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  1. Now that is oceanic barbaric splendor!!!
  2. Looking at this again so had to comment again - there are many great versions of this miniature but I think this might be my favorite among them!
  3. Great work - the black armor is especially good!
  4. For some reason I had August 10th for WIP in my head - sorry, here is what little I had done before starting today's painting session:
  5. Very nice earthy tones - definitely how I would picture a druid!
  6. The axe is awesome; overall a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor!
  7. I really like the color scheme and the cloak is especially well done!
  8. That face - the mouth is especially well done!
  9. Great work overall - the fur is my favorite part!
  10. How did I miss this? Awesome work on this! A fine exemplar of ophidian menace!
  11. Found this while searching for examples of Bronzed Skin Triad usage - and I am sold; a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor indeed!
  12. Such rich, warm tones - a true exemplar of barbaric splendor!
  13. I think the Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh combination might be my new favorite skintone (Tanned Flesh triad used to be) - really like this result!
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