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    Herr OberFroggie, my cats, friends, and in no particular order: painting minis, Black Lightning, quilting, books, piano, organzing away from home, architecture design, celtic things, children, fairies, purple. ISCA BBS. I also like to drive my car.

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  1. What I *really* want, (I randomly mentioned this to Bryan, but during RCon, so he's probably forgotten) is the enormous Dark Maiden without the base, so that I can hang it flush on the wall so that it looks like the ship is coming through it. Yeah, I could just buy it and take the base off, but it's enough of the sculpt that it'd be better (for me, obviously) just to have it available without at a lower price. :)
  2. Just for you, Bryan, from all of us... We love all you Reaper Peeps!
  3. A quote from Facebook: "Corissa Nelson: Happy Birthday Piper Noelle, 7lbs 13oz, 22in long :)" 1:30 this p.m. Happy Birth Day, Piper Noelle!!
  4. It's totally true... there's a Sonic about five miles away and we have absolutely no interest in going. But Mike makes it cooooool.... ~Jess
  5. Realized I forgot to upload pix of the grudge match/VCR throwdown challenge, so they're up now. With one more special monkey photo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/naurien/ ~Jess
  6. Shannon and I went to the Dollar Store the first day I went to the Con and there were machines there to put quarters in and get a toy and I got a monkey just for no reason at all and then things just kinda got away from me.... but in a good way. And since someone will eventually ask, it has nothing to do with All-Terrain Monkey John Bonnot. It was a complete coincidence. ~Jess
  7. We're home too, got in the door around 7:45 this evening. Waited around the Dallas airport about an hour after the security checkpoint lady said "Oh, little soldiers! I remember you!", flew to Charlotte, waited for almost three hours, and did the puddle jumper to Charleston. We would have been home two hours sooner if we'd driven from the Charlotte airport, but we'd also have been at least $60 poorer if we'd not gotten the cheaper price adding the Charleston leg of the airfare. Life's funny... ~Jess
  8. You totally rock, Mike. I had this amazing talent of deciding I wanted exactly whatever it was you were out of at any given moment, and showing up for tea refills when the pot was empty or still brewing... you were so nice about it and brought me stuff when it was ready; I was even beginning to annoy myself with my timing, so thanks for your patience! Thanks too for being so flexible with the Reaper Sonic Money and our trips back and forth for proper change (until the change situation... changed...) I'm starting to ramble. Bottom line is: YAY SONIC MIKE! ~Jess
  9. Yay! It's Inge! Glad to hear you're feeling better.
  10. Friday pix up for "Monkey Goes to RCon!" See the link above. Enjoy! ~Jess
  11. Monkey goes to ReaperCon! (And no, it's not John Bonnot.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/naurien/sets/72157618165396082/ ~Jess
  12. Hey Jess! Hope SC is nice- can't wait to come visit! Miss you- Jenna

  13. Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm trying to keep my LJ up to date, so if anyone wants to know specifics, i'm Naurien there. Thanks for the links, Spike. We'd found the Green Dragon one two weeks ago and didn't write it down, and for the last two days of web surfing it never came up. I thought maybe it closed down or something, but now we have an address, so we may as well drive by. :) We'll check out the Hobbytown too. Y'all rock. *grin*
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