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  1. I'm not sure how well they actually scale but the ships I've seen are considerably different sizes. I think the Enterprise D is about 4x the size of the original. It looks like they are the same sculpts as the clix game, and that is all over the chart for scale. The HMS Bounty and the other Bird of Prey sculpts are bigger than most other ships in the game.
  2. Of course all of those molds say "Made in China", so they won't work for Reaper's own production. All of the existing molds will need to be redone to work for US production.
  3. Funny that you ask this question. I got coined at Orgins last week. We were talking to a nice young gentleman who is responsible for this: https://www.facebook.com/CastlesAndChemo and in the course of the conversation I asked him if he was Air Force or Army. To answer the question he pulled an AF coin out of his wallet and slapped it on the table. I haven't carried a coin around since well before I retired, so I owe him a drink. I intend to pay that debt at GenCon. In the Air Force coins are given out by units, high level officers and Chiefs, or for special reasons. It's usually a reward or recognition of some achievement. It also shows membership in a specific group, a symbol of camaraderie that you can carry and keep even after moving on to other units. Kinda like a secret handshake. The only coins I ever bought were some very interesting ones at a shop in Korea. Noel, if you wanted the same tradition for gaming, I would recommend a die. Say a d6 with a special emblem. It would be up to you to decide how and who you would award them to. Every tradition has to start somewhere.
  4. I should have a Crusader army with me. I live in Colorado. My wife is from Perry County though, so this trip is dual purpose.
  5. Thanks. I can't find anything listing events at Origins on their website. This will be great, because we didn't get a chance to play the Wonderland game at ReaperCon.
  6. How would one participate? Would it behoove me to bring a few (or more) units?
  7. Will there be a Warlord Tournament at Origins this year?
  8. I guess this means I need to start posting here
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