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  1. †yes, she loves to paint... †i find toy solders from cheap toy stores works for her too, but now she's getting to smart, and wants "scupters" like daddys... †luckily i got 100 or so plastic lizardmen when i left my old job... so we have armys of "Barney" laying around.... pink and purple lizardmen....
  2. and, and, the chariots could be pulled by WERE-SQURRELS! :D
  3. The Med-jai? wow cool idea.... ( if you ignore the islamic script and speech supposedly egyption pharoh guards used) we REALLY need more Kopesh armed figures... methinks it's time for an Egyption themed elvish horde to appear!
  4. My father, rest in peace, had a great way around his arthritis, and small brushes... he picked up some comfort grips for pencils ( little rubber tubes that slip over pencils) and then wrapped masking tape around his favourite brushes, untill the comfort grip fitted the brush, and it was comfortable. The grips streach a fair amount, and the tape was soild enought that he found it comfortable to hold, and paint, with.
  5. and when you get bored in the middle of a long painting session, and paint little sworls and flowers on your nail, wash it off BEFORE spray varnishing anything. They never understand. never. don't even try.
  6. I find what i listen to affects the outcome of my painting... The slower, more somber stuff tends to make for darker, less highlights, more shading type figures, while if i throw on something more upbeat, i tend to get bolder color blocks, and mutiple highlights.... So most of my Undead/vampire stuff was painted to 80's and 90's goth and darkwave, while my darkelves and hero types where painted to classical and blackmetal.... Oh, and the problem i have with just throwing on my mp3 list, is my daughter loves to use daddy's pc... so i'll get three sisters of mercy songs, then BLUES CLUES BIRTHDAY SONG.... suck into my playlist..... really throws the painting groove off.... worse when you realise the last three models have smilie faces, and pink shirts..........
  7. Man, what a tag team... a wood Golem, and a halfling were-squirrel... heh heh.. my players are gonna HATE that one....
  8. no flames here, i do agree... i'd like to see more Norse/Rus type figures, and perhaps FANTASY types, i ran a D20 game, set in a world like earth, but humans had a roman style empire, japan was an Elven land, Gnomes ran China, Orcs had a Celtic flavour, Hobgoblins were Pictish, Dwarfs had a Norse feel, and everyone feared the Halfling mongol Wardog riders. So, perhaps a range of mini's based on fantasy races from different periods?
  9. Since i USED to be forced to paint for a nameless, faceless muti-national mini company, i now tend to paint darker, earthy-er tones, to compensate for the bright, bright mini's i did for them. And i tend to just sit with a mini for a few minitues, and let my muse hit me, then paint in a kind of meditive state, not thinking too much, just letting the paint flow. I find the type of music i put on as background music affects the final color scheme too....
  10. a tip on the Styrofoam, Cover the whole thing in what we call "pva" glue, a white craft glue, that drys clear, and hard. you can add sand to texture it, and it will protect the 'foam. The glue is REALLY cheap too.... water it down alot too.... 3-1 water to glue or something. you can then spray it with any spray you like.... and it will help protect the 'foam too.
  11. I've used a few of these, and while the effect is great, I would say they are not very hard wearing....i would advise care, and a heavy varnish over top......
  12. Yea, GW are changing paint pots back to a similar type as the last bunch, with a more reinforced hinge, and a redesigned lid/lip interface (I swear, that's what it says, really!:p ) and somewhat soonish too, from what I hear.... I have had the distinct pleasure of using most of the paint ranges out there, from the old "colour drop" up to the new pro paints, and it's have to say it's very much a personal choice.... I was taught to paint with Citadel paints, so I know them best, and I feel most competent with them.... But my best friend thinks the pro-paint range is his muse... so my advice is try what you can, and use what you like.... Just don't fall into the trap of the " perfect paint" holy grail...if you can't find a range, use the best of what you can...
  13. yep i tend to do this to :O so my advice is to use slightly less water, and to run the brush over the flat of the fingernail holding the mini before you paint the highlight, you'll know if it's too runny, and the surface of your nail seems to be a perfect test, at least for me.... you'll end up with really funky colored nails, but hey, that's a bonus for me :) as for fixing it, i tend to mix the next shade up into the last shade, leaving a small "pool" of the previous color unmixed.... thus if i mess up, i can simply paint a thin line of the last color back into the resesses of the model... if you understand my demented ravings..... i hope this helps......
  14. While all the above comments are true, let me just add that these are FANTASY figures, so while I fully understand the impracticalities of the garb/armour that most of the models wear, it adds to the overall feel. I LIKE the chain bikinis! And when im looking for Mr evil overlord for a main bad guy, embossed armour and a cool decorative sword is good.... But I understand the appeal of a "low level" mini or two... have you thought of doing a series of figures of a single model, showing him growing, and gaining more experience? Perhaps starting off in a plain Gambeson, with a club/short sword, then in chain, with a long sword, then in the "fancy" plate armour with the cool sword... for example (not that im hinting or anything :D ) just an idea....
  15. wow could you ask a harder question? The whole Vampire range is incredible! they inspired me to create my own rpg world, just to use as many as posable! and the Egyptian stuff, like Shal Shabath, Egyptian High Priestess, and the Egyptian sorceress are great! but if i had to pick one, it would have to be......"Alvhaera, Dark Elf". She is so... perfect!
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