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  1. These look really good. Well done!
  2. I can't find a picture, I know I saw one at one time though. I think he should be released with the page. That was a very cool looking duo!
  3. oh, that's a shame. I remember thinking how awesome that was. The dwarf by himself was just so-so, but the addition of the kid was cool. Bleh. Thanks for the info though!
  4. I know I saw this guy getting released last year, but I can't find him anywhere. He was a dwarf and came with a kid holding a book as his familiar I think. What happened? Did I hallucinate or am I just missing something? I think he was in the warlord line, but maybe not... Can anyone help me out?
  5. Hello, I've never sealed my miniatures, but not that they're going to get some tabletop play (Thanks Warlord! ), I need them sealed. Here's what I did, I have a test guy, I sprayed him with testor's gloss coat (for some reason, I heard that gloss coats are tougher than matte coats). He looks good, but shiney. So now, I have some GW Matte Varnish (in the aresol can) so I was going to spray the mini with it to bring down the gloss. How long do I need to wait between spraying the different coats? And is doing gloss really that muh better than doing a few coats of matte? Also, how many coats do you think I need? I'll post pictures of my results when I get my first batch done. Thanks! -Brad
  6. So is the foam the pull apart kind that is already scored and you just take out the little pieces that you need to?
  7. Ok, I am looking for a army transport case and in my searches I came across this: http://www.studio2publishing.com/shop/prod...79ee76335bff0e0 Anyways, anyone have any stories to share about this? It seems like it holds the same amount of foam as the other storage cases I have seen, the only thing is that is comes with 5 2" foam inserts instead of the assorted foam sizes. Can any tell me how many minis they can fit in this thing and if there is also room for paints in the outside pockets? Looks like it's a little bit less expensive than other cases, but I've never seen one of these in the flesh. Thanks!
  8. ha, well, thanks for the replies, we're really trying to learn and get into this game because we do enjoy it. Is it just me or is some of the information kinda hard to find in the rulebook? There needs to be a little dictionary type thing at the back. I looked through the rulebook and never found any mention of coup de gras even though I knew it was in there. The whole ranking structure is a bit confusing, but so far our games are just at 750 points so a warlord would take almost half my points :)
  9. Thank you all for the quick answers! I really really appreciate it! I thought we were doing a few things wrong, looks like the all melee attacks at once and all the ranged attacks at once was our biggest mistake. We were allowing each mini to move, then attack, then move, then attack, etc. We're going to play another game soon, so I'm sure we'll have more questions then... Thanks again! -Brad
  10. Hello, we played our first couple of games last night without anyone around that really knew the rules, and the following came up. Hopefully you guys can answer these questions: 1) First, the troops. I played dwarves and hwat Logrim Battlefury as my captain. He has Troop 5-11/1. Ok, so he had Margara, 3 warriors, 4 piercers. So that's a troop size of 8 right? Then, I had Freya as a Sergeant, she had 3 swiftaxes and 3 warriors. So, is this a valid army? Freya and her troops were one activation and logrim and his trips were one activation, and thorgrim was my solo and his own activation. That correct? 2) Ok, now onto activation. Let's say logrim's troop activated first. So, do i move one guy (lets say a warrior) and attack with him, then move the next warrior and attack, then move the final warrior and attack? Can I move a warrior, then a piercer, then a warrior? Does it matter? 3) With a guy with 2 melee attacks, can I split those between two attackers? And do I declare both at the start of his turn or do I attack with one, then choose who I attack with the second? 4) Does first strike only keep the defender from a free strike if the defender is killed? 5) with a defense of 11, does Thorvald (who is calvary) get a bonus against ranged attacks of +2? If so, doesn't that make him almost immune to ranged attacks? 6) On the data card, how do you tell who is a solo? 7) in regards to a defensive bonus, is ranged magic considered a ranged attack? 8) Can you coup de gras someone with a ranged weapon? 9) do guys that are down and awaiting their tough roll provide cover or block line of sight? 10) Can you choose when to you defensive strike? For instance, if I have logrim and he is warmaster so he has 2 defensive strike attacks, he is attacked by a grunt. i see that he's probably going to be charged by a stronger guy too. So, can I either 10a) do only 1 defensive strike against the warrior and keep one for the stronger guy. or 10b) choose when to use both my defensive strikes. 11) Do shaken models get defensive strikes? Ok, I know that's a lot of questions, so thank you very much for your answers :) -brad
  11. Hmm, thanks a lot guys for the great replies! I will be sure and get some cheap brushes. I started out using some cheap brushes, so people learning to paint can too :) One store in particular has a very small selection of Reaper miniatures, but a large selection of reaper paints so I'm hoping that getting some painters involved will be a little easier there. The stores around here don't like giving discounts though. I'm hoping that if I get a decent turn out then they'll change their mind. The manager I talked to the other day said they haven't had a demo of ANY game in their store for over a year.... It's strange, but game stores around here are just a little "off" compared to stores I've seen elsewhere. Thanks again. -Brad
  12. Hi folks, I am planning on becoming a black lightning team member, but I had a couple questions that I didn't think about asking at Gencon. If someone wants to answer these questions offline, that's cool with me, my email is: [email protected] Real quick: 1) A lot of stores around here don't stock or are out of Casketworks issues. Can Reaper send me like 10 of those to hand out to attendees at my events? 2) Has anyone had any lucky convincing stores to offer like 5% off Reaper purchases made at demo or painting events? 3) I know I need to use Reaper paints at the event (of course), do I need to use Reaper brushes too though? Thanks, I'll be making my initial event schedule with a couple stores here soon, just wanted to ask a couple questions first. Many thanks! -Brad
  13. That guy was huge. It's not an illusion, he really is about the size of a football. I'm pretty sure he's a plastic or resin model, but I don't think he's really that expensive, maybe $50?
  14. Wow, these guys look great. I wish I could give advice, but they're a lot better than I can do.
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