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  1. Like my usual sorry self, I am a little behind but should be able to finish up this weekend and get mine in the mail.
  2. Now that is oceanic barbaric splendor!!!
  3. Looking at this again so had to comment again - there are many great versions of this miniature but I think this might be my favorite among them!
  4. Great work - the black armor is especially good!
  5. For some reason I had August 10th for WIP in my head - sorry, here is what little I had done before starting today's painting session:
  6. Very nice earthy tones - definitely how I would picture a druid!
  7. The axe is awesome; overall a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor!
  8. I really like the color scheme and the cloak is especially well done!
  9. That face - the mouth is especially well done!
  10. Great work overall - the fur is my favorite part!
  11. How did I miss this? Awesome work on this! A fine exemplar of ophidian menace!
  12. Found this while searching for examples of Bronzed Skin Triad usage - and I am sold; a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor indeed!
  13. Such rich, warm tones - a true exemplar of barbaric splendor!
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