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  1. Ok so I am ging to paint a demon. the big red scarry kind and I was woundering what colors to use. At first I was thinking I would use Brick Red and work my way up to the lighter reds, But I have never painted one so I thought that might look bad. So if any of you have something that works relly well could you please share it. Or a good Pic of a demon would work then I could extrapolate what colors to use. Thanks in advance.
  2. Neet-O. They are all great, I especialy like the female necromancer and the Elf archer and the scribe and the lady with the spiked chain and the and the and the...... their all cool. AAAAHHHHHHHH can't decide which ones I want........ Yes I know if I get them all Ill only have to go without food for (carry the 4....add the 7) 12 days. No wait this is reaper I can eat and get minis, YES I don't have to starve.
  3. OOoooooooooo. Nice work. vary nice job on the Zenith cast mark on panther's chest.
  4. The new greens rock. Ill be getting a giant eagle and the ogre, He looked super cool. The burrowing horror would be great if they had a monster that looked like it but it's just standing their. Then I could transition it for encounters when it starts by burrowing up under the party then comes all the way up out of the ground and contunius the attack. Yeh that would be cool.
  5. Thanks Frank Ill go get some pine oil. It's a big dragon, about 8" long and 4' high serpent like. Ill keep you posted on its develepment on another thred.
  6. It's ok we are all addicted........Give in to your addiction Death Angel......join us.......Muwh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *Blam* Ok we've shot him just continue on he wont bother you again.
  7. The Dragon is pewter. Is acetone better, I can alwise go get some?
  8. All I have is Terpentine(sp) or Mineral spirits. Will that work?
  9. Hay All, My friend just gave me an old Partha dragon that he never finished and it has oil baised paint on it and I was woundering how to take it off so I could paint it. Would it be the same as taking off acrilic paint or do I need to do some thing else to take it off.
  10. Yeh Dane that farly close to how I do mine.
  11. Thanks for all the answers. If it's as hard as some of you say I think Ill stick to my metalic paints for now. Perhaps Ill try it when I am a better painter.
  12. Hi I had never herd of NMM til I joind this board a few day's ago. So what I want to know is how do you do it and what are it's benefits over using metalic paints? I learned how to paint mini's from reapers learn to paint sets and alot of theis advanced techniques were not covered in them. So any Info wound be welcome.
  13. Oh I relly like Alixi Z Vulture Demon paint scheme, Ill try that one. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. And I do play D&D have for 10 years, I just did not want to confuse anyone by calling it a Varok.HaHaHa should have knowen better.
  14. Hi I have Skalathrix the vulture demon and don't know what color the paint him, I would like some suggestions. Here's a link in case you dont know what he looks like. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2500s/2532_G Xymor
  15. Hay Ann(Big puppy dog eyes) Could you plese tell me the formula for the magic juice, Preety please.....whth chery's on top. Thanks for the tips by the way guys, I relly apreceate them. darn ann got to it before I could ask(inches I tell you). Thanks ann.
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