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  1. Can't wait to see more of your stuff, that looks great. The eyes are very well done for your first try! My first few guys had big blobs as eyes.
  2. very creative, I am very impressed. Nicely done!
  3. Well, nothing fancy, but I am really liking these guy's products. Not sure if this guy was supposed to be stone, or a critter, but I painted him like he was a critter under a spell. Or I tried to at least Anyways, comments/suggestions more than welcome! He's on CMON, but they rarely link correctly: http://www.coolminiornot.com/66824 ---EDIT--- That's a real marble, no way I could paint that!
  4. Yeah, I don't think that's quite what I've said there Matt. First off, if you read what I've posted, I said from the get go that I thought this site was a little far fetched. I also wrote that this is a bad topic to be on the other side on. Some people get emotional thinking about all this. So, let's look at what you've said: Never said that. I guess you're thinking about this: If you take the time to read, this was an example of why I don't think the government flew the planes into the buildings. That's fine, and maybe you can think about the those of us that have loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan that are under fire every day fighting a war that so far has no connections to 9/11 and there isn't a good reason to be fighting. So before you start laying the guilt and getting on your high horse, first take time to read what has been posted here. Second, the world doesn't revolve around you, and your opinions and beliefs are no more important than anyone elses. Anyways, take offense if you want to, just offering different points of view. I'll argue just about anything and play devils advocate. If the boards were dead set on the fact that the government was behind all this I would more than likely try to show that they're not. But this is what the internet is for. Finding out information you wouldn't have known about or considered otherwise. There really were some interesting questions raised on that website and the websites it linked to. Eh, true enough, but if there was proof would we be debating this? Conspiracies are just something fun to talk about and might expand people's quest for knowledge. Or in this case, really piss Matt off for some reason.
  5. Damn man, who pissed in your cheerios? Seriously calm down a bit. I don't know if you're talking to me or not, but regardless, someone posted a link to a site that they thought was interesting and it provided something to talk about. You know, just because someone doesn't have your opinion doesn't mean that they're stupid or wrong. There should be room for people to talk about stuff even if it is off topic and maybe brings up some unpopular points of view. So, in conclusion: chill a bit.
  6. Ok, last one, then I quit. I can't sit here and type all day Yes, we gave arms to the people in Afghanistan. But I don't know how much crumpling they did. about 50,000 russians did die though. And we sent in troops to get rid of the Taliban, with that done, no more troops. Of course Osama may still be there, but who needs him. In the 90's Afghanistan was relatively stable. The taliban didn't really come into existance until the mid 90's. Plus that was about 15 years ago. Oil was much cheaper and more plentiful That's true, but that would have been scruntinized much more closely than this is. It's safer for people to say "You know, I don't think those bombs were real" than to talk about the deaths of thousands caused by our government. But that is a good question. He couldn't have it he didn't catch Osama. Think about it. If we weren't at war in Iraq right now what would we be talking about? Osama and how GW Bush has failed catching him. Now, that's not even an issue. Iraq was a good risk from a political point of view. People are more likely to keep an incumbent in office in times of stress. Plus, this way, worst case scenario, he and Dick get some cash from the oil and contracting businesses. Ok, I'm done, I promise
  7. Me neither, however, this is a scenario that has never happened before. From what I recall, a standard file wouldn't cause this, however a fire spurred by jet fuel would burn hotter. And remember, the girders don't have to melt, just start to bend. But, that's the official answer, so who knows. This one is interesting... Hit by debris and weakened perhaps? I really don't know. Hey, there are some good points here. The problem with something of this scale is that people can't believe that the people they elected could do something like this. They can't believe that this might not have been caused by 'the bad guys'. They don't see what anyone could have gained from this. Well, I have my opinions, others have theirs. Humans have done much worse, and continue to do so. To me, I wouldn't kill anyone for power or money. Some people would. Some would kill hundreds or thousands, who's to say there isn't a group that would kill hundreds of thousands if they thought they were doing it for the good of the world? Maybe that's what it's coming to.
  8. You know, I don't blame you. If the government came out and said that they did this and they take full responsibility, I'd be skeptical of that because they're probably trying to hide something (alien invasion perhaps ) There aren't enough people that challenge things anymore. Too many sheep. Even if I don't agree with someone, I still respect them. Generally even more than people that agree with me for no reason if my disagreer has put thought and time into their argument and at doesn't just spew stuff that they've been told without researching it. Moral of the story: It's much better to be a skeptic than a sheep.
  9. I saw this too, unbelievable that smoeone could win that much. Just insane. I want to see how he lost and to whom. I wonder if he just gave up or got tired!
  10. Here's just a few: From a respectable site: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/1550366.stm http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101020812/story.html From a little less known site: http://www.indiareacts.com/archivefeatures...0∓ctg=policy And here's the conspiracy angle: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/1626889.stm (With a debunking included) http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/sardi7.html (obvious conspiracy site here) And here's a follow up article to the above: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1984459.stm I know I'm using the BBC a lot, but honestly, you're not going to get the information you need from US papers on a lot of this. And for those of you that don't want to read all that, here's a few slanted quotes from the articles Printed 9/18/2001 from the BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/1550366.stm) The conspiracy POV: And the follow up May 13, 2002 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1984459.stm) Ok, I'm done posting big long things, all my following comments will be shorter
  11. I agree, there is something very "off" about 9/11, did our government play some kind of role it in or did they at least know it was going to happen and do nothing? I don't know, but maybe someday we will... However, if broken down into specific components, it is easier to look for inconsistancies. For instance: Were the planes that crashed the same planes that we were told they are? Looking at just the pictures, hey, it's believable that they're not. However, looking at the broader view, they actually were flights with real people on them. If those planes were different, what happened to the people that were on them? At this point were all the people registered for the flight fake? Government agents? Were they real, and then killed in a field while another plane flew into the building? It's much easier to show that the planes are different than explaining what happened to the people scheduled for the flight and debunking all the surrounding evidence. Another one: Let's assume the government was responsible. Ok, we can say that yes, the pilots of the planes were highly trained government pilots that knew what they were doing. The offered their lives for this mission and they were ok with killing thousands. That's one theory that's out there, but looking at the bigger picture, why use planes? From a planning perspective, wouldn't it be easier to use ground based bombs? Semi tankers? UHauls? Couldn't you carry out multiple attacks with less risk using ground based transportation and still blame it on Osama? Couldn't the same type of panic and emotion be created by planning ground based attacks all over the US, and probably easier for the government as well? Anyways, who knows... Just remember, the majority of conspiracies are made on the smallest of points. It's much easier to latch onto one thing that seems off, and use that as proof than looking at the entire picture and debunking all the facts. And again, like I said, something isn't right in all of this, but I don't know what it is. Someday we may find out the truth, but probably not. I'm going to stick to my personal belief that we were going to attack Afghanistan regardless, and this was going to happen and the government had a pretty good idea but let it go. But again, maybe what we've been told is the entire truth... Or maybe not...
  12. You know, I'm all about conspiracies, and I do have a personal belief that the current administration let 9/11 happen much like the US government knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen in the 40s and they let it so the country would be behind them going into WWII. But, with that said, this site jumps to a whole lot of conclusions. However, being the comspiracy buff that I am, this is an interesting, if somewhat hard to swallow, site.
  13. I started with GW because that's all I had access to, then bought some Reaper because I got them pretty cheap, then I started to pick up some vallejo because I really hated the bottles for vallejo and reapers. I just bought a suitcase of adikolor because they were cheap and I like the bottles. I sold all but a couple of my reapers and citadel and kept all the vallejos. From favorites to least here you go for the paints I use: Vallejo Model Color (need little thinning and cover great!) Vallejo Game Color (Need more thinning, but have some great colors) Adikolor (quite random on thickness, some are thin, some are like goop, but I think it's because I can't shake them well enough. As far as coverage goes, it varies with paints. I think they need to give their line a little more work, but I'm still on my first mini painting with these so we'll see as time goes on). Reaper (I like these because they're the second cheapest [Adikolor was cheaper] and they cover nice, but I had some problems with them drying out and clumping, plus the containers suck) Citadel (New flip top containers are nice, and they have some good colors, but overall, not too satisfied with them, although they're not bad) Dick Blick Craft Paints (These are good for scenery and terrain, but not so good for mini painting. They cover horribly and don't thin well at all, but they're about 1/10 of the cost of any other paints I listed)
  14. Nicely done! The only camera advice I can give you is to use your macro button on your camera if you have one. That's what looks like you're missing to me. Good work though!
  15. The one on one foot looks like he's sneaking up on the guy next to him and is going to hit him in the helmet with the flat side of his sword. These are painted using metallic paints or is the shine from the dullcoat?
  16. I think you should have a book swap. Get a list of people that are interested, each person picks a book they own, and mails it to the next person on the list, so now, everyone has a new book to read, everyone isn't reading the same book at the same time, but eventually they will. Ok, so it wouldn't work, but it's a thought or something... I'd be in if these were books I could get from the library. or in cheap paperback format. I'm not all about paying $25 for a book that might be a one time read... (I'm cheap, can you tell?)
  17. Hmm, suggestions for reaper... Please, take all these with a grain of salt, I have no serious complaints at all. (This list brought to you with the help of smilies) 1) They should publish a magazine other than casket works or expand casket works to include more articles about painting, sculpting, etc. 2) They should release more figs! Faster! 3) Better Swag. 4) Move ReaperCon to the midwest so I can go. Or at least show up at Gencon.... 5) Offer specials and limited editions to your loyal fans. 6) Have nice painted pictures of your minis easily available for viewing. I think people love confrontation minis because they're painted to such an amazing standard. Seeing what a mini can look like plays a big decision in what to buy for a lot of people. But then again, I can buy 2 or 3 Reaper minis for the price of 1 confrontation, so..... Anyways, when I first started painting minis, I focused a lot of GW, then Reaper, then Confrontation, and now lesser known companies to try to find something different from the norm. However, Reaper's minis are really coming back to the front as my favorites, so no real complaints from me.
  18. Hello everyone! I just recently came into some money (Won a poker night) and with my new funds I went to Gencon and bought a set of Adikolor paints. Some of you will probably say I should have waited for the new Reaper paints or paid a little more for Vallejo, or something, but anyways, I like the paints and I got a really good deal on them. Plus, my buddy has the line of Vallejo paints and we can switch off when we want to. So, now, on to my question. I am not an artist by trade, and I have horrible color matching skills. I generally rely on the help of a color wheel to tell me which basic colors to use and all that stuff. I was thinking, that since i have the entire line of adikolor paints, I could make my own color wheel with all 55 colors and really have a good way of seeing which colors are complementary, etc, etc. I was envisioning something like a big circle on posterboard and drops of paint for each color, plus maybe some extra stuff like what a color looks like when mixed with white, black, gray, and its neighbor colors or something. So, how would you recommend that I go about doing this? Here is a picture of the colors: http://store1.yimg.com/I/thegameshop-ca_1805_4454111 Should I just guess on what are complements, start off with the obvious ones and go from there, or is there some order with the numbering? Or is this a waste of time and I should just rely on my imagination or buy a bigger color wheel? My buddy who owns the vallejo line is interested in doing something similar, but we don't know where to start thanks for any help!
  19. Sadly, not Ed. He was here with us. ReaperMatt and Jay were there, as well as Kevin(Sculptor and Masters dept.) and Michael (Supervisor of Casting) - but htey were all there as tourists. Well, then I don't know who I saw, but it was someone from Reaper. The lady at the booth we were at was wearing a badge with Reaper as the company name, and I asked her about it, she said she lost hers, but her nice friends at Reaper gave her an extra badge they had. Then she said, hey, there's one of the guys now and pointed in the direction of someone I assumed was Ed, but could have been anyone really, don't know what made me think it was him.
  20. I came up to try to join the speedpainting, but alas, there was no room at the inn. I was going to do the paint and take, but the wait was too long. So basically I'm a procrastinating impatient person. My friend and I only went on Saturday, but it was lots of fun, didn't get to meet any of you here from the board, but we did have a good time talking to Bobby Jackson and the guys from Magnificent Egos for a long time, they are all very friendly, and the owner looks like the guy of that BBC series 'The Office'. Bobby was a blast to talk to and is a super nice guy. We also talked to the guys from Confrontation for a good little while, it was fun to pick their brains, the people from adiken were also super friendly, and a bit pushy on selling their paints, but fun to talk to anyways. The art show was lots of fun as well, I had a good time chatting with a number of the artists. My buddy went and talked to a lot of the celebs, I didn't, none of them really interested me. The guy from Kill Bill and Kung Fu is super weird though. He's way out there. Spent a lot of money, and had a nice time. Didn't play any games though, just didn't have enough time. Next year we're going to stay for a couple days and play some games. I saw Ed (I think) from Reaper, but didn't have a chance to say hello. He was hanging around a booth that wasn't theirs... Hmm, I can't even think of which booth it was now. Oh, I think it was croc games. Lemme see, I think that's all I have to say, it was a good time, and lots of fun even if it was only 1 day for me. Next year I'll be there prepared and ready to have some fun. Oh, and there is a definate con funk there. Dang, some people you could smell from a couple booths away. It was not pretty at times.
  21. If you don't mind waiting http://www.doordice.com/Books/ProductDetai...ct_UID=RJ692BUP This is issue 10, I'd imagine they'll have 11 soon. $4 US, however shipping for just the magazine is $5. bleh. So order something else and pick up the magazine too
  22. mrbuddylee


    That's the same camera I have, and I like it quite a bit. I have heard that the Canon A85 is coming out soon, and if that's the case, the A75 may be dropping in price a bit. But I really do like that camera.
  23. It is a very nice looking army, great work!
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