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  1. Thought in case some of you didn't see this, it would be helpful: http://specials.michaels.com/SinglePage.as...d=3025738&lmi=0 (This links to the ad for the store closest to me, but I'm assuming it's a nationwide thing)
  2. I dropped sculpy and started using this: http://www.dickblick.com/zz332/04/products...am=0&ig_id=1976 which in my opinion is much much easier to deal with and you don't need professional tools to work with it. The downside is that it's air dry and isn't extremely strong, so no fine detail work with it. Works great for bases and such though.
  3. Thanks for the info. Forgot to add that this was done in about 3 hours. I'll stick with it, someday I'll get better! :) I think I need more patience.
  4. Well, here we go, did this guy before, didn't like him, tried again, don't know what to think... The highlighting is chunky, but it's a start I guess. Here are the before pictures: Here are the new pictures. Advice? Also, again, I hope this is the correct place to post, if it should be in show off, sorry.
  5. Thank you guys for the advice. Jenova, that article was simple, but it sure does seem to make a difference, I will try that with my next guy. Do you have problems covering the black overlap with a lighter color (like flesh)? Does it take multiple coats? I've had problems with covering a dark color with a light one, and sometimes by the time it's covered, I feel like it's almost cakey. Herr, thanks for the info, I'll track down that article on horns. You're right, the nails are not quite right. The eyes on this guy were just awful to get to, so there wasn't too much I could do there. Deane, I'll try one more highlight and see what happens, I think you're right though, if I could just get the highlighting done right, it makes such a difference. And the background was bad I know, I was in a rush and couldn't find anything better. When I go back and touch up this guy, I'll try for a different background and post him again. Thanks a lot everyone, I appreciate it!
  6. Well, here is my latest attempt at a mini. This is probably only my 10th mini or so, and this guy turned out ok (The pictures aren't the best though first try taking a picture of a mini), but I really wonder how I could have improved him. I have another troll that's waiting to be painted (as well as a few dwarfs and orcs), so I'd really appreciate any advice. Be brutal, I can take it :) I tried highlighting and as you can see, it just doesn't look right. I'm linking off site, there are 3 pictures and they're about 120k each. Troll Front Troll Back Troll Front, no camera flash Started with black primer, went thin ghoul grey, then dark green wash, then highlight with the ghoul grey again. Then dry brush on the bumps with granite. The loin cloth just looks bad too. Dark blue then light blue on top, then dark blue wash. Think it'd be worth getting the Learn to Paint II kit from reaper since it handles cloth and skin? Thanks!!! p.s. - I couldn't decide if this should be in the show-off or tips forum, so if it's in the wrong place, I'm sorry!
  7. ladystorm, I was showing my wife some of these pictures, and all the others she was just saying that they had a lot of paint and minis, and then she saw yours and knew that it was a room with a woman's touch. I just can't believe how big of a work area (and paints, and minis) most of you guys have. I'm jealous.
  8. Jester that's nice you have your own room! I need a bigger house before I get that treatment. Right now the dog gets my wife's sewing room and I get part of the family room, but I still have to keep things halfway nice looking. I looked at some tables offered by Dick Blick. Our local store sometimes offers 40% off coupons on a single item, but even then it might get expensive. I think I'm handy enough to build a desk that looks ok, might even get good lumber and stain it or put a finish of some kind on it. The only problem I'm going to have I think is that I have to build the desk in the basement, then put it together on the 2nd floor. up 2 narrow starcases, then when we move (probably in a year or so) I'd have to take it apart and repeat the process... I wonder if it's worth taking the time to build the desk so it'd come apart and assemble easily or give up the easy assembly tear down for a faster & easier build... I think I'm going to go to Home Depot and scope out some lumber tonight. And of course, if all else fails, I'll steal a closet door when my wife isn't looking.
  9. ThePolo, I cannot believe how many minis you have on your desk. I would be afraid of them taking over one night... :) I've heard of a lot of people using doors, where do you guys get doors? My house is currently missing a few where closets used to be, I wonder if they're work benches somewhere... ladystorm, I like your plants too. Looks very relaxing! I tried painting on our coffee table once and spilt a bottle of paint on it.. Wife won't let me paint anywhere except on my desk anymore. Can't say I blame her although she did get a nice new ottoman out of the deal. I think I might have been set up. ------Edit------ Whiz - If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for that desk, it looks small, but nice. I'm figuring materials for my own would run me about $50-$100 (depending on how fancy I get), but I might be able to buy a nice new desk cheaper although I kinda doubt it would have everything I want.
  10. Hello, I was just wondering what kind of desk you guys used for painting? I have a massive work bench in my basement but it's too cold down there to do any painting, so I'm stuck using a little wooden desk that my wife was going to throw out. I'm thinking of building a nice fancy new painting desk, but was wondering what you guys used to paint on. I've found that the desk I'm currently using (about 3ft wide, 2ft deep) just isn't big enough to hold everything and the drawers just suck. I think I'm going to try to build something like this: http://www.nexelshelving.com/Nexel/photos/wls60.gif only in wood form. Not sure if 4ft wide x 3ft deep (on the work area) is big enough though. Sounds big, but I've found you can never really have too much space.
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