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  1. Still trying to master this one, added in some Olive Skin Shadow for a glaze over the basecoat of Ruddy Flesh, then moved to a layer of Ruddy Flesh+Olive Skin Shadow, then 2 layers with Barbarian Flesh added in...I think I will go with layers of just Ruddy Flesh and Barbarian Flesh from this point, as I think the olive tone I want is established in the shaded areas. I still may wind up doing another very thin Olive Skin Shadow glaze somewhere along the way. I'll post when I have done more, but thought some might like to see how these colors are working!
  2. Thanks! I am excited to use it in a game!
  3. This is an objective/scenery piece I did to use in the Monolith Conan game - thanks for the advice I got in the WIP thread!
  4. Darkened the rough stone area, and started on the snow and ice:
  5. Wow that is gorgeous so far!!!! I like that pink tone, will have to pick some up I think!
  6. Looks good; the blue goes,with the metallic well.
  7. Probably a good idea; locate it in the far reaches of Cimmeria.
  8. Crom himself is done - but not sure if I should do the rest of the rock the same way or leave it as is; I like the look of this but not sure it makes sense. Any input appreciated!
  9. Thanks all- I am looking forward to using him in a scenario for the Monolith Conan game.
  10. Yeah, the riddle of steel stuff was not from REH. Very little in the movie was actually.
  11. Well you could be right :) I have always had a pet theory that he was based on a real warrior/warlord and that Conan is of that bloodline. One of the pastiche novels Tor put out had a similar idea, there is a scene where someone looks upon a huge statue of Crom and it's implied that it looks like Conan.But REH himself never addressed it as far as I recall.
  12. Nice work, great facial expression and color scheme!
  13. And where I am now, I really like the subtle green tone the Secret Weapon Stone Wash gives. One more final highlight to go on the Crom part.
  14. After basecoating and a layer of grey and a black wash:
  15. I have been working on this Idol of Crom to use in the Monolith Conan game - made from a bust and then surrounded/based in cork for the rough stone. I started with black and worked up with overbrushed layers of grey, as well as pushing around some nearly dry paints in parts to create texture. There are also washes of black and Secret Weapon Stone involved. I am basically at the final highlight stage, then will do some dirt and grass around the rough stone part. A fun project! First picture, starting to build up the base:
  16. The wings are great - I thought they looked like fire before even reading your text!
  17. This is great! I love the skintones, especially in the context of this overall color scheme. Gorgeous work!
  18. The Usurper, finished. Sculpted by Rykar Jové for Barbaric Splendor Miniatures; he made a few masters before sending his sculpts to me, so I have finally gotten this painted! I love the whole sculpt, but Rykar did an especially great job on the tiger emblem on the shield! I will have an update on the Kickstarter that includes this miniature in a couple days - all sculpts are in so they will be going off for master molds soon! I used Reaper Ruddy Flesh, Reaper Barbarian Flesh, and Reaper Warrior Flesh to layer up the skin - the Ruddy Flesh is very dark, so still working on getting this recipe smoother but I am getting there I think.
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