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  1. I use Fantasy Grounds for my in person VTT (a TV installed in a table). It's great for what I use it for. It does have a steep learning curve, as most of the commands are not intuitive, but once you learn them, it's fine. It seems like every time I start a new game I have to do some quick googles to remember how to do basic stuff. I chose FG over Roll20 because I think I saw a Youtube review that analyzed that it would be cheaper in the long run. I don't know if that is true any more. The support for the 5th ed modules is great, though. I just started running Dragon Heist for my group. There was a big controversy about the low-fi, old school maps that appear in the books; Fantasy Grounds had a forumite build color maps for all the encounters in the book, and they include those maps for free with the cost of the FG module (which costs $25). From what I've heard, FG is more automated, and Roll20 has nicer animation or lighting, or something. I don't use automation for my game, as it's all in person. I'm happy with my decision. It's great!
  2. Gorgeous Derek! As for her expression, I imagined that some sexist Viking said something about how she looks cute in that armor, and she's about to show him what's what.
  3. Thanks Mr. M. Yes, I'm hoping they will fill up more, but am wondering what others have done...maybe this is not such an important issue... :)
  4. Hey, I'm suuuuuuuper excited to see you all next week! I have a question for my fellow teachers: If you are prepping the figures for your class, what will you do with the extras? I have three classes; one is sold out, but the other two, last I looked, had only 4-5 people signed up. I asked the ReaperPeeps to send me the figures so that I could prep them in advance (and they just arrived here, despite the fact my town is surrounded by flames (I live in Napa, California). Yay to the first responders and the awesome postal service). So I have 13 figures prepped for each class. In the past, what did you folks do with the extra prepped figures? Do you usually leave them with Reaper at the end of the con? Thanks, mclimbin (Michael)
  5. Have a great time! If you go to see the great Buddha statue in Kamakura (which is a common tourist stop near Tokyo), look around and ask around for a miniature shop in the town of Kamakura. I haven't been there yet, but I have heard about it, and it sounds awesome. It's not figures like Reaper, but just tiny stuff. I will definitely go next time I'm in Japan. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp.e.ck.hp.transer.com/travel/entry/bwFC3/25800/
  6. I'd like to play too! My avatar and forum name are good, and I'll be there Fri-Sunday afternoon. I'm teaching some classes this time, but most people don't know me, I think, so it will be nice to meet some of you (us).
  7. This is a great topic! It's really fun to see how everyone has progressed. These are not really comparable since they are different scales, but still, they show a bit of a difference. The first one is probably my third mini. I was super proud that I had gotten the eyes in the wizard's head and a red dot on the wand. Maybe 12 years after, here is one of my latest: a bust by FeR miniatures. I hope you like them! Edit: Oops, the order got swapped. Oh, well, I think you can figure out which is which...
  8. I'd like to recommend that everyone consider taking Seth Amsden's class on Miniscapes. Seth is an amazing artist and an even more amazing teacher. Here in Northern California he is known as the Hobby Sensei. :) He is the kind of guy who makes everyone around him a better painter, and not only that, but a better artist. He has given me substantive, detailed, and profound comments on every one of my award winning models that I have painted in the last 5 years. He is a huge reason I won those awards. Take this class, people! You will love it! :) (no, I'm not working on commission ;) )
  9. Why have I never thought of smashing a sword into a kukri? Genius! Paint job is great as always, Your players must be very happy,
  10. This is actually quite a complicated topic. You can mix in white or black, but your resulting color will be pretty desaturated; the color you add white to will be more pastel, and the one you add black to will be more tinted. You can also mix in the complementary color for shading; this will often give a brown tone (for example red + green = brown). Some people like to use cool colors (blues and purples) for shading, as shadows are often cooler in nature. Then, yellow tones for highlights (cream colors, or even yellows). There is no one way to do it; all of them can work, and will give interesting results. It just depends on what you want. Best thing to do is try mixing colors and see what you like.
  11. I agree with CorallineAlgae. The cloak is really beautifully done. You incorporated the natural colors of the animal in the paint job, and did it really well. The hair really pops too. I hope you enjoy your satisfaction!
  12. Thanks for adding me Bryan! It's now attack of the Michaels/Michals!
  13. Thanks for this! Also, you can disregard the email I sent asking this question. :)
  14. I wonder where I was when this photo was taken. :( What day/time was it?
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