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  1. Ok, questions from me! 1) When do you start registering for these events? 2) is the cost a generic ticket cost or $$ cost? 3) If I can only take 1 painting/mini "class" what should it be? 4) Are supplies provided and do you keep them or bring your own? 5) Why are the descriptions cut off in the excel spreadsheets? 6) Are seminars free? 7) They having a poker tournament again this year? These look interesting (mainly put here so I can remember what I liked ): Miniature Painting: Reflective Surfaces cost: 15 Miniature Painting: Flesh & Faces cost: 15 Reaper Speed Painting Contest cost: 1.5 Sculpting with Green Stuff and Miniature Manipulation cost: 19.5 Rackham Speed Painting Contest cost 1.5 Sculpting Faces With Bobby Jackson 15 Iron Kingdoms Seminar Ok, that's it from me, thanks for the help! :)
  2. Hello, again, I don't know where to put this, but just a reminder that displacedminiatures.com is having a painting contest, and the entries must be received by this Saturday (May 14th). Read all about it here: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/contest/may05/
  3. Well, as for the release of Tiger (that's this OS X release name right?), well, I don't know what to think about that, but as for Hitchhiker's Guide, I will probably be there tonight watching and hopefully laughing and not feeling too sad that the completely missed the mark.
  4. Hello folks! Don't know what forum to put this in, so it goes in Off-Topic until someone tells me otherwise Anyways, there is a painting contest starting Mid May at DisplacedMiniatures.com The format is a little different than most contests, but it should be lots of fun. Go ahead and read the rules and all that stuff at: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/contest/ And feel free to contact me with any questions. (and feel free to move this topic if it doesn't belong here). All skill levels welcome, the winner will get a prize and so will random entrants and probably second place as well. Anyways, come over, join the site, enter the contest and well, have fun! -Brad
  5. Very Cool the face is very well done. I agree with the above though, looks like he needs some cheese or something (ok, that's lame, I admit it).
  6. weird, CMON isn't loading for me tonight, so I can't see the pic.
  7. wow, that looks really nice! Very well done!
  8. I got the heroic dollies, it's the only thing my local store had in stock. Thank you for your replies, I'll check all those out.
  9. Hello! I've just gotten into the sculpting thing and I'm not good. I have some dollies from Reaper and I sculpting a guy that looks like he's wearing a prison jumpsuit. I've been converting trolls into yetis and that's gone alright, but man, when it comes to sculpting clothes and whatnot, I suck. I'm planning on attending some classes at Gencon but I'd really appreciate any tutorials or tips that you guys have. Many thanks.
  10. Very nice! I'm quite impressed with the boots as I've recently failed miserably trying to get a good shined leather look.
  11. My buddy just got into creating Flies, he can really make some nice looking ones, and I agree watching him do it, there probably would be a lot of crossover between the two. He has about 20 different kinds of hair and all kinds of different feathers. Yours look really cool, now, show us some fish you've caught using them :)
  12. Anyone have any knowledge of how good of a book this is going to be? Seems pretty steep for only 85 pages, but it might be interesting. http://www.darksondesigns.com/submissions.html
  13. Saw this in the challenge and was amazed, this is a great piece, well done!
  14. metallics look great, I also like the bars coming out of the concrete for the base, looks very nice!
  15. Looks very nice, I don't think I've ever seen that guy before.
  16. I think it looks well done, a little more blending and highlighting and it would be top notch, but as it is, it looks really good!
  17. Both are very nice and very well done!
  18. I painted this guy for someone for the mini exchnage last year, how odd... Anyways, I like it, the base is really great and everything looks very clean. You know, this is probably a good mini to practice your NMM on, the areas are nicely put together and small enough to get some easy NMM.. Anyways, hair, face, cloak, all looks good!
  19. Hey Kelcore, I'm always more and more impressed with your stuff, great work.
  20. Looks nice, a little sharper picture would help a lot, but it looks nice!
  21. ??? Hmm, should have paid more attention to that thread... Good ideas, good ideas...
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