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  1. Excellent work - this is the first time I have seen a painted version of Katja; really like the color scheme you used!
  2. Great work on this! It's nice to see painted versions of the line showing up!
  3. WOW! That hair! Well, that whole thing is amazing but....THAT HAIR!
  4. Looks great - very worn and aged look to the bones!
  5. There are several others on foot too - all done from Frazetta paintings or sketches.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words - I think this is probably my favorite among my recent works so nice to see it well-received by others!
  7. Those look awesome - I am sure they will be great fun to game with!
  8. Same here; I have been experimenting with the Barbarian Flesh triad lately but I had already basecoated this one with Tanned Shadow awhile back, so....
  9. Actually I stand corrected - the correct phrase for the Tanned Skin Triad is "go-to"!
  10. Jungle Lord from Forge of Ice - great sculpt! I went back to my stand-by Reaper Master Series Tanned Skin Triad for the skintones on this one and am pretty pleased with how it came out.
  11. The base is included - the miniature is not attached so you can use it or not of course. I did add the skull and bones to to it though.
  12. Very nice - really like the armor and the blood on the blade!
  13. Looks great - I really like what you did with the helm especially! Nice work on the two-tone cloak as well.
  14. That might be the best thing I have seen lately - amazing work! That face!
  15. I finally finished Death Dealer 1 from Bronze Age Miniatures after putting off the horse due to hating to paint black...but I think it came out well. I will be working on another of these official Frazetta Death Dealers soon!
  16. I will give that a try Pochi - thanks! The necromancer is done - not a great picture but I think she came out well. On to the beak and legs next, which will be black/grey instead of black/blue like the rest of the bird, as suggested by Xherman1964. Linked for nudity: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaricSplendor/photos/a.531146143688877.1073741830.531105157026309/938039406332880/?type=3&theater
  17. Thanks - took awhile to file down around her legs to get her to fit on this. Great idea on the beak; I was trying to think of ways to create some separation on the parts of the bird. Not looking forward to all those feathers but hoping a couple of overbrushes with some black/blue glazes will do the trick instead of trying to pick out every section with a brush stroke.
  18. Linked for nudity; this is a Hasslefree female necromancer converted to ride an old Ral Partha giant raven. She has discovered the resting place of a shaman of power who was slain holding a powerful relic/gem - she has summoned him forth from the ground, to serve as a zombie for her. So far I have finished the flaming blade and the skull part of her helm. Trying to decide if the antlers/horns should be dark or light. The raven will be black/blue of course. https://www.facebook.com/BarbaricSplendor/photos/a.531146143688877.1073741830.531105157026309/936703493133138/?type=3&theater
  19. Off to a good start - the leathers look really good.
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