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  1. Barbaric Splendor! He looks a lot like the barbarian from a recent Descent expansion - I wonder if they used the same miniature, will have to take a look. Edit: same miniature, interesting. But off topic - nicely painted barbarian!
  2. Looking great so far - well on its way to being a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor!!!
  3. As I really like the Bronze Age Miniatures versions, I wasn't going to back this until they took my suggestion to make the bare head based on a Frazetta sketch available for the 35mm as well, so I can have a slightly different version. They then also agreed to make the bare head an extra item that can be purchased, so I can also convert the other 35mm version. Pledged for both 35mm versions but will probably add a second version of 35mm DD2.
  4. I am not sure, but it certainly looks like a Dennis Mize sculpt - maybe Ral Partha or Dark Sword?
  5. The wolf is especially amazing!
  6. Excellence as usual - love the cloak on the viking!
  7. primeval

    The Barbarian

    Barbaric splendor!!!
  8. That hair! And....barbaric splendor!!!
  9. Awesome work, would make a great addition to the barbaric horde!
  10. -For the membrane I used a base of Resurrection Flesh from Scale75 with some highlights from Harvester Flesh and Moonray Flesh, also both from Scale75. I then went over with about 4 washes of watered down Strong Tone ink from the Army Painter (this stuff is called an ink, but it works like a wash). I then went back over with some highlights in all three of the aforementioned colors. -For the fingers, I used a base of Braineater Azure from Scale75. I highlighted it with a mix of Braineater Flesh and Moonray Flesh. I washed it at the same I did the membrane and then highlighted it all again. -I used some watered down Dark Tone ink from the Army Painter for the shadows around the membrane and fingers. -I did it all with a size 6 American Painter filbert brush. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow - those wings! Would you share the recipe? Great work overall.
  12. Fantastic work overall; the armor especially is amazing!
  13. He stood resplendent in his looted war-gear, taken from a site in the high places of the Cimmerian lands, where his shaman had led him. There, buried around a statue of an ancient barbarian hero, had been found the artifacts from a long ago era, before a great cataclysm his shaman had told him. More Vanir warriors had come to his fight under his banner since, and his shaman assured him there were more such items to be found - and so he led a raiding party once more to Cimmeria, and cresting a small rise he found himself looking into a small vale. Therein stood another statue, but this time also a band of Cimmerian warriors protecting it, shaking their swords and axes as they bellowed forth war cries and challenges. No matter; the helm of Am-Ra would be his - he raised the axe of Gor-na, pointing toward his foes, "Forth Vanir slayers - blood, glory and treasure await!" This is Belegast the Bloodthirsty by Tre at Red Box Games, with a slight conversion to wield an axe from a Fenryll barbarian. For some reason the skintones are washed out by the lights, but I did use a very pale skintone (RMS Fair Skin Triad with Flesh Wash). Otherwise I am pretty pleased with how he came out!
  14. Great color scheme, and the skintones came out amazing - nice work!
  15. Looks great - and welcome!
  16. Great work! Love the shield on the first one especially.
  17. The swords are amazing - nice work overall of course!
  18. Barbaric Splendor!!!!!
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