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  1. Nice! Are there any groups that run Conan that we should send a link to? I shared it on my Barbaric Splendor page, and on the Conan RPG players page, if I think of others I will let you know!
  2. I am in - these will be useful for Conan scenarios in a few different locations like Turan, Vendhya, Iranistan, maybe some others.
  3. I can't remember if this was answered already, sorry if so - can someone tell me who sculpted the barbarian in the Heroes II set?
  4. I think they tried to keep the bases small so more miniatures could fit into zones on the game board - it is indeed a great sculpt!
  5. Just got him out and measured - he is 50mm, base is 35mm.
  6. Nice work! Love the base, and the skintone! Barbaric Splendor!
  7. I have used white ink as a glaze for NMM, seemed to work ok but its been a long time...
  8. Barbaric Splendor! He looks a lot like the barbarian from a recent Descent expansion - I wonder if they used the same miniature, will have to take a look. Edit: same miniature, interesting. But off topic - nicely painted barbarian!
  9. Looking great so far - well on its way to being a fine exemplar of barbaric splendor!!!
  10. As I really like the Bronze Age Miniatures versions, I wasn't going to back this until they took my suggestion to make the bare head based on a Frazetta sketch available for the 35mm as well, so I can have a slightly different version. They then also agreed to make the bare head an extra item that can be purchased, so I can also convert the other 35mm version. Pledged for both 35mm versions but will probably add a second version of 35mm DD2.
  11. I am not sure, but it certainly looks like a Dennis Mize sculpt - maybe Ral Partha or Dark Sword?
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