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  1. Hey, that's what I'm doing right now. Gotta' finish this mini before Saturday morning for the convention.
  2. Jaligard

    Naughty Fairy

    They're regular human-sized, but they have tiny bases.
  3. Jaligard

    Naughty Fairy

    2741: Fairies (2) & Nymph
  4. They're separate, but you'll have to putty the hole in her back.
  5. Jaligard

    Naughty Fairy

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm pretty happy with her, so...I'm movin' on to other minis. Picking up two from the FLGS tomorrow and moving them to the top of the pile.
  6. Very crisp. The lady looks so nice, though, that her staff looks neglected.
  7. That's pretty amazing. Lord Karandras more so than the others for me.
  8. Jaligard

    Felix Inen

    I had a hard time with the sword on this one and eventually had to give up trying anything reflective. Overall, though, I think this one reflects some improvement. I should probably fix the gap between his teeth, though. It was not intentional. Comments appreciated!
  9. Jaligard

    Naughty Fairy

    I didn't use her wings. She matched a thief-acrobat character I wanted to paint so well w/o the wings that I had to do it. Anyway, here she is. Comments appreciated.
  10. Nice job on this mini. I had done this one with similar colors a few months ago when I tired to get fancy with the underskirt (stripes) and had to pine sol the whole thing.
  11. Good job. I love the color choices, especially the hair. Parts of the model, though, seem a little flat to me. I'd suggest more contrast overall.
  12. Thanks for the comments, everybody. My friend did the conversion, so I don't know where the pieces came from. The head, shoulder-thingy and hammer are all plastic pieces that didn't take too well to my primer. He also filed off all the skulls, something about not wanting his goody-two-shoes cleric to look evil.
  13. I saw this mini and thought it would be fun to do in jade. I'm still trying to decide whether to add some trim to bottom of the skirt or not. Comments and tips appreciated!
  14. I started painting this several months ago for a friend--he made the modifications himself--but sidetracked by life. Now that I've resumed painting, I've finally finished it. I think I'm going to need a lot more practice with the NMMs. Comments and tips appreciated! (Thanks.)
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