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  1. So many things wrong with this guy. I originally planned to paint this guy super quick, and I did, it was about 4 or 5 hours, but I did so many things wrong, I'll go ahead and list them 1) When I was done I left my paint pots open, so the new paints better get here soon! 2) I only had a few paints since I'm waiting on some new reapers to arrive. 3) I didn't prime it because it was too cold. 4) I kept letting my brush dry out and I didn't care because I was stupid. 5) I was playing a video game in between painting (or vice versa) 6) I only used 2 lights to take the picture instead of my normal 3 and the lighting sucks. But anyways, I like the base, first time doing the cork thing and I think it turned out ok. And I think this is the hairiest mini I've ever seen. So, here's mini that was done on my first free day in about 4 months (and the first mini I've painted in about that same amount of time).
  2. I'm just amazed by that, looks exactly like lava should look. Nicely done. Of course, never having seen real lava, I don't really know what it should look like, but if it were up to me, lava would look like that.
  3. I'll be honest, when I first saw what you posted, I was not sure what to expect, but seeing the finished piece is very impressive! Nice work!
  4. Thanks for the info! Now I just have to have my local store order me some so I can try the first batch. Well, that and get my life calmed down by an order of 20 or so..
  5. http://www.fantization.com/cgi-bin/cart/mS...w_Releases.html If you're interested since CMON is sold out.
  6. Is it released yet? And any plans to redo the learn to paints with the new paints or they all going to have the older paints in them?
  7. is there an owl in there? Looks like one of the snakes has an owl surrounded. Looks nice though
  8. Dwarf/Male/Fighter Gnome/Male/Mage Half-Elf/Male/Ranger
  9. I bought the set at Gencon, and recently sold it on Ebay. They seem ok, they're cheaper than any other paints, but they were thick. I mean super thick, wear out your arm shaking them thick. But then, you'd come across one that was super thin and covered like crap, but then if you shook it enough it would be ok. In my opinion (coming from a guy that really can't paint well) They are about the same quality as older reaper paints, and covered well, but not near Vallejo in quality/coverage. And OP, you're lucky, I have 1 local store that carries reaper paints and when I called about the new paints they had no idea what I was talking about.
  10. I always seem to come back to Master of Orion II or Civilization II. I think it's because I can play those on the laptop and can stop easily
  11. You're a good person, thanks for the reply.
  12. so ok, come on now, answer the good questions... 1) how much are they? 2) when can I get them? 3) someone tell me if I should wait for these or get vallejo ?
  13. 'Tis the season I suppose, and I was wondering if there were any holiday charities that you all really thought were neat. This one: http://www.childsplaycharity.org/ is cool, but are there any others that you guys like? It's hard to find good charities that you know where your money is going to. That one looks like whatever you buy goes directly to the hospital, which, IMHO, is awesome. We need to see Reaper's name on the donor list! Any others you guys know of that cater to children and don't have any charity ceo skimming?
  14. Well, I can see it. The shadows make it a little hard to see details, but I'd say it looks pretty good. Can't give any advice because I'm not a good painter
  15. Wow, that NMM and light sourcing and everything is just great IMHO
  16. Sure thing... Ok, you know the decals that you get in model kits... cut 'em out, dip 'em in water, slide the decal off the paper and accidentally tear the star in half as you put it on the airplane wing? Well, you can buy blank sheets of that paper. For this I bought some from Testors: I found a suitable pic and sized it in photoshop and then printed it out on my injet printer at as high a dpi my printer would do. Then, since it was going into water, I hit the decal with clear sealer since the ink my printer uses isn't water resistant. Also, the instructions on the paper says it's a good idea to seal it as most printers don't bond well with that type of paper. So...resize, print, seal. Then I took the decal, put it in water for about 20 seconds and applied it to the shield. The decal I printed out was full color, but you could easily print an outline template, apply the decal, then paint within the lines. I thought about doing that on this one, but especially in the lion's mouth my printer could be far more detailed than I, so I just printed it out solid. Great, thanks! I'll have to give this a shot! I wonder if you could do decals like that on a cloak without it looking to weird.. I may have to do some experimenting. Thanks !!!
  17. Hmm, interesting... I cannot draw either, and these decals you speak of intrigue me... So, you print the decal on this special paper, then seal the decal, then attach it to the shield? Then, is the decal painted or is it printed out in color? I think it'd be neat to have the outline printed and then fill in the blanks if that's possible. Looks nice, but I think I need step by step pictures because I'm a bit slow...
  18. Really? Maybe I just got a bad few. Mine was of Jimi Hendrix though, not anything fantasy, and it was a couple years back, so maybe they've improved. Yeah, I'd like to see them firsthand too, might be worth getting
  19. A friend found these: http://www.spawn.com/toys/series.aspx?series=268 The actual dragons are not going to look nearly that good, but they'll be painted and plastic like standard McFarlane action figures. Don't know what scale exactly, but they say 6" high. Might be neat to buy one and repaint it, I'd imagine the final painting will be on par with mage knight figures.
  20. I've always loved that mini, but due to shipping and currency conversion, it'd be over $10 and I can't swing that. Looks like you're definitely going to do it justice though, very nice indeed!
  21. What's really weird about this is the questions it asks. It doesn't seem like it's asking the right questions sometimes, but then it still guesses correctly. Like this. I was thinking sponge: I am guessing that it is a sponge? Yes , No , Close 19. Is it soft? Yes. 18. Is it something you bring along? No. 17. Does it have writing on it? No. 16. Do you use it at night? Rarely. 15. Does it burn? No. 14. Does it come in different colors? Sometimes. 13. Does it come in many varieties? Sometimes. 12. Does it help accomplish tasks? Yes. 11. Is it multicolored? No. 10. Is it hard? No. 9. Is it manufactured? Yes. 8. Is it made of metal? No. 7. Does it come in a box? Rarely. 6. Would you find it on a farm? Maybe. 5. Is it white? No. 4. Can it cheer you up? No. 3. Do you use it in your home? Yes. 2. Would you find it in an office? Doubtful. 1. It is classified as Other. Odd questions to ask, yet it figured it out.
  22. Go to http://www.save-a-lot.com and see if you can find anything. If you do, let me know and I'll pass your resume along to the appropriate people. Of course, most of the office jobs are in St. Louis... Also, no offense, but just trying to be helpful, your resume might need a few formatting changes and additions of skills. I used to work in a Career Development center and these things are engrained in my head. If you want some resume help, go to: http://www.careers.siue.edu/job_search/resume_designing.htm EDIT: That link is for a recent graduate, but I think the format of a resume should stay pretty close to the same. Going through a recruting firm, mine was laid out a little different than any listed there, but those are still good guides I think.
  23. dang it. leave it to you people to not have it guess what you're thinking... I guess I have a simpler mind than you guys.
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