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  1. looks good, I painted this guy too (was part of a lot I won at a local game auction) and I went for purple, mine was a bit darker. Yours look really good! Was it a quick one to paint? Like the base too!
  2. pay attention to what other people say, but keep in mind that this is a nicely done piece for your start at shading and highlighting, keep working on it, and you'll get there!
  3. Went to Gencon last year, very cool. Planning on going this year, going to spend more time and take a couple classes. So, with that said, Reaper planning on being there? I can only afford one con per year, and Gencon is much closer to me than Texas. I'm figuring with Warlord taking off and everything, It'd sure be swell to see you guys there.
  4. Looks good, what scale? I'd like to see a little closer shot.
  5. I don't know if it's the sculpt or the paint or the combo, but this guy is really really amazing in my book. VERY well done!
  6. fantization.com has it in stock, so I'm guessing it's already been released.
  7. side note, what happened to Reaper's 15mm fantasy range?
  8. so little, and so nice... well done!
  9. Ah, good point about the teeth! Thank you all for the tips! I will try to make a few changes before I base the guy.
  10. Hmm, may have to repaint the chicken... You're not the first that's said something... I showed a friend of mine and he scolded me for painting a chicken pink... Maybe it's a baby flamingo?
  11. Here he is, not based, I'm working on something nice. He looks sooo much better in person (I think anyways). I'm going to take some natural light photos soon hopefully. Tried for a nice dirty rusted look... More photos and other new minis on my website. Bigger Front View Bigger Back View Side View Other Side
  12. I noticed this too, I thought it was just that it was colder (my painting area is not heated well) or my lights were too close. On a slight thread hijack, do the new master paints fit in the exisiting paint rack we can get with swag points?
  13. Well, you know if you REALLY want to give us a preview, you can give the file to me, I'll post it on my website and link to it for you
  14. I'd pay for what Aryanun said. Currently, I can't really justify paying $25 for the NMM learn to paint kit since I would probably never use the paints, but the booklet may be fun to flip through. Now, I started getting into painting by a friend that purchased the GW Chaos Warrior learn to paint kit. It had all the paints we needed, plus 5 or 6 models to get us and a couple friends going. The downside is that the paints weren't full size. Now, looking from a beginner point of view, I would never ever buy a kit that just had skintones in it. And honestly, I probably wouldn't buy a kit that only had 2 minis. The good thing about the GW kit was with that many minis to paint, a friend and I could sit down together and work together on a couple, then try the exact same thing again. It was really amazing the difference between our first and second try with the same fig. Plus there was enough to have a friend that was visiting sit and paint with us. Ok, from my current point of view (mid-level painter perhaps?), I probably wouldn't buy a paint kit that had only skintones because I most likely have all the skintones I need. I might buy a varied set because there may be some use for the other colors in there. Now, as a final note, I probably would pay money for a complete set of repear paints that contained a few figs and the booklets Aryanun mentioned. Then again, now that I have 25 master series paints and 20 vallejo paints, in all honesty, the only thing paint kit related I would buy would be a nice book with tips in it. I sometimes buy white dwarf just to read the painting tips and modelling tips. My 2 pennies.
  15. Result You scored as Chaotic Good. A Chaotic Good person is someone who has little intrinsic respect for laws or authority, seeing them as insufficient to sustain what's right. These people work according to their own moral compass which, while good, is not necessarily always aligned with that of society. Despite their chaotic tendancies, these people are good at heart. eh, sounds about right... I know I'm chaotic anyway.. or is it psychotic... either way, good test.
  16. I saw this girl on my desk the other day (with the rest of the familiars), and I seriously thought about trying to paint her... Then realizing she's about the size of the end of a pencil, decided it would probably make me insane, so I started work on big troll.... With all that said, awesome work on such a freakin small mini. Everything looks great!
  17. Great new minis, don't think I ever saw any previews for most of these (but hey, I could be wrong, it happens) Colossal Skeletal Warrior Cheetah Girl w/ Bow Nienna - Female Elf Ranger Undead Ooze Quint - Male Warrior w/ Axe & Sword Praying Paladin Arthur Wanderhat, Male Wizard Witch Coven Valeska, Female Champion of Ravilx Slithe Queen of the Miriamis Agramon, Pit Fiend Don't think I saw the green for this guy, but I did see him painted already... All very awesome though. Viridius (knew about this guy, obviously)
  18. Thank you for the replies Ed! I really appreciate it! Tomorrow, my buddy and I will have something to chat about with our local hobby shop owner!
  19. Yeah, I don't really understand what's going on. Might just be me though. So, I choose any female miniature, sent the picture to you unpainted, paint it, and then send that picture in for the competition? There is only one winner right? Just trying to figure this out. Sounds like fun even though there is no chance of me coming close to winning.
  20. Alright, if you want the blind leading the blind, then I'm your man As for camera fuzz, I noticed I get that if the camera moves even just a bit. Sometimes just the force of you pressing the button is enough to make things blurred. I take most of my pictures using the timer function so I don't touch the camera at all when the picture is actually being taken. Ok, thinning paints.. Oh man, I suck at thinning paints. It's because I'm impatient. Thinning paints will not give you the build up that paints straight out of the bottle are prone to do. You can have a nice, smoother coat. The downside is that it generally takes more coats to get the coverage you want. You can thin with water or extender or some people thin with weird things like floor polish or maple syrup (ok, not really maple syrup, but people do add weird things to their paint). I don't know what a good ratio is, you may need to try. I do 2 drops paint to 1 drop water. This makes things thinner, but just try to find a mix that suits you. Ok, washes. Think like you're going to thin your paints, but you want them more watery. A wash is basically water with paint pigment in it. You can make washes thicker or thinner depending on how much you want to cover and how thick you want things to be. On the guy above, try a wash on his base (this way you won't mess anything up). Paint the base with a color, light brown perhaps. Let that dry completely. It's VERY important to let it dry completely or you'll have colors running together and looking weird. Now, when it's dry, water down some black paint, dip your brush in and spread the black water mixture all over the base. Now, the black is thinner and should run down into the crevices of the base. Now, for the quick and dirty approach, let the wash try and take your light brown, get most the paint off your brush by sweeping it across a paper towel and gently pass over the top points of the base. This will give you a good look of depth. Now, pros don't do this, They do more blending which is start with a dark shade and apply layers until the have a nice dark to light shade going on. This is generally more realistic than the paint/wash/drybrush method. The way you did the base should work the same on most of the mini. Sometimes the wash will go where you don't want it, or it will be too thick and cover more than the reccesses (is that how you spell that?), so you may need to go touch up places where the wash went, and you may have to experiment with different water/paint ratios. Alright, color suggestions.. This is where my blindness won't even allow me to lead the blind. I personally suck at choosing colors (but a color wheel does help actually). I picture bartenders as generally dirty folks, working in dirty dark places. So I'd choose some darker colors. But see, I've said too much... Don't believe too much of what I say. Anyways, that's my take on all this. But remember... I am not a good painter. On occasion I can paint something and it will look alright, but if you want real answers, ask the pros. Also, there are all kinds of how to articles on the web, just do some searches and you'll find some. Finally, experiment. Get a mini that you don't mind if it turns out like poo and just try stuff. I have a couple minis at home that are painted horribly, but I've learned something while painting them. Cheers! -Brad
  21. From: http://www.displacedminiatures.com/terms.asp 2) You may not upload more than a couple images that are non-miniature related. This includes, but is not limited to: pictures that are not miniature related (family, pets, cars, etc), pornography, and any other images that are deemed lewd or inappropriate by the website administrator. Nudity of miniatures is allowed, as long as it is placed in a gallery clearly marked "mature". Also, a few pictures of you or your dog/cat/whatever are ok, but this is not intended to be a image hosting service. Of course, right now I don't have to worry about that because there aren't many nude historical minis, and those seem to be the most abundant minis on the site!
  22. Well, I posted this is general discussion a few days ago, and I thought that I would post in these forums as well since GD isn't a place the people that might use this website might look. Anyways, here's the deal. I created a website for myself and anyone who doesn't have one. If you have pictures of your minis, but don't have anywhere to put them, this site may help you out. It's all free, and anyone can use it. If nothing else, you can browse through and look at other people's minis. Right now there are many historicals on the site, but maybe if I post this here we'll get some fantasy up there too. Like I said, it's all free and anyone can sign up right now (I may have to limit sign ups if things get too big). Now there's not excuse for you to not give your homeless minis a home on the web. http://www.displacedminiatures.com/ To see my personal site (and what your site would look like if you signed up) check out http://www.displacedminiatures.com/buddylee To see how it works, check out http://www.displacedminiatures.com/help.asp It should take you under 10 minutes to sign up and put up your first gallery and images. Hope this is ok to post in this forum, if not, I'm sure one of the mods will do me the favor of moving or deleting it Likewise, any questions or comments, please email me at [email protected] -Brad
  23. Thank you all for your responses, I appreciate you all taking the time to humor me and answer my questions!
  24. That is awesome. One of my favorite paint jobs by you so far (and all your work is terrific). Great armor, sweet cloak, just all around great IMHO.
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