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  1. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    I was lucky enough to get an EB War pledge. Changed it to 2x 3'x3' gridded mats instead of 1 and a 4'x3' ungridded mat. My darn pledge keeps creeping up.
  2. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    1x Broken Ground 1x Rock Hills 1x Bridges & Barricades 1x Combo Pack - Bushes and Blue Crystals 1x Combo Pack - Pond Accessories and Green Crystals 1x Forsaken Forest 1x Pink Tree Set 2x Green Tree Set 1x Orange Tree Set 1x Blue Tree Set 1x Green Canopies 2x Blue Canopies 1x Orange Canopies 1x Well 3x Tree Stands 1x 6'x4' Gridded Mat 1x 3'x3' Gridded mat
  3. animesensei

    monster gaming monster adventure terrain

    While cheaper than stuff like Dwarven Forge, it LOOKS a lot cheaper as well. It's like Dwarven Forge and Duplo had a baby. No texture on the stone blocks, cavern walls are straight after the initial floor piece, etc. Sorry, but it just doesn't look immersive to me. No offense to those that like it, but it's too primitive for me. I like their card binders though. :)
  4. animesensei

    Axe N Shield Premium Terrain Risers: Elevate your game!

    New pics:
  5. animesensei

    Axe N Shield Premium Terrain Risers: Elevate your game!

    I have several of those rods from Biowizard on the DF forums and I love them, but they don't do as well with large flying dragons. The A&S risers will work better for large minis.
  6. animesensei

    Dwarven Forge KS 6.66 - Hellscape

  7. animesensei

    77008 Garrick the Bold AKA Sir Forscale

    Hit the yellow with a sepia wash and it will tone it down and "dirty" it to match the tabard also having seen cleaner days. :)
  8. animesensei

    Bones 4 Roc

    I needed a large Roc for my upcoming D&D game, so I painted the new Bones 4 Roc in a traditional scheme. Nothing really fancy; just a large bird that wants to pick you up and take you back to its nest to feed you alive to its young.
  9. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    It all depends on how you look at it. If you want, you can buy trees and flock and do it yourself for pretty cheap, but there is a lot of storage, handling, cleanup, maintenance, etc. that needs to be just so to keep the trees looking good. With these canopies being stackable and made out of plastic, I can potentially see me just throwing these in a tote and making sure they aren't squished so they don't deform and leave them be until I need them again. It's a matter of convenience and hassle-free use that made it worth it for me. It's what made me almost completely dump Hirst Arts terrain for Dwarvenite (and for others, 3D prints) because it's just so much easier to store and use without having to worry about the pieces getting damaged. Same can be said for Bones vs. Metal minis. It all depends on your viewpoint and what you need as a consumer. For me, I want ease of use, storage, and prepainted is a plus, so I went all-in on these.
  10. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    I'm not a huge fan of the rocks, but I am likely going to get one set to go with some of the free crystal and the fallen tree set.
  11. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    This ends today and they now have extra freebies: a cave with removable ivy vines and a crystal that fits over a tea light. They also have a pond accessory set.
  12. animesensei

    Monster Fight Club

    Ends tomorrow. Lots of new stuff today. Free ladders, crates, and barrels. Free sound effects. And we're getting close to a free signpost.
  13. animesensei

    The Path to El Dorado - Aztec Dungeon Tiles

    New carved floor tiles.
  14. animesensei

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Mine was also pretty loose. Moreso than most of my other pieces. Took a large amount of superglue and a rubber band to hold it in place. I'm worried about it long-term though.
  15. animesensei

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Follow the tracking number to the UPS website and that website should tell you the weight.