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  1. As far as the base is concerned, I find that the metal bases tend to chip so I usually replace them with a plastic round or square base allowing for more textured and artful bases. First though you have to cut the metal one off. Sometimes that is a little tricky buy some minor putty work can fix that. I usually tear pieces of cork board for rocks, beach sand for dirt and gravle and so on. some compainies now make tufts of grass and all manner of foliage. There is no end to what you can use of bases.
  2. I take it you are a Dr Strange fan
  3. Wonderful job on the skin tones
  4. If you use a charge action to get into B2B does an attack come with that or do you have to spend an attack action? Also if you charge and then can attack with thet action can you then use an attack action for an extra attack?
  5. This only took some putty and a spare backpack bit. I wanted a dragonborn with an arcane flair
  6. On this I trimmed a lot of the flaring plates and tail. I added some chaos warrior and a lizard man head from GW as well as greenstuff for the dreads and such.
  7. This was my first dragonborn conversion. I used a GW lizard man head and some green stuff to create him. I also used some reptus feet from the warlord line in place of the hooves.
  8. I have stumbled onto another Mag Ego storm giant and I would like to do a conversion. I was looking for an appropriately arcane looking sword or maybe a scepter for this. Any help out there?
  9. I would suggest a darker color for the teeth/claws, maybe a snakebite leather then bleached bone highlight. On the plus side though that skin on all three is awesome, especially the lizard men. Very well done
  10. typically I don't go for the banner poles but yours looks good. I actually respect that banner pole.
  11. Two bits of constructive criticism if I may. First I think there are too many colors in there, it seems to be pulling my eyes in too many directions. Second, the base is good, but I would add some maxed gravel to the open parts between the blocks and the top of the base. It would make it look more natural. While you used too many colors, I must say that you did apply them well in so far as there are no brush marks ect.
  12. Thanks for the praise and the suggestion. The white was done by first applying a coat of Wolf Grey (Vallejo) or Space Wolf Grey (citadel). I find that white works wonderfully after that.
  13. While the pants don't really scream druid, i like them
  14. This was converted from a necron warrior and some other bits that i had laying about.
  15. Great use of different greens, beautiful skintone. Never was a fan of beveled bases though, but just my 2cp
  16. after the home run you hit with the new ettin, how about a now hydra Creepy treemen New chimera. Yours is nearly an exacy double of the old ral partha one just bigger. wagons/carts You make the best bugbears I have ever seen.. MORE PLEASE! weapon packs for larger creatures
  17. A variety of empty hands in several different poses for spell casting, body language and such Also Different kinds of textured horns I only ask this because i SUCK at using green stuff but like converting.
  18. The updated ettin was awesome, how about a new hydra, the current is a little dated. Also so is the Chimera. This classic is nearly a replica of the old Ral Partha excet that the Reaper one isn't jumping a crown of broccoli and it is slightly bigger. As far as adventurers those are alsawy comming out. Lets see some monsters for those that want them in metal!
  19. What company is that. I googled Illyad Giant and found nothing of the sort
  20. One time there was one of those on the building that I work in but it was pink and yellow. We couldn't belive how huge it was.
  21. Ithe beauty mark is a nice touch.
  22. The treant pictured above is pretty big. One that is a little smaller but still would be a larger than man sized mini is the tree guy from confrontation as seen here
  23. The only thing that would worry me is that they may stop doing metal all together leaving another mini company making crappy minis. I have hundreds of dollars in metal minis from reaper and I have most of them painted. I use them for dnd. I also remember the chainmail minis that I was really fond of. I bought a lot of them. Sure there were the retarded looking ones like the swiftwind monk and so on, but there was also the numerous other ones that were really awesome. Well now that they went with those crappy plastics they for the most part look like crap. I have taken and repainted about a half dozen plastic monsters, but i would love to have the cool monsters in metal. It is a superior material to work with. When I hear people saying that the ddms look decent that sounds a lot like settling. I have been buying reaper minis for about a decade and hold them as my favorite mini company. I for one am not in teh mood for settling. When it comes to havin g to field 30 skeletons of a few dozen orcs then yes, i feel plastics are awesome. But, as I said above, how long until they all are plasti-crap? If though there is going to be plastic minis will they be the weak-butt, flimsy ones that the ddms are made of? The prepaints for AT-43 are tougher and hold at least a little detail.
  24. This is a stary sky pattern that I did, maybe if you do more of them they could be snowflakes and the base of the cape look like some snow on the ground.
  25. Possibly a little more highlighting on the face.
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