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  1. Ah, a nice little tool.. Thanks for the link. The closest to me is actually on the Illinois side of the river (about 30 miles away). For some reason though, the people in Illinois seem to game more than the people in Missouri. In Missouri (St. Louis area) we have one chain of game stores with about 4 total shops and in Illinois they have 4 or 5 different independently owned stores. They get more variety that way. Anyways, I am surprised that there isn't someone representing the Missouri side.
  2. Hello, I registered at reaper games and within 50 miles of me there were only 5 players registered. I've never heard of any Warlord events in the STL area, but all our local stores stock (and you'd think they sell) Warlord minis. Does anyone know if we have a Black Lightning person in the area? You'd think that with 2.7 million people within 50 miles I'd be able to find someone to play Warlord with If there isn't a demo person in the area that's a shame, I may have to throw my hat in the ring. Of course I don't have time to do that and have only played one game of Warlord in my entire life, but someone needs to do it.
  3. very nice. At first I was thinking "Hmmm, this guy names his dragons" but I eventually got the reference :) Well done!
  4. Just wanted to say that these are great. I've never liked beholders (as far as paint jobs go) because people don't seem to get something right, but these are fantastic. They all look different from each other and very well done.
  5. Great work! I especially like the dirtied cloak, he looks like a real travelling wizard. Nicely done!
  6. How's this coming? I visited and got a database error, but I'm very interested in seeing this if/when it's done. Thanks!
  7. Well, just curious, I saw that it looks like Reaper will have a nice big booth, wondering if there were any special edition minis or special deals that I need to reserve money for? If I come up to the booth and give the secret Reaper messageboard handshake do I get a free blister? Will the August release be there for us to get? That Hill Giant is calling my name. Ok, that's it.
  8. What kind of time commitment are you looking for? I'm only going to be there Fri afternoon, Sat, & Sun, and you know there's never enough time to do everything. Painting classes, things to buy, auctions to see, artists to talk to, I'm getting overwhelmed already!
  9. Those look very good! Keep up the practice and you'll be a pro in no time!
  10. That looks great! Well done!
  11. Ooh, that does look better, thank you! I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pictures/lighting/and color correction.
  12. If your pictures are miniature related, I have to recommend http://www.displacedminiatures.com Of course, I'm biased.
  13. Leaves = Oregano... Other stuff is the scenics grasses and whatnot.
  14. These were both entries to the DisplacedMiniatures.com contest, and neither made it past the second round... Anyways, they were both fun to paint and I'm happy with how they turned out, but I'm going to invest in some better lamps so I can get some good pictures for a change.
  15. Quick Note, Round #2 of the voting has begun.
  16. Man, I love dwarfs and these are top notch. Wonderfully done!
  17. Well, I have everything in my cart for myself and a friend except I only have 1 registration for NM00516 - Blending & Layering with Marike Reimer NOw, assuming I can checkout, what are the odds that I can get my buddy in the class with generic tickets? I was able to get 2 for NM00026 Miniature Painting: Reflective Surfaces, so that's cool (Assuming I can checkout!!!)
  18. I can't even get anything in my cart
  19. EDIT: Oops, was used to clicking submit over and over again at the gencon site.
  20. yeah, no luck here at all :(
  21. Yeah, it is a super cool thing to do, kudos to you Kit on taking the time to do it. Now, see, to make things more efficient, you need a setup like the used in the Matrix, so you can just sit a mini in the middle, hit a button and all your pictures are snapped. So the camera rotates around it. Sweet Of course, I think that might take a chunk out of the reapermini budget, but hey, think of all the time you'll save and how cool it'd be...
  22. Ok, just wanted to let everyone know that voting has begun and one of the lucky voters will receive a prize. Hooray! Anyhow, check it out: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/contest/may05/
  23. ooh, here's another question, I have my account and my friends under mine. I bought both of the tickets, and now to make sure we're in the same events, do I add an event to the cart twice or how does that work?
  24. Yup, it's not too hard to do, I don't know about the quicktime part, but with Macromedia Flash, you can do something like that, all you need are enough pictures at enough angles. Pretty cool stuff though.
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