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  1. House of Dexter

    Light diffuser box "on the cheap"

    Here's another cheap Lightbox... http://www.houseofdexter.com/lightbox.html using basically the same material that AWong is using...
  2. House of Dexter

    Wet Palettes?

    I've been using the Masterson's Wet Palette for over 3 years...really like them...Have 2 of them... I have this one http://www.dickblick.com/zz030/20a/ and for traveling...when travelling I would recommend a leak proof Zip lock bag... http://www.dickblick.com/zz030/08/ I also soak my sponge and then pour off any excess water...add a bit of ammonia if you start having a mildew problem...
  3. House of Dexter

    Least favourite Veg

    I can eat pretty much any vegatable...It's those nasty Lima Beans that make my skin crawl...I hate it when people sneak those nasty little suckers in their dish...UCKKK
  4. House of Dexter

    How're the projects coming, gang?

    Super Glue is your friend...when you get one of those type cuts...
  5. House of Dexter

    Music Game

    Franz Ferdinand Cruising down the center of a two way street...
  6. House of Dexter

    Glaze - Holy Grail?

    Arrgghh my eyes are burning...
  7. House of Dexter

    The Countdown begins

  8. House of Dexter

    Pro or Master?

    Thats what I do with them also
  9. House of Dexter

    The Countdown begins

    took a break over the weekend from painting...ahh...I feel better...back to painting...16 days...
  10. House of Dexter

    Pro or Master?

    GW paint bottles are designed for one thing only...to dry up quickly so you will have to buy a new bottle...GW has always changed thier bottles for the worst not best...They use to have very good bottles with flip top lids...and soft plastic...which keeps the paint from drying up...but then they redigned to keep paint drying in the bottle.
  11. House of Dexter


    k...here's a couple tricks... 1)Win XP SP2...in IE go to tools/Manage Add Ons and disable MySearch 2)Start/Run/MSConfig.exe...go to startup tab and disable MySearch and anyother devices your not sure of.
  12. House of Dexter

    Latest Works

    Very Well...really like the Templar...
  13. House of Dexter

    The Countdown begins

  14. House of Dexter


    When painting Dragons...I like finding a section and pretty much do what your doing...and then moving on to another section...that way you can easily find out if you like your transitions...
  15. House of Dexter

    Arbitrary questions Game

    Germans only pre WWI... Sirens... "All your base are belong to us" comes from Zero Wing...terrible translation from the Japanese...and became a cult classic... and what was Bunny Foo Foo bopping...