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  1. Cool! Good to see you painting again Jester. Are you planning on ramping back up with the new blog?


    Yah, I'm going to experiment with this free blog and go from there. It's "free" and not too hard.


    This way I can keep track of what I've done. Maybe I'll figure out how to add pages, and put up galleries of my old stuff...

  2. How in the world did you paint that Rackham Orc exactly like the studio used to paint it!?


    I tried using Rackham's painting techniques and never achieved the same results they did!


    One, I really tried out a new method. I was for the longest time sold on my past method of painting, the total leveling up of the paint, etc. However when deciding to get back into painting, I looked at some other's painting methods and studied them. I've already got a solid foundation, but now I wanted to expand my knowledge and potential as a miniature painter.


    Pretty much it boiled down to the quality of paint and in what form of suspension, and PATIENCE.


    Anyone who knows me, and how fast I used to paint, knows I have little patience. However, now adding in the ability to shade with glazes/washes in a controlled manner will actually INCREASE my painting time, and on some minis will make it turn out better looking. I'm not completely sold on my new method as it doesn't work with all colors/paint types, but I'm getting there.


    As with anything you do: with understand comes acceptance, and with acceptance, comes action.


    I just had to want to understand it and apply it until I figured it out myself.

  3. Nice steel blade on that orc. Also liking the green hair/purple trim combo on the elf, gives him a very watery vibe with that trident.


    Thanks, I wasn't sure at all how it would turn out. I added the purple trim on the scale-mail to try and balance the colors out overall.


    The orc was an attempt at Con painting, and it's not quite up to that level for me yet.

  4. I still hate my frakkin goram camera!


    Anyway, it's all eye candy. Getting my paints on something at times. Doesn't feel too bad to be painting again.










    The Orc Butcher is an old Rackham piece, the paladin is for eBay this week, the High-Elf hero is a conversion for my D&D gaming group character, and the Rogue is for another player in my group. I really like painting up minis for the people in my group. Of course, the DM is no dummy, he keeps them...


    I've started "blogging" occasionally over here, so you can follow stuff if you wish at http://jestersminiaturestudios.blogspot.com/


    Thanks! See y'all soon!

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  5. This is just a guess, but maybe the blue background is competing with the blues in the mini? I have photography issues too, and some colors just will NOT photograph no matter what you do.


    Actually, I just tried swapping the light bulb that I was using, and it made all the difference in the world. I did try a couple of different backgrounds, but who knew it was the damn bulb?


    Granted my camera was ok bacy in 2004, but it suxxors these days.

  6. the good friar looks quite bemused. Excellent expressiveness taking the sculpt to the next level. The folds in the off-white cloth seemed a bit off in the shading to me but doesn't detract from the overall look. Two thumbs up.


    I'm not happy with the ivory cloth... and in retrospect I wish I had gone with grey instead.

  7. Very nice, the green is excellent. What are your minis stuck to that are waiting to be painted?


    I use hand rail that I cut up into 3" segments. I use sticky-tack to keep the minis on the wood pieces. Once a mini is ready for priming, it sits on that base until I'm done with it... from priming to painting to finish basing to dull coat application. :D

  8. Well, while so many were at RCon, I did manage to get SOMETHING done...




    Just a simple piece that is going into my growing eBay stock. I have three down, want to get a few more completed before throwing my hat into the waters...


    Still working on it... especially my photo set up, which isn't what it used to be. Just one light on a swing arm and holding the camera by hand.


    Anway... here's what is on the workbench now:




    Talk to you all later!



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  9. Shouldn't you have painted a zombie as more appropriate? Also, before I see you at Gen Con, when you look in the mirror can you see yourself? Have any aversions to the light? Garlic? Have any hankerin's for brainz?




    I have the urge from time to time to nibble pretty women on the neck, but that's more mid-life crisis stuff than being actually "undead".



  10. Welcome back! Hope all's well by you and your family in Minnesota.

    Sorry we'll miss you art ReaperCon, but hope to see you at GenCon.

    (But you'll post more figures between now & then, right?)




    Yes, Derek. I'll post more figures. No guarantee on the numbers, but I have four on my work table now that are primed.



  11. It's been way too long, and there's so many things wrong, but you have to start somewhere to move on. So I did.




    And then there's the whole camera thing, yadda yadda yadda...


    Anyway, I'll miss you all since I won't be at ReaperCon, but I will be at GenCon. Hopefully I'll run into some of you there.


    As I get new work done, I'll post it up. Gonna take some time to rebuild my painting skills/eye/palette.


    Take care all,



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  12. I haven't painted seriously in three years, and I thought since I wasn't able to go to GenCon, I would break out my old brushes and actually paint something...


    So there it is...




    And hopefully it will be three years before I paint again. I forgot how to do a lot in that time. Wow... it is like starting all over again.

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