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  1. Yes. I work in a job where creativity does not exisit. Painting minis, no matter how bad I am at it is a way to be creative and relax. Now, just so you know, you're going to get quite a biased response here since most of the people that post here are current painters. If you go to a website like www.theminiaturespage.com or www.coolminiornot.com you're going to find people that paint/have painted/buy painted minis/and wargame. There you may find a lot more people saying it's not worth it because they'd rather be playing with their armies and not painting them.
  2. paper mache can be used for something like this if you don't mind the mess/time. Just get your basic form built using wood, cardboard, whatever, and make the pit and surrounding areas with paper mache, then paint and add details. Messy, and not forever, but it'd work. EDIT: btw SaintRigger, that setup is awesome. well done!
  3. This is from an email, and is based toward Illinois & Missouri (where I live) but maybe some people here will find some of the information useful. Just a friendly reminder (who could forget on this board... ). -------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone! Tomorrow people should be voting. Even if you don't like your presidential choices, vote for the governor or vote on local issues, do something.... We all know that in 2000 the election was won (or lost depending on your point of view) by about 600 votes. This year, Missouri is considered a big swing state and as you can tell from all the political ads, the presidential candidates are really pushing for your vote. Rarely is a country this divided on a presidential election, every poll that is out there shows Bush and Kerry running just about even. This year new voter registration is very high, and if turnout is just as high, the new voters (mostly OUR generation) actually have a chance to make our voices heard. For those of you that are first time voters (This is my first time voting in a presidential election), it's important not to be nervous or intimidated by the prospect of voting. If you're not sure where to vote, find out here: http://www.mypollingplace.com/find.php. Most polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. However, if you're in line before 7:00 p.m. YOU CANNOT BE TURNED AWAY, so at the polls know your rights and don't take any crap. Along those same lines, there are many groups that fear the new massive voter registration and there are groups that are planning things like longer ID checks, people holding up the line by asking stupid questions, and it's even possible that people will be outside polling places berating (not beating hopefully) those that they don't agree with. If you encounter any situations that you don't think you should, or anyone intimidating you, it's important to know your rights. (Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE if you think you're not being treating fairly or you see any misbehavior in the polls. Don't be afraid to call, in fact, call me if you're afraid to call and I'll make the phone call for you). The following website has links to each state's voter's rights. These documents can be found for all states at http://www.electionprotection2004.org/resources.htm These are quick reads and are important so you know your rights and what to bring to the polls with you. Also, some people don't know the people running for lesser known offices or know what some of the things on the ballot mean. When you vote, you can pick either All Republican or All Democrat. This is ok, if you feel that strongly about a party, then fine, but in all honesty voting for one party only may not be the best bet since people in a party may have wildly different views than you or even the party as a whole. It should be ok to take a list of your choices into the ballot booth with you, so feel free to do so, it's hard to remember everyone's name, especially for people like me who forget to tie their shoes on occasion. You may also want to check with your employer, many employers allow their employees time to vote without penalty for being late or anything like that. One final thing, don't think your vote doesn't matter. It may be possible that news sources like CNN or Fox will say that 'According to our numbers, Kerry/Bush has won the state of Missouri'. When the news sites say this, they really have no idea. They're making a guess that is based on them asking people as they leave the polls, and on many occasions they're wrong. If you hear on the news at 5:00 that it looks like Kerry or Bush is going to win, don't let that convince you that you're vote isn't important. Even if it's true, there are still all kinds of local issues you can vote on. Anyways, below are some links that you'll hopefully find useful, and remember that we can make a difference. I've tried to keep this email as non-biased as possible, and I'm hopefully not going to push my choices onto anyone. Just remember, try not to get too bogged down in the mud that's flung around, take a look at the facts and the issues and vote accordingly. Some campaigns rely on winning not by being better, but by making their opponent look worse. Please feel free to forward this on to any of your friends and remember that we can make a difference that can/will be felt for many years to come. Here are some useful links: John Kerry's official website: http://www.johnkerry.com George Bush's official website: http://www.georgewbush.com/ Find issues and comparisons (Be warned, nothing/no one can be 100% unbiased, so check a few different places) http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/special/president/issues/ http://www.pricegrabber.com/election2004.php http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/polit...ction-2004.html Things to expect on the ballot (Please take time to look over the ballots and visit your favorite search engine to find out more about each candidate and issue). Missouri: http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/2004genera...ndidatelist.asp St. Louis County: http://www.co.st-louis.mo.us/scripts/elections/index.cfm St. Louis City: http://stlcin.missouri.org/bdelection/ball...nDate=11/2/2004 Illinois: http://www.elections.state.il.us/elecinfo/...asp?Election=16 and http://www.elections.state.il.us/RPS/pages...erendaSCrit.asp Thanks for reading all this, -Brad
  4. ladystorm, that one with the three trick or treaters is awesome!! Like the pot idea too, very nice!
  5. Those pictures they're showing on the baseball game definately aren't of the moon in St. Louis It's too foggy to see anything airborne here tonight :(
  6. This probably isn't the best forum for this, but at least you can attach images here. Anyways, I know we have some seriously creative/talented people in these forums, so I was wondering what you all did for your pumpkins. Here are mine. p.s. - I cropped/shot these very very poorly, so don't expect the best.
  7. I got it in an email, here's the entire thing: Newsletter Subjects 1- LIQUIDATION items 2- BIG giveaways month of November 3- REAPER discount changes 4- MORE 1970's Archive figures to hit the site 5- GOD-J Pocahontus LAST CHANCE 1- Liquidation Items Starting in November we will be eliminating the following products from our site. NOVEMBER 5th SUPERFIGS liquidation at 40% off NOVEMBER 12th CONFRONTATION at 30% off NOVEMBER 19th Misc Items 40% off These companies have been performing poorly for us and we are removing them from inventory to make space for other products. 2- BIG giveaways month of November When you spend $30.00 or more during the month of November you will receive $20 worth of BOB OLLEY Mega Miniatures figures. That is NOT a typo, you are reading it correctly. $20 worth of FREE figures for a $30 purchase of ANYTHING on the site. The 4 giveaway figures Minotaur, Titan Orc, Dwarf & Ghoul worth $20 will be displayed on the site November 1st 2004. There will be NO GODS figure in the month of November. Expect to see Blackbeard GOD-K on December 1st. 3- REAPER discount changes We have been selling reaper at 20% off since 1998. When their prices jumped TWICE during the summer months of 2004 a decrease in reaper sales occured on our site. So drastic was the slow down in reaper sales we have no choice but to eliminate the discount on most reaper figures. The only items that will stay at 20% off will be the DARK HEAVEN new releases or most of the 2800 series. We will keep 50 of the latest Dark Heaven codes at our standard 20% off for the time being unless support drops off further. Expect to see the discount changes occur as follows... October 27th change to full price of all box sets and paints. October 28th change to full price on the 6000 and Exhaulted series October 29th change to full price on most WARLORDS and 14000 series October 30th change to full price on 2001 through 2399 October 31st change to full price on 2400 through 2799 4- MORE 1970's ARCHIVE figures to hit the site There are roughly 100 more Archive figures we never put into production that were not part of the March 2004 sale. Pending available time we will put NO LESS than 10 a week every friday starting on November 5th onto the site in limited quantities of 10 each. DiscountHobby.com site only. Watch for details. 5- GOD-J Pocahontus LAST CHANCE Gods figures have enjoyed runs between 350 and 600 for the last 20 months. Pocahontus GOD-J as of October 25th with less than a week to go has not broken the 300 mark. There will definately be ONE more GODS figure BLACKBEARD on December 1st but if we cannot maintain support and keep the giveaway above 400 then this limited edition series will come to an end. Well it wasn't all bad news, wishing you all the best and we appreciate your business as always! Your Pal Johnny www.DiscountHobby.com www.DragglesTown.com
  8. I am both confused and impressed. I like things that do that to me. Very nice.
  9. I did this guy on a rocky base. Looked to me like he was playing Moses in a film and just came down off the mountain. :)
  10. Well, in this case, the well of doom is not hosted by reaper, the person who posted it had it on their own personal website and bascially linked to it: http://home.rochester.rr.com/kella/WellODoom1a.jpg The trolls are also on someone's personal website: http://incompetech.com/splorg/images/minis/Uru.JPG Other posts have the images hosted by uploading them to the forum: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/uploads/po...-1098410830.jpg So, here are possible reasons/solutions If there are problems with the reaper site (running slow, permission issues, etc). Those hosted by Reaper will not show up correctly. If there are problems with the site that someone is using to host pictures and link to: (home.rochester.rr.com for instance) then the reaper hosted pictures and pictures hosted on other servers may show up fine whereas the rr.com pictures won't. Anywho, hope that helps explain maybe?
  11. ha, for some reason that picture and your description just cracks me up.
  12. It's my Cardinals, that's who! I know I'm the only St. Louis person on these boards, but hey, I'll celebrate this one by myself!!
  13. Various stages througout the day....
  14. Awesome, thank you very much for the info... Now, I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me take my painting stuff, but I doubt that's going to happen... Now, where's the closest store that sells minis...
  15. Well, first off, the painting is very good! Secondly, I would like to see how this turns out. I've often wondered how the best way to do water is.
  16. Ah, well, we're going there for a wedding, and we decided to do the whole touristy thing like visiting the historic sites and taking a train into DC for a day, etc, etc, so I don't know how much time we'll actually be spending in Richmond, but the hotel we were looking at is in Glen Allen, so I was just wondering if it's a good place to stay. The main reason we're looking there is that we can get an extended stay (2 star though) hotel for $300/week instead of staying at a hotel downtown for $125/night. So, anyways, what should we put top on our list for things to see in the area? And I'm guessing Glen Allen is a good place to stay? The other place was Midlothian (I think) which is also outside the actual city. Also, how's traffic over that way? Should we rely on public transportation, or is it easy driving? Thanks Flynn!!
  17. Anyone on the board from that area? Wife and I are going there for a week, and we're looking at an extended stay suite outside of the city, but don't know about the neighborhood, etc and we need some help if anyone is from the area. Thanks!
  18. Hmm, lets see, it's on vibrate at work and most of the time in public, but when it's not I have the following that I switch between: Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme Pinky and the Brain Theme FF VII final music Beck Loser Beck Devil's Haircut Radiohead Lucky Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony Beatles Eleanor Rigy Star Wars Imperial March and a few others I can't think of at the moment.
  19. My buddy picked that up at Gencon, very nice mini. Talked to the woman that painted her too. That company has some top notch stuff IMHO
  20. Hello everyone. Here's the backstory. I was thinking to myself one day: "You know what you need, you need to get all your mini links together." Then I thought "You know, you need to put them somewhere." Then I had some free time, so I started getting the list together, and well, I'm a programmer by nature, and this site kinda started building itself. So long story short, I built this website to contain mini manufacturers, merchants, message boards, various links, and eventually a price finder for minis. I also have grand plans to add page hosting and all kinds of stuff that probably won't happen Well, 10-15 hours later I have this site. Now all it needs is content! So, if anyone has some spare time, and wants to add some stuff to this site, please do. I was going to add it all myself, but there is so much I don't know, and I'm tired. Anyways, let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm going to consider this a test run Hopefully it will become something useful eventually! EDIT: Found some "issues", so I'm going to remove the link for a bit while I change some things around.
  21. I know this sounds weird, but.... I had superglue start my fake grass smoking. I don't know why or how, but it was the only glue I had handy, and I was just messing around, so I used it to glue grass on, and low and behold, when I put the grass to the glue, it started smoking.
  22. Thanks for the comments. The marble was not mine, it was included with the mini. I contacted magnificent egos, and they said the only way to get this mini was at any con they attended. So, if anyone goes to one where these guys are, and if you want to pick me up 4 or so (I have some ideas for scenery with these) I'll pay you back
  23. Just thought I'd chime in, this is a very well done mini. I like it a lot! Beside the great paint, it's an awesome sculpt IMHO.
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