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  1. Someone on the DF forums has used math and logistics to help you pay the bare minimum for exactly what you want; they created a program for it. Put in what pieces you want and it tells you the best configuration/pledge options. https://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=11851
  2. Their Fantasy Minis KS seems to be good; they have had good communication and have been posting pictures of factory samples.
  3. Resin pieces: Deep in the Dreadhollow Forest stands the Threshold of Worlds, a site that holds hidden magics of life, death, and transformation. What seems at first to be a simple outcrop overgrown with wild plants and topped by two intertwining trees may suddenly reveal itself as a gateway to otherwhere. The plants and creatures that cling to the stone are symbolic of sorcery, mortality, and renewal; nearby ruins hint at the legacy of the ancients. This set includes five pieces intricately hand sculpted by Elye Alexander. The two halves of the outcrop—Life and Death—fit together to form a single large crag with a hole leading down through its center to a hidden chamber within. The two halves can also be separated to create a natural archway, an irregular alcove, a jagged ridge, or two unconnected crags. Two faces-- a gaping skull and a contemplative dryad-- are hidden in the surface of the stone. Three smaller pieces complement the outcrop: a ruined monument; an elven statue; and a translucent energy vortex. The assembled outcrop fits neatly atop the Hole Knoll and thus can be used with the new DF Fogger or Light Puck. // Deep within the untamed Wildlands, untouched for several millennia, stands the Moonlit Arch. Is it the door to an ancient, lost temple or the gateway to another world? What rituals were conducted here in days gone by, and what power might awaken again if their secrets could be rediscovered? This set, sculpted by Lady Sabelle, the Mistress of Miniscule, features a towering archway atop an intricate raised dais carved with crescent moons and elaborate knotwork. Winged cats adorn the arch itself and a pair of free-standing Griffon Pillars guard the front steps. The Moon Dais is designed to fit both the Circular Archaean Dais and the Oracle Pool, as well as working with the other ruins pieces.
  4. The pledge manager is now live. Lots of updated things.
  5. I love Lady Sabelle's work! Great paint job!
  6. Next thing we know, you'll tell me rocks are free too. ;) My issue with just normal sticks is the immersion factor. If the rest of my terrain were also real materials based, then it would work, but mixing the real sticks in with fake trees just makes the stick look like well, a stick, in stead of a fallen tree. Some may not care, but it's an issue for me. If I wanted to go cheap, I'd just 3D print a fallen tree. But I'm not a fan of painting if I can help it.
  7. It's 15 sets each, which can be trees or other things. It gives a lot of flexibility between winter, green, or blighted versions, and I can get compliments to my trees from their first KS as well. It just was a well-rounded option and the painted stretch goals pushed us over the top to combine our pledges.
  8. I'm splitting a $1k pledge level with someone so we can both get the painted stretch goals.
  9. Each shipment now comes with these; the cheapest pledge option is $40. The fallen pine trees are a $20 add-on, so with those and the other freebies it's over a 50% stretch goal bonus on top of your pledge. You don't see this type of discount often for a company that already has Kickstarter credibility; usually you see stuff like this when it's a company/individual that is trying to entice people to take a risk. This is like Dwarven Forge KS1/KS2 or Reaper kickstarter value now.
  10. Don't forget you also get the fallen pine trees and the other stuff that's free with each shipment too.
  11. They just added a ton of free stuff. O.o
  12. One week left. Lots of cool stuff in the stretch goals and add-ons. Also, they don't advertise this that much, but all of the fire effects appear to be swappable and can be used for fireballs as well.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dungeonlair/dungeon-accessories-torture-imprisonment-and-sacrifice/description I backed a previous KS these people did and even though it had some struggles due to manufacturers giving them problems, they still delivered and had a good quality product. It's resin and comes either painted or unpainted. Some of the stuff here is generic, but it's worth a look.
  14. That is a lot of work to get a map put together.... not to mention the legal issues for the company if a kid or pet eats a few of the magnets. I'm out.
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