
  20. PreSeason Football is underway!!! It's about time that we set a time for the draft. The first game is Thursday, September 4. I would like to propose a Draft Day of Sunday, August 31 at 11:00am Central Time. If we decide on that for the Draft Day, then we'll have a HARD keeper deadline of Thursday, August 28 11:59pm Central Time for Keeper Announcements. Please let me know if that all works or not. Post here, PM me, email [email protected] or contact me via Facebook.
  21. Seeing that everyone is otherwise occupied, Tiron quickly re-fits his armor and draws his sword to join the fray.
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