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  1. I have a bunch from Caverns Deep EDIT: I also have a bunch of stuff from the Axe n' Shield kickstarter for elevating large areas.
  2. The gauntlets are interesting. I don't have a set of those... Good luck!
  3. Heart of the Wild - Painted Escarpments - Megapack - Painted Swamp Banks - Megapack - Painted Wildlands Forest Floor - Megapack - Painted Ruins of Cailentyr - Megapack - Painted Mountain Trifecta Ledges - Escarpment Megapack Companion Pack - Painted Forest Trifecta Ledges - Escarpment Megapack Companion Pack - Painted Trifecta Ledges - Straight Escarpment Companion Pack - Painted Escarpments - Straights - Painted Majestic Waterfalls - Painted Mountain Driftstone Pack - Painted Wyvernstone Scatter Pack - Painted Huge Hummock Pack - Painted Titanstooth - Pain
  4. Also, with Altar Quest so close to delivery, it would have done them favors to wait until delivery was complete before launching. They had too many kickstarters in process; lots of people will simply not back for that very reason. They needed a track record.
  5. Not a huge fan of my ABS plastic Dwarven Forge tiles from their Castles kickstarter (DF called it "Gorgonite"), so I'll be passing on this. ABS always feels "cheap" to me.
  6. Just a reminder that last kickstarter's mats were shipped folded, not rolled. I doubt that will change, as I haven't heard of anything from MFC stating anything with the mats will be different. You're getting icy hills but no icy trees?
  7. Can't emphasize this enough. It's worth what people pay for it. Some people are willing to stretch more than others are willing, but those that purchase are the ones that set the price. If you are patient however, you can find good deals on ebay if you want to put the effort and time into watching the auctions.
  8. I hate to say it, but just because you don't feel like a price on ebay is worth it, doesn't mean that it's true. If the sets are selling for double what the kickstarter price was, that means there is sufficient demand at that price for it to sell. If you can find someone who is willing to sell for less, then by all means look for someone willing to do so. Reaper gives a discount for those who wish to plunk their money down for a year or two to finance production. There's also the time value of money; those people can't use the money they've pre-spent in the pledge manager. What you are pay
  9. Someone on the DF forums has used math and logistics to help you pay the bare minimum for exactly what you want; they created a program for it. Put in what pieces you want and it tells you the best configuration/pledge options. https://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=11851
  10. Their Fantasy Minis KS seems to be good; they have had good communication and have been posting pictures of factory samples.
  11. Resin pieces: Deep in the Dreadhollow Forest stands the Threshold of Worlds, a site that holds hidden magics of life, death, and transformation. What seems at first to be a simple outcrop overgrown with wild plants and topped by two intertwining trees may suddenly reveal itself as a gateway to otherwhere. The plants and creatures that cling to the stone are symbolic of sorcery, mortality, and renewal; nearby ruins hint at the legacy of the ancients. This set includes five pieces intricately hand sculpted by Elye Alexander. The two halves of the outcrop—Life and Death—fit toget
  12. The pledge manager is now live. Lots of updated things.
  13. Next thing we know, you'll tell me rocks are free too. ;) My issue with just normal sticks is the immersion factor. If the rest of my terrain were also real materials based, then it would work, but mixing the real sticks in with fake trees just makes the stick look like well, a stick, in stead of a fallen tree. Some may not care, but it's an issue for me. If I wanted to go cheap, I'd just 3D print a fallen tree. But I'm not a fan of painting if I can help it.
  14. It's 15 sets each, which can be trees or other things. It gives a lot of flexibility between winter, green, or blighted versions, and I can get compliments to my trees from their first KS as well. It just was a well-rounded option and the painted stretch goals pushed us over the top to combine our pledges.
  15. I'm splitting a $1k pledge level with someone so we can both get the painted stretch goals.
  16. Each shipment now comes with these; the cheapest pledge option is $40. The fallen pine trees are a $20 add-on, so with those and the other freebies it's over a 50% stretch goal bonus on top of your pledge. You don't see this type of discount often for a company that already has Kickstarter credibility; usually you see stuff like this when it's a company/individual that is trying to entice people to take a risk. This is like Dwarven Forge KS1/KS2 or Reaper kickstarter value now.
  17. Don't forget you also get the fallen pine trees and the other stuff that's free with each shipment too.
  18. They just added a ton of free stuff. O.o
  19. One week left. Lots of cool stuff in the stretch goals and add-ons. Also, they don't advertise this that much, but all of the fire effects appear to be swappable and can be used for fireballs as well.
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dungeonlair/dungeon-accessories-torture-imprisonment-and-sacrifice/description I backed a previous KS these people did and even though it had some struggles due to manufacturers giving them problems, they still delivered and had a good quality product. It's resin and comes either painted or unpainted. Some of the stuff here is generic, but it's worth a look.
  21. That is a lot of work to get a map put together.... not to mention the legal issues for the company if a kid or pet eats a few of the magnets. I'm out.
  22. Monster Terrain (Monster Fight Club) has fir/pine trees now available, as well as an unpainted and STL option. The trees look good! I have their trees from last year and they are second best to Dwarven Forge in terms of quality for plastic trees. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monsterfightclub/ice-wilds/description
  23. Wish there were Verdandi, Urd, and Skuld so I could scratch that Oh My Goddess anime itch.
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