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  1. I think the Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh combination might be my new favorite skintone (Tanned Flesh triad used to be) - really like this result!
  2. BARBARIC SPLENDOR!!!! Awesome work on these - the skintones especially!
  3. Lots of stuff that will suit Conan scenarios - I am in!
  4. Barbaric Splendor Miniatures has launched their next Kickstarter featuring barbarians. arcane adepts, and monstrous foes! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1327314385/barbaric-splendor-kickstarter-three-personalities-3
  5. We are indeed in fulfillment - most of our domestic pledges have been mailed out; some shipping fees are still be awaited but everything is packed and ready to go! Overseas pledges have been mailed to our partner there and we hope to have those out soon as well. We are moving on to our next Kickstarter which just went live today!
  6. Great job, love the color scheme - and bonus points for the Mitchell and Webb reference!
  7. Great work on this - love the shield emblem! Barbaric Splendor!!!
  8. Excellent overall but that axe is amazing! Barbaric Splendor!!!!
  9. Wow - that looks great! Love the helm especially!
  10. This is an example of why the RMS Tanned Skin Triad is my favorite skintone recipe; I do tend to experiment on skintones a lot, but when I know I need something to come out as well as my skills allow for, I always return to it!
  11. Nice work overall; love the pattern - a fine exemplar of Ophidian Menace!
  12. The variety on the snakemen is great!
  13. Love the fur, great transitions!
  14. This is Argantyr II, which is a form that is midway between human and werewolf (the miniature is also around 40mm to reflect the growth between forms). Through his use of his wolf cloak and his tome of gramarye (On the Black Art of the Fenrir and Becoming the Lycanthrope) Argantyr can control his transformations, which will be more fully revealed in upcoming tales by Howie K. Bentley.
  15. Great colors and pattern - Ophidian Menace!
  16. Great color scheme overall, and I really like how the fin came out!
  17. Great color scheme and the fur is especially well-done!
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