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  1. I finally finished Death Dealer 1 from Bronze Age Miniatures after putting off the horse due to hating to paint black...but I think it came out well. I will be working on another of these official Frazetta Death Dealers soon!
  2. I will give that a try Pochi - thanks! The necromancer is done - not a great picture but I think she came out well. On to the beak and legs next, which will be black/grey instead of black/blue like the rest of the bird, as suggested by Xherman1964. Linked for nudity: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaricSplendor/photos/a.531146143688877.1073741830.531105157026309/938039406332880/?type=3&theater
  3. Thanks - took awhile to file down around her legs to get her to fit on this. Great idea on the beak; I was trying to think of ways to create some separation on the parts of the bird. Not looking forward to all those feathers but hoping a couple of overbrushes with some black/blue glazes will do the trick instead of trying to pick out every section with a brush stroke.
  4. Linked for nudity; this is a Hasslefree female necromancer converted to ride an old Ral Partha giant raven. She has discovered the resting place of a shaman of power who was slain holding a powerful relic/gem - she has summoned him forth from the ground, to serve as a zombie for her. So far I have finished the flaming blade and the skull part of her helm. Trying to decide if the antlers/horns should be dark or light. The raven will be black/blue of course. https://www.facebook.com/BarbaricSplendor/photos/a.531146143688877.1073741830.531105157026309/936703493133138/?type=3&theater
  5. Nice work - love the colors and book page especially!
  6. Off to a good start - the leathers look really good.
  7. Barbaric splendor!!! Love the basing, and you really brought out a fierce facial expression.
  8. I always loved Mithril miniatures, glad to see this one. Lovely work on the gown.
  9. I have had this Bronze Age Miniatures barbarian on the WIP shelf for far too long; its a great sculpt - very Frazetta-ish! I tried to do the skin in a paler tone, and worked more with glazes than my usual layering/blending. I used Army Painter Barbarian Flesh as the base, then glazed that with Reaper Flesh Wash a couple of times and started working back up with the Barbarian Flesh plus an old Ral Partha Noble Flesh added in for each successive glaze/layer. The hair came out a little blue but I am going to leave it and move on. As always, I love David's sculpts and he has a ton of other great barbarians I look forward to getting to.
  10. Looks great - love the colors you used!
  11. You have a great, worn look to the metallics - nice work!
  12. Love the color scheme and you really brought out a great facial expression too!
  13. Nice work on the flames!
  14. Front view linked for nudity, a barbarian from David Drage, that I based to leap into battle, leading a barbarian horde. I worked with some slightly different colors than I usually do and was pleased with the outcome. The hair is the Reaper Red Hair Triad. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/kevd82/Draegia 1_zpsa21bdhzk.jpg
  15. This is one of the harder to find Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Barbarians as he is not currently in production - I gave him a club and shield instead of the halberd he inexpicably had in the USA pack (he had a sword in the UK pack). I used the Reaper Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh triad, along with some Olive Skin Shadow as a glaze over the basecoat and mixed in the first few layers. The pictures are a little overexposed I think, but I am pleased with the skintone results! This is also an example of how well Tamiya Smoke can work as a glaze over metal - I really like the tone on the shield.
  16. Great facial expression and color scheme!
  17. Very nice work - the horns are gorgeous!
  18. Got the shield done - I love the tone I get from Tamiya Smoke glazes.
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