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  1. Yeah, in all honesty, I generally go through a few different steps when I see an awesomely painted mini. Step 1: Depression (Why can't I do that) Step 2: Anger (What is wrong with me!) Step 3: Denial (It really wasn't painted that good, and they probably cheated... somehow...) Step 4: Acceptance (Fine, that mini is better than mine, but it's a work of art, and I can't be depressed because Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, and I paint bathrooms. At least we both got something out of it ) Thanks for finding this out for me! Got to love that people on these boards take time out to help people who ask for it (and that goes for all of you that helped answer my question, not just Anne.) Even though I suppose if we were counting she would get extra points for talking with the concept artist, but again, not everyone has that opportunity. Thanks again!
  2. I do have to say, the fact that Callus Darklore went for only $15 is really a sham. That's nicely painted and worth much more imho. I have looked at Ebay auctions selling painted minis, but never bought any. Something I do is if the auction isn't over $10-$20 I won't even look at it since it's probably not painted all that well. In this case I would have been completely wrong, but that's how I browse. For me, $$ = quality most of the time. So, it might not hurt to list a mini at a higher starting price. The worst thing that can happen is that your mini doesn't sell and you're out $.35 To me, that's a bargin since you're not losing a mini that took you a long time to paint for a rock bottom price.
  3. Yes, that does help! Thanks! But it does make me depressed that mine looks nowhere near that nice
  4. Thank you all for the help. I've been painting this guy from the top down and I got to this part today and just stared at it... Now I at least have some ideas! Thanks!
  5. Well, here's his picture, could someone give me some ideas what this might be? Cloth, metal, something else? I just don't know.
  6. I've cut off broc bases (pain), but I generally just mount the broc base on a square, and fill around the broc, and it works out alright. kinda gives the look that the mini is on a hill if that's what you're going for.
  7. Very nice!! I like the look. I think it says: "I'm going to either cut you with my sword, or slap you upside the head." Great work!
  8. imho, much nicer! Great work! I am constantly impressed and overwhelmingly jealous of you.
  9. My local store was closed yesterday for inventory too. interesting...
  10. It's an older guy that they go to as a 'safe house'. He's putting together a battle of samurai. Talks about the patience in getting them just perfect, and then tells a story about the samuraiand what ronin meant and who the Ronin were. In all honesty, seeing that guy's setup and everything really got me interested in minis. Also, futurama, hilarious episode when the creator (?) of D&D was a guest with Stephen Hawking and some other guy. When he first came up, he said "Greetings! It's a" *rolls dice* "pleasure to meet you!" Classic.
  11. You, know, sadly enough, I couldn't tell if that was flash or part of the axe. Thank you all for the help, in reality, the NMM isn't as flat as it looks, I guess it should come up to white in the highest spot? Right now, it's gradient from dark grey to light grey. And the axe is actually a bluish tint. I dunno... I've read every article I can find, but I guess it's just trial and error. Plus, I just can't get good pictures...
  12. Hello all, This is an orc I'm currently working on, and it's my first try at NMM, and I need some advice. I've attached some pictures, so please take a look and let me know. Please, please, please comment, I need all the help I can get. Also, I need help with taking pictures, I don't know how you guys do it so well, but that's for another time I suppose... Anyways, here are the pics. Orc Front #2 Orc Side #1 Orc Back #1 Orc Back #2 Thanks again!
  13. hahahahaha! Another great sculpt. And smaller than a dime? is that possible? Nice work!
  14. You probably don't want to hear this from someone who's greatest sculpting achievement is a stone path, but here are my takes: Things I really like about this sculpt: The breastplate, armor, straps and such. That's the only thing I thought may have been missing from your other sculpts. Not too much detail, but just enough to really add something to the character. Things I'm neutral about in the sculpt: The hands. They look alright. The pose. Again, it's ok, but a little stiff maybe? Other things: The face, I pictured a badger to have his mouth open showing some teeth. the sword. A little plain. I mean, if I were a badger and that was the best sword I could get I'd just use my claws. But again, this is freaking awesome. I don't know how you do it, and I am majorly impressed. keep up the FANTASTIC work!
  15. Oh, I hate eyes so much. Evil, evil eyes. I just can't do them! A close second would be teeth/gums
  16. Sounds like you've got yourself quite a few lights there! Have you thought about replacing those with a couple lamps by these guys? http://us.daylightcompany.com/product.plm/1/27 Or something similar? I use one of those and the 13 or 18w bulb does not heat anything and the light is pretty much perfect. I love mine, and it was worth the $40 I spent on it. I may have to get another though just because I like it so much. Dick Blick sells them, and Micheals sells a competitor. If you get a 40% off coupon for Micheals, the table top lamp is about $40. I was going to get hallogen lights, but i figured I'd set my hair on fire or something.
  17. www.doordice.com has a 30% off sale every week. This week is Reaper warlord and some others.
  18. Well, I'll throw my opinion in here, I use a few craft paints (The ones from Dick Blick) and they're ok, but they need to be thinned, and when you do thin them, they need multiple coats to cover well. This isn't all bad if you do a lot of wet blending, I'm too impatient though, and I don't like to do 5 coats of red to cover the black primer. But, The finished product I can tell where I used the craft paint instead of the good paints, but it probably has more to do with my painting style and less to do with the actual paint.
  19. Got mine from my exchange buddy, and sent the one off to my other exchange person, but I kinda feel sorry for him because for the life of me I just couldn't get the eyes looking right.
  20. I've personally had worse luck with a pen than I did with a wash. I just can't get the tip where it needs to go, and I get unremovable black ink over parts of the mini that shouldn't have it. But I'm a pretty bad painter, with an unsteady hand so....
  21. anyone try something like a toothpick or anything that is really firm instead of brushes? That way you can get down in there without really touching the sides of the helmet, and have pretty good control over where the paint goes? I've it tried with limited success, but I'm a only a very limitedly successful painter so.....
  22. awesome. Should have first searched, then posted :)
  23. Hello all, I was wondering what you guys use for basing. I know there are tons of materials out there, I usually use the woodland scenics stuff like this: http://www.woodlandscenics.com/items.htm/BlendedTurf and http://www.woodlandscenics.com/items.htm/FieldGrass and assorted other things like rocks, twigs and other things. But I was wondering, what kind of clay do you use, and also how the heck do you get nice short clumps of grass like this: https://www.fantization.com/Hasslefree/HF_D...nted_GEvans.jpg Do you cut down the big long grass? If so, then how do you arrange it? With tweasers? Just wondering and looking for help and ideas. Thanks!
  24. Well, I'm the one without the tiara. This is over a year old, but I still look the same I think. And here's my puppy. He gets to lay on the floor and bother me while I try to paint.
  25. A buddy and I will be there possibly just for Saturday though, maybe staying in our car Friday night. Never been so don't know what to expect or how much there is to do and look at and how much time to spend.
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