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  1. i blame the kickstarter reaper was a much more customer friendly before they hit the jackpot selling plastic minis in advance
  2. well reaper is on;y care for US and EU customers...
  3. i added $100 and no free shipping :(
  4. yaaay we got a worse site, hard to use , worse search and without free shipping outside US and EU
  5. thanks it suposed to be a wood floor :p
  6. thanks i tried to make it look vaguely humanoid and more disgusting :p
  7. i doubt it for reaper there's only the US and EU , the rest are wastelands and seas populated by sea monsters
  8. i dont live in EU not australia why i dont just use Dollars and pay $ 70 to get the free shipping :(
  9. i want to use the regular store and just pay in dollars the ugly store dont show if a item is available or not, have tiny images of the paint sets etc i just want free worldwide shipping, why i cant use dollars and pay the $ 70/80/90 dollars you require for the free shipping? why force me to use the ugly "beta" if i am not in EU, and dont even use euros
  10. pftt worry when you use the cheap plumber epoxy that smell like a mix of drainage/ammonia
  11. Goblyn


    i sculpted from scratch :) Thanks, yep the eyes turn out nice we need more green beasts :) i sculpted it, no retail/copy available, but you can snag this one :p is a Dire version :D it have a cartoony feel :)
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