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  1. Seems like an already saturated idea. Reaper did one, Wizkids did one, etc. Also, the lack of real trunks for the trees looks odd. Sadly, a pass here.
  2. As cheap as palm trees are to purchase, I'm not sure there's much of a market for this. This seems more like a stretch goal or add-on to an existing campaign as opposed to its own thing.
  3. I've been trying to buy more from my FLGS where possible; you have to support what you want or else it won't be there! I also am concerned about the KS exclusives though. While a great way to create FOMO, it's a one-time revenue generator. I would much prefer if they had a way to keep the income coming in without significant modeling and molding expenses for new models as that keeps a company afloat. Offering a primed version, or even painted versions of existing sculpts are a great way to re-use old designs and create new options for buyers. I hope they can create the product line they are aiming for.
  4. Quetzalcoatl is freaking amazing. I can't wait until someone posts pics of that model here painted.
  5. Anyone looked at the STL file for "Crossbow Dude" and had issues with his helmet? Using Prusa Slic3r and Cura both had an issue where the brim disappears in areas, so I have supports EVERYWHERE. Is it because I have a FDM printer and not resin? Maybe the helmet is too thin?
  6. And the digital (STL files) Battle pledge includes everything including the add-ons, which cost more in the physical pledges.
  7. Prepainted is expensive, but they are in my opinion the best place to buy prepainted terrain and minis on the internet, outside of fully custom/professional jobs. Apparently what you see is essentially what you get from what I've heard; these paint jobs are typical, not just promotional. I can't verify however as I've only ever purchased unpainted from them in the past due to the painting cost. People on the Dwarven Forge forums who have got prepainted items have stated it's worth it though.
  8. I have used these since he had Stuffer Shack open; I use them virtually every game. I can't recommend these enough. After my minis and terrain, these are the best money I've spent on GM tools.
  9. They also released the first 6 encounters of the module today. I had the pleasure of playtesting it and we really liked it (especially the first 6 encounters!). DF puts out some good materials even if it's not physical.
  10. Try swapping out the batteries; what you are describing was mentioned in their videos if you have a low battery. The big crystal pieces apparently take a lot of juice.
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