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  1. Cancelled for now, may try again with smaller campaign.
  2. Awesome color scheme, and the horns are especially well done! Barbaric splendor!
  3. Love the varied colors!
  4. New add-on, sculpting underway today!
  5. That Secret Weapon Stone Wash is one of my favorite things to use - you did a great job with it, love the look!
  6. Just had a sorceress sculpt come in that was not ready in time for launch - Jeyra from the art of Trevor Ngwenya:
  7. Awesome work - love the color scheme!
  8. Hello all - Chroniclers of Barbaric Splendor is now live. It features licensed miniatures from creators of swords and sorcery such as David C. Smith (Oron, Red Sonja, Bran Mak Morn) and Howie Bentley (The Snake-Man's Bane). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1327314385/chroniclers-of-barbaric-splendor/posts It is perfectly reasonable that this will come up, so I wanted to post this here as well: It is no secret my first campaign was delayed, although fulfilled. Part of that was poor planning and expectations, and part was health issues that exacerbated each other and financial issues that arose from that. All such issues are in the past, and I am proud that I overcame them to fulfill what I feel was an amazing Kickstarter with amazing miniatures. Since then I have been operating Barbaric Splendor Miniatures and have been delivering excellent service and product. I have learned also from others in the industry and feel confident I am offering a well-thought out campaign that will be a success for all of us! 5 of the miniatures have already been sculpted, and sculptors lined up for the rest, including add-ons and stretch goals. Dark Platypus studio will be doing the casting - from previous experience I can attest to both the quality and timeliness of their work. Thus, the only risks would be possible delays in sculptor schedules for stretch goals and the fact that I will be doing all the packing and shipping myself when not working my regular job could lead to slower times getting things out if the campaign is wildly successful. I understand that some will be displeased with the delays of the first campaign, but I feel I have proven myself over the past year with Barbaric Splendor Miniatures, and I look forward to bringing more great Swords and Sorcery miniatures to you!
  9. Great work - love the fur especially!
  10. Great work - love that armor! A fine exemplar of ophidian menace!
  11. Nice work - you have definitely matched his appearance with your text description!
  12. Great color scheme - and the purple is especially well done!
  13. Thanks all - I have the Red Hair triad, so will probably go with that, but if I can find some Pumpkin Orange I will try that as well!
  14. I find the Steel wash works well as a final glaze over metal; kind of gives a greyish blue tone. I honestly have not used it as an actual wash yet though. This axe was glazed with the Steel Wash:
  15. Hey all, I have converted a miniature to represent a character from the old Kull comics - his sister, a warlord who wears a tiger fur outfit.....so I was wondering if I might get suggestions on what Reaper colors/triad might work best for tiger fur. There are lots of orange tones but I am having a hard time deciding what is best. Thanks in advance!
  16. Excellent overall, but those metallics are especially well done!
  17. Excellent work, nice rich tones here!
  18. A fine exemplar of barbaric splendor - that axe especially!
  19. Excellent conversion and painting - a work to be proud of!
  20. Great conversion and painting on this!
  21. This is glorious! One of the best I have seen.
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